Can Blacks Teach English Abroad?

Last Update: July 10, 2018

I have been a teacher before the passion of writing cropped up so somehow, there's always desire for teaching sometimes. Teaching kids can be rewarding especially when you see changes in behavior as well as when the kids begin to put into practice what they're taught.

One of the things that discouraged me from teaching at a point was the attitude of students; new age technology students, who will rather give attention to their modern technology devices than pay attention to what they're being taught. Isn't it painful after all the rigor of preparing lesson notes, teaching the kids, evaluating and giving assignment, your students can't remember what was taught the previous day? I don't know if you understand the feeling.

So, after a long break from the classroom, I decided to take my teaching skills and experiences to the next level by going abroad to teach English; having taught it for over 5 years with all the education certificates and all intact but I met a shocker!

Well, my journey started with taking online courses in TEFL, the minimum requirement to teach English abroad and I was on the look out for the most affordable price/fee. I contacted a lot of online tutors and they were ready to give all the needed assistance. Some promised job placement abroad after completing the course while others did not guarantee job after the course but that they will assist in their little ways.

I decided to apply with my Bachelor degree since not all schools abroad require TEFL certificate. So, I gave it a try. To my amazement, there are many schools in Asian countries looking for English teachers but with a condition that you must be 'white'. Hey! I love whites but are blacks less human? Aren't they capable of displaying the same intelligence their whites counterparts display?

After that, I dropped the idea and decided on something else. The question is, can blacks teach abroad? I did a lot of research only to find out that the few blacks in those countries are facing serious discrimination despite the fact that they're very intelligent and carrying out their duties professionally.

I remember going through similar experience when I wanted to start my writing career at freelancer platform. A lot of employers prefer whites to blacks even when they can express themselves just fine.

At Wealthy affiliate, it seems to be different because this seems the only community that accepts all and wish everyone real online success.

Is it a crime to be black?

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firstlearn Premium
Not all races have accepted races yet. It is unfortunate. Here in the UK we have black teachers teaching a range of subjects.

MKearns Premium
No reason why not!
carolbinger Premium
Hi Shalom,

I can't believe that those countries are still living in the backward dark ages. In case you are still interested in teaching abroad, you can try the Cayman Islands, a small island in the northwest Caribbean. My many years of teaching is embedded there. As a matter of fact, my first website here at WA was inspired from my teaching of art there. Even though it is still a British overseas territory, you will not feel out of place. The population is very diverse with people from many countries all over the world. That's where I call home.
Sally73 Premium
Wow, you seem to be reigniting the desire to teach abroad again. I was really discouraged but I'll give it another try. I'm so grateful!
DrewBrewer Premium
Wow, that's very disturbing. In some Asian countries, for many years if you were darker automatically put you in an inferior place in their world. It's heart breaking to know that such small minded thinking extends all over the globe. I wish there was some solution, prejudice is a cruel teacher. No pun intended.
One day, Martin Luther King's dream will become a reality for all of us.
Sally73 Premium
Thanks dear, I'm looking forward to a better world too.
JamesHarvey1 Premium
Hi Sally.
You are a really brave woman.
From the sound of the local news here
every teacher regardless of their skin
color is subject to having student problems
any time The physical size of students now is
unreal. I drove school bus 4 years. I had a 16
year old that was six and a half feet tall and
weighed 265 pounds. Had to take an entire
seat by himself. That was only one example
He was a very nice person and never
caused any trouble. Keep contacting other
countries and you will be hired. I do believe that.
Wishing the best for you, for sure,
Sally73 Premium
Well said, but I have given up on that dream sincerely. I want to conserve my energy for things worth doing. Thanks so much James!
JamesHarvey1 Premium
Hey Sally,
This time I am right with you. As I grow
older energy becomes a much desired commodity.
Just a small amount wasted on something that.
Was not really pressing , causes me to just shut
down..Staying alive with only one artery left is not
a thing that can be fixed. That is what I was told anyway.
I think I will just live until I pass away.
You are going to light up like a Christmas tree when
you decide which way to go. And I betcha you will be
very happy again. I sure hope so