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It's not easy going through these trainings but it's worth doing because there are hidden germs in those files.Some people believe if you want to deprive people of information, prevent them from reading. Isn't it true? If you don't read information will be hidden from you. It takes discipline to read and read up hidden treasures but at the end of the day, you'll be happy you did. That's exactly how I feel just now!I've learned about the importance of social engagement and how I can use social m
I have been a teacher before the passion of writing cropped up so somehow, there's always desire for teaching sometimes. Teaching kids can be rewarding especially when you see changes in behavior as well as when the kids begin to put into practice what they're taught.One of the things that discouraged me from teaching at a point was the attitude of students; new age technology students, who will rather give attention to their modern technology devices than pay attention to what they're being ta
Hi all, you may not understand the joy I have now. I never knew I could get approved so easily when I joined WA and someone was like getting Google Adsense approval is like a piece of cake. Now I know and understand perfectly. This is another proof that wealthy affiliate program is with a difference and a real means of financial freedom. I know a lot of bloggers struggling to get this approval over the years without success. Some even go as far as buying the code from re sellers but here I am w
April 27, 2018
I have discovered that wealthy affiliate is a risk worth taking. A lot of people are still out there struggling to succeed through blogging to no avail. It is one thing to know how to write it is another thing to write it well using professional tools. I used to have a blog before now but I never knew half of what I have learned here within few weeks in all my years of blogging. Shortly before I took this adventure seriously, I have been dreaming of earning through affiliate marketing without s
It is a general saying that a journey of many years begins in a day. Yes, this is true of my journey to begin the training here. Information is powerful, and sincerely; the worth of a person's life can be measured by the degree of information he or she is exposed to. Okay, I started the first training few days ago and hurray, I just completed that stage. You know what, I have added to my archive of knowledge.Are you wondering why the rush or am I really too fast? No. We are different and we are
Hey guys, we're reaching the skies!!! Isn't it true the the sky is our starting points, at least for those who believe the saying. I just upgraded to the premium level and I can't believe the motivational welcome speech from Kyle. It blew me off and gave me the highest drive to reach for the skies. It is one thing for a person to promise you goodies it is another thing to be taught how to make those goodies and be gently led by the hand like a toddler. can't believe this is happening right bef