Farewell for Now

Last Update: June 20, 2015

Well, the past three weeks have been eventful as I have not interacted with the WA community. I have discovered that I am facing many months of treatment for the "Big C." A biopsy shows a cancerous breast tumor, early stage, very treatable, but could mean a long program involving chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. For a time, I will need to refocus my attention and energies elsewhere, so I have decided to suspend my involvement in WA until this is resolved.

For those who have faced, or will ever face a cancer diagnosis, I hope to encourage you. Do not let this evil disease be an elephant in the room. Pray against it, attack it by whatever means possible (treatment, diet, getting rid of stress in your life). In all this, I find much for which to be thankful: it was caught early, I have a very loving support system of family and friends, I have a great network of physicians and health professionals, and, most of all, I have a strong faith in the Creator, who makes all things new! His mercies are new every morning, and He gives strength for the journey.

I wish you all great success and fulfillment in your relationships.

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tich65a Premium
you will be in our thoughts and prayers ..
looking forward to seeing you back here very soon....
Rich908 Premium
Wishing you a speedy recovery - surround yourself with happy people and watch as many funny videos as possible
sallen74 Premium
Good advice about the videos. "Laughter is good like a medicine," says the Bible.
phoenix2 Premium
I will be praying for you. It is a scary thing to have to go through, but you seem to have the right attitude to get thru this! You caught it early, and that's a good thing! Your spirit is awesome and I know you can kick it! Take care of yourself and know that we are with you!
adaba063 Premium
great spirit -- focus on HEALTH

create and hold an image in your mind of YOUR HEALTHY BODY

a book you may want to read is "Head First" by Norman Cousins, the subtitle is "The Biology of Hope and the Healing Power of the Human Spirit"

all the best & looking forward to having you back!
MarionBlack Premium
I'll look forward to your return when you are fully recovered. Stay strong, you have a great attitude and that will carry you through. ~Marion