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June 20, 2015
Well, the past three weeks have been eventful as I have not interacted with the WA community. I have discovered that I am facing many months of treatment for the "Big C." A biopsy shows a cancerous breast tumor, early stage, very treatable, but could mean a long program involving chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. For a time, I will need to refocus my attention and energies elsewhere, so I have decided to suspend my involvement in WA until this is resolved.For those who have faced, or will ev
One of the most puzzling questions I had to resolve after joining WA was, "Which niche will I choose for best results?" While I am not at all one-hundred-percent-certain that I have selected the niche containing the pot of gold, I at least understand somewhat more about what constitutes a successful website--and it's not all about the niche!Don't get me wrong. NIche is important. I mean, I love Eugenia's books, but I am not sure I could get much traffic on a website dedicated to her memory. (Wel
May 27, 2015
I have been pondering a few rather curt posts that I have recently encountered (some on WA, sorry to admit). I am not thin-skinned, having worked in some tough professional positions. Back in the day, working on the editorial staff of a small town newspaper, I had a reputation for writing some scathing opinion pieces. There was an occasional reference to my "poison pen." Use of sarcasm and cynicism is commonplace in our family (with humor, of course)--sort of like verbal sparring.Long ago, I adm
May 25, 2015
I am not usually one to borrow from the past, preferring to create something new. However, when revising my website theme, I placed a scrolling photography effect. My vision is to take some new photographs relevant to my niche to place there, and to invite readers to submit photos to be featured.I really did not want to place a batch of canned photographs on my page for the time it will take to prepare the new photographs, so I went searching on my computer for old pictures. I have disks filled
Lately, I have heard of many woes in connection with affiliate marketing. With the increase in online marketers and in Internet traffic, it seems that companies are raising the bar on just who can market their products and services. Sometimes the reason for the rejection is clear: not enough traffic on the website; the website has not been around long enough. Often, though, the rejection seems to have no basis. Confusing.Following further training and a little research, I think I have identified
Every success, I believe, in any field, comes from two main elements: focus and consistency. I don't know of any more powerful characteristics to bring to life and to business. Without them everything will eventually fall apart.I hear the word "focus" used frequently, sometimes out of context. If you take it's meaning literally, as to focus a camera lens, the parallel to effort becomes quite clear. You must have a vision, a target to focus upon, you must get a clear picture of that object, and y
May 13, 2015
I teach technology, so I am fairly savvy about the basic tools. However, I had never used Wordpress for web site development before joining WA. The site is pretty self-explanatory and the training on WA is also fairly thorough. Even so, I have seen a number of members with WP questions and I have had a couple myself. Sometimes we feel a bit silly asking basic questions, but it is frustrating to run into a snag when time is limited. Even if the solution is under our noses, we just don't want to s
I am always looking for the best websites that offer free quality photographs and line art. My standards are high and I don't like to pay. Recently, I have found a few more good sites to add to my list. has a limited offering, but the photos are good quality and I have found some unique photos here. Download is easy, but you do have to leave your email address.https:\\ posts ten new high-resolution images for download every ten days. Some of the photos are artsy, n
May 11, 2015
I have just passed the three-week mark of my signing up with WA. My greatest challenges have been 1) learning a totally unfamiliar field--the world of online marketing, and 2) finding time to train, build a website, and be a contributing member of the community. I believe I have used my time to the best advantage. I understood that progress would be incremental in the beginning.I have now completed the basic training and have a (very) basic web page. I am not totally satisfied with that website
Is it provocative to follow a blog about grammar with such a headline? I have to make a point. In every field of endeavor (and I have been in a few), folks are searching for a magic ingredient, a method, or some new twist, to bypass work and shoot straight to the top. Short of winning the lottery, there just ain't-no-such, partner. I think I was taught right. Work is the substance of success.I am so appreciative of the many tools we are provided through WA. I cannot imagine the accumulated hours