Where Have the Days Gone

Last Update: January 17, 2015

I have been missing in action for about 3 weeks now and I have really missed all of you at WA. I think for some reason I went into a very deep funk, was becoming confused on many things with my website and kind of sort of became a bit depressed. I actually almost gave up, but listening to all the wonderful stories from great people I am trying to get my motivation back up and running. This is sometimes the road that life takes us on and we must be prepared to lift our selves up and continue on with our goals. I was becoming very frustrated with myself but I have given myself a good talking to and here I am again. I am ready to plunge in and keep my website interesting and work again towards my goal of helping people. Thanks for all the support I get from everyone at WA and all I can really say is:

God Bless You All!!


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DoubleTap Premium
Ey there Wendy, hang in there kiddo and just let us know when ya' need a hand with something. I know real well the incredible valleys that a lot of us can fall into. I'm restarting Boot Camp and pretty much have decided to junk a site that I created for it the first time I attempted it. I'm having total brain fade trying to come up with a fresh domain name. Last time this happened it took me days to get it ironed out and even then I doubted myself for weeks, if not months afterwards.

Anyway Wendy, just let us know when ya' need anything!!! Blessings,

Rick Jantz Premium
Wow, Randy, good for you to start over with BC. I've thought of doing the same now that I know more of what it's about. But my writing has been going well and so will stick with that. Let me know if you want any ideas for a domain name. I have a list that I started that I could PM you.
DoubleTap Premium
Absolutely Rick... if you don't mind sharing them, I'll take ya' up on it! Sure do thank ya', Rick!
pbar47 Premium
Been There and I can relate but mine lasted for a year.Glad you were able to pull yourself out so quick I actually feel another round coming on but I am fighting it really hard this time.
Tinnakon Premium
Welcome back I need all that encouragement here to go on.
kennnyb Premium
I think everyone has fought that battle. Keep working as it will soon work for you.
PastorTae Premium
Good to have you back.