My first website for my dear wife


Although I joined Wealthy Affiliate more than 6 months ago, I wasted a lot of time because I was very busy with my other projects, health issues, and with moving to another state. We moved from Florida to colorful Colorado.

However, from the very beginning I understood how usefulness and resourceful WA is. As a result I'm back and I'm going to move forward in achieving my goals. i've already chosen some niches, but...

My wife told me she want to start her own cleaning business, and I created a website for her. Since English is my second, precisely, third language, I have a big challenge, thats is writing quality posts. I filled the website with content, and I'd like to ask all of you to leave comments about the design and the content of the website.

I'd like to understand what to change or improve. She needs quality website. I'm going to write 3 more posts based on main keywords.

I appreciate your help.



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wow nice sikmple beautiful nicely laid out
wishing you great success with business

Thank you so much

I want to say first off, like the others who have already commented, that your website is beautiful. Fantastic job! I'm not sure if anyone has caught this grammatical correction yet, so I will post it:

Under the "cleaning products" section:
"Ergo, if you concern about the health and well-being of your family or if you are allergic to common cleaning products, your option is choosing our company because we provide not only professional but safe cleaning services."

It should read, "Ergo, if you are concerned about the health and well-being of your family...."

Funny, you have helped me with my English today, as well :). I had never heard of the word "ergo". I looked it up, and it means "therefore". Haha. Never knew that!

All the best to you and your wife!

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help with my grammar. Wish you the best as well

Will take a look And let ya know soon... For now its off to work I go....Glad you are back and I look forward to watching you succeed

Thanks for watching me

Hi Ruslan,

I think the site looks really great and I love the pops of expresses "Clean".

As a few others have already noted here there are some grammatical errors. Also, I noticed on the home page, if you could bring some of your text down a line or make the space between your columns a bit more wide to eliminate the text running over too closely into the next column.

Under "Our Services" in the first column under "House Cleaning"
"We use our own cleaning equipment and products, BUT if " Drop the capital "B" n But.

In the second column under "Office cleaning"

"Let's cleanness energize you for new achievements!" I would change that to "Let cleanliness energize you for new achievements!" (I love that line by the way)!

I think Manna13666 covered most of the other grammatical errors and I see that Joshua has offered to assist you.

It is completely understandable English not being your first language to have these sort of grammatical issues.

Your "About us" page, I thought was excellent and helped me to connect with the authenticity of her heritage and work ethic (where she came from and her passion for cleaning).

I think you did a fabulous job with the site! Many with English as their native language make a lot worse grammatical and punctuation errors than what I saw on your site.

Great job! It will take next to no time to fix these minor issues. Your wife should be proud! ;-)

Thank you so much for this corrections and suggestions about the space between columns. Actually, I did it, but somehow it was reverted and I omitted it. I really appreciate your help

No problem, like I said, you are doing a fine job!

Waoooo, it Glorious.Awesome...Congratulations.She will have good success

Thanks. I hope so

I'm impressed Ruslan! It's a very eye-pleasing professional looking site. Congratulations on your hard work!

Thanks you Shell. Appreciate it.

Wonderful website, it looks excellent!


Thank you Wayne.


It looks like a gorgeous website. I did find a few grammatical errors, so I hope you don't mind that I share them and their corrections here.

On the landing page:

Natalia has an extensive experience in professional cleaning services. (The an should be removed)

Natalia is very inductrious and hard working person, who pride in her work. She absolutely understands her commitment do her work thoroughly. (It should go like this: Natalia is a very industrious and hard working person who takes pride in her work. She absolutely understand her commitment to do her work thoroughly.)

Using eco-friendly cleaning products in her work, Natalia ensures safety of your health. (The correction is in the last part of this sentence: Natalia ensure the safety of your health)

In the About Me section:

I have an extensive experience in cleaning services (Just take out the an).

In the Our Services section:

We provide following services (It should go: We provide the following services)

Natalia is honest, reputable, and diligent professional (There should be the word "an" after Natalia is)

Let's cleanness energize you for new achievements! (I would have gone with: Let cleanliness energize you for new achievements!)

, as well as, after-construction cleaning.Let's schedule your routine cleaning. (I would have gone with: , as well as post-construction cleaning. Let's schedule your routine cleaning.)

as well as, airbnb cleaning. Scores for the cleanness of your rentals will exceed your expectations. your tenants will be more than happy. (Correction: as well as Airbnb cleaning. Scores for the cleanliness of your rental will exceed your expectations. Your tenants will be more than happy.)

In the Why Work With Us section


Just something to think about to clean it up just a little bit. It's a very friendly site and I love the use of colors. I hope it goes well!

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help, especially with correcting me. I’m working hard to improve my English and writing skills as well.

You're very welcome. I'm happy to help! Good luck on the new website.

Thank you so much for these corrections. I really appreciate it.

Hello, Ruslan.

First, let me say that you have built a very nice website for your wife. I only looked at the main page, so far, but I have compiled a list of some items you'll want to look at.

I used to work as an academic writing tutor at a local college and just have an eye for certain kinds of errors. However, I do commend you on your handling of the comma; very few errors!

The list is in Word document format, so I would need an email address to send it to you. Just PM me at your convenience.

Continued success,


Thank a lot. Really appreciate your help.

Don't worry you are not alone. I was born a Filipino and English is my fourth language.
We all struggle with this dilemma but as long as people understand us we can communicate with them.

Thanks a lot for understanding. Appreciate it

You are welcome.

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