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As some of you remember, on March 8th I posted that I finished my first website that I created for my dear wife. I've already got more than 500 unique visitors since then.I'm so happy I could do this. I started working on this website on March 2nd and finished it on March 8th and improved it a little bit since then. And now I see the result! It worth all my efforts.I'm still learning a lot of new stuff here on WA about SEO, blogging, keywords, and many other things concurrently with improving m
Started the third course and I’m happy I’ve got my next certificate. Wonder what I will learn during this course and how it will improve my skills. I’ve already working on my second website and want to implement everything I’ll learn.
I’ve successfully finished my second course. It wasn’t too difficult. The only challenge for me is writing articles because English is my third language, but I did it! I created my first website, filled it with quality content. I knew about keyword, but I learned a lot about choosing right keywords and how to use them.Now I’m ready to move forward. Want to learn more to achieve my goals.
Although I joined Wealthy Affiliate more than 6 months ago, I wasted a lot of time because I was very busy with my other projects, health issues, and with moving to another state. We moved from Florida to colorful Colorado.However, from the very beginning I understood how usefulness and resourceful WA is. As a result I'm back and I'm going to move forward in achieving my goals. i've already chosen some niches, but...My wife told me she want to start her own cleaning business, and I created a we
Congratulate me! My domains and a website were indexed by google. I'm still hard working to fill them with relevant and quality content. however, this is my achievement.
Though I registered a way ago, I didn’t have enough time for completing this course, but now I’m eager to succeed! I liked this course! I hope to complete level 2 within next week. I already have a lot of interesting ideas and want to realize them.