Wow! 184 and counting.

Last Update: July 28, 2015

Well I was in the middle of writing a post about a saying I always heard through the years about what luck is. Goes something like this "If wishes were horses, Beggars would ride". Then like the roadrunner I stopped, looked up at my computer screen and saw those three little numbers standing out like a beautiful rose in a my wife's hair. 184.

184 I have been working my butt off for the last 3 weeks to achieve these three numbers. Some people say this is not as important. When you go to college and you only get a 2.5 grade point average, is that important.

If you miss your son's baseball game because you didn't think it was important enough. When your mother passes away your not there to help here in her last hours, its not important enough, at least in your mind. For me 184 was more then important.

I became a premium member on the most important day in American history. Their is no question about how important this day is. On that day I made a commitment to myself. Within four weeks I would meet all the 200 and under members, and be a under 200 member myself. I haven't met all of them yet but I am in the same place they are. Please don't take this as bragging. I am having a hard enough time telling this story. I approached one of the under 200 members at that time. (I had only been here for 2 days) He said to me "Oh, don't waste your time with that, its not important, do your training" Well needless to say I was a little put off by this. I could have lost my motivation and drive to achieve my goals. I smiled went to the my computer and kept going. I now have one website up and running and three in the works. One for selling amazon product. One for my wife to sell her cosmetics, and a self help website. I have 258 people watching over me to make sure I don't screw up. I also have a very supportive wife who if it wasn't for her I would probably be in a gutter somewhere. I have Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison to thank for this. ( read my blog what makes a person great)

I will continue to make progress. I have yet to make any money here. Oh I forgot $1 for a referral. But I know emphatically that if I can make a $1 I can make a $100, a $1000 or $10000. There is not limit as long as I have WA's support, my wife and Abe and Tom. And remember "Time is not short, Only life is"

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Anewcreature Premium
Great day all the way round and I am happy to see that you are so optimistic. Keep that attitude and you shall reward yourself very soon.
geego Premium
You have to start a 1 before you go to 1000 so keep going bro
DaveSw Premium
Loving it!!
Loes Premium
Great attitude:)
annahpt Premium
Wow, this is real determination to succeed! Wonderful, you are a real example for all of us to follow. Congratulations.