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Last Update: September 18, 2014

Often times folks here at WA ask about website security or how well our sites are protected at WA. Many of us install different plugins such as, Lockdown WP admin etc. As you probably know, by installing this plugin you can change your website URL to something like or any other URL, thus making access to your site harder. Since I am going to launch my site soon I decided to ask from Carson if he recommends me to install that plugin and here is the reply I received from him:

Hi Rufat

I absolutely think you should forget about this plugin. It will not protect you in anyway - this kind of plugin is a gimmick at best.

Use a secure password like the ones that we provided when you created your website. We have all kinds of security that we have in place to help you stay free from a brute force attack on your password.


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kholmes Premium
Great blog, and I agree! Thanks for sharing. Kim
wendyk Premium
Thanks for the reassurance that we are secure! :)
Damien-P Premium
another point for No plugin.. plugins freak me out.

Thanks for sharing this important response you received.
rufat Premium
you are welcome
CarlaIves Premium
Thanks for asking, Rufat, and thanks, Carson, for the reassurances. I doubt anything is 100% safe online these days. Look at the huge companies who have been hacked. I'm sure that Kyle & Carson do the very best for us they can in the security area.
CathyS Premium
Reassuring, Rufat! Gives me even more peace of mind. God Bless! ~Cathy