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Last Update: October 28, 2020

I have read a lot of posts here at WA regarding site comments and the quality of site comments. I am using the tool on a regular basis, because I think it is an important tool to help traffic to my sites, and I am learning a lot form doing the task.

But I have to give some critizism regarding the commenters and the quality of the site comments that are given.

Remember that there is an important reason to why people are asking for site comments. It is an important part of developing their business and online presence.

Commenting on other people´s websites, either here at WA, through the site comments functionality or directly on the different persons blog, is as important as writing a good article or review that is beneficial to the reader.

Meaningless words and sentences, just for the sake of writing something, is a killer of interest of the article that has been written.

You are learning yourself destructive methods to ruin your own business

Put yourself in the shoes of the owner of the article who are getting comments full of nonsense, comments not related to the article, and not reflecting anything in the article at all. It isn´t productive to anyone,not you and not the owner of the article. It is a waste of time on both parties. In the end, such behaviour is a way of learning yourself destructive methods to ruin your own business.

In the process you are also risking to damage traffic to the website where the article has been published. I know from myselft that I will not re-visit a website which is full of nonsense comments.

Be respectful of other people´s efforts to create content and exposure of their website. Don´t kill off their effort in this. If you do not take your time to read the article or post, or you don´t have the time, don´t comment. Wait until you have the time to sit down and provide a high quality and constructive feedback.

By being a good commenter, providing comments that shows that you have read and understood the content of the article, you are creating a mindset and behaviour that you will benfit from in developing and succeeding in your own business developement

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Ryan4488 Premium
I've read about people getting credit for their comments, not me!

After reading a post, if I like &/or understand what I read. Then I press the "Like" button. If I can type in a positive comment, then it goes in. If I don't get the message, then no "Like" button and no comment.

Nothing personal! There are many subjects that I don't understand so I'll move on to something else!
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Fair and square, Ryan :-)

mick1976 Premium
I don't like the idea of compensating for comments.
LenkaSophie Premium
I agree wholeheartedly, Roy! I had to reject a few comments as well because some commenters do not bother reading the article at all, just repeat what's already said and say thank you two or three times, sometimes it's really disgusting to read that.
Good you've written this, it needs to be said repeatedly!
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Thank you, Lenka. I needed to get it off my chest. It is so unnecessary throwing away peoples precious time.

tommo1968 Premium Plus
I feel your pain Roy, some people just use the commenting platform to gain give credits to use on their own sites without thinking about what they are doing.

I had 2 comments the other day that were almost exactly the same. If one was posted before the other and still in moderation on my site how the heck did they copy them?

Possibly the comment was on another site so it's been copied now 3 times that we know. Not good.

I did this training on commenting properly a while back to help newbies.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Well said, Mark. I have read your training and it is very good. I have bookmarked it and will use it as a reference when I write comments on other peoples blog posts. The training should be lifted to the homepage regularly here at WA for everyone to read again, and again and again.
Suzay Premium
The ionosphere is the limit!
Hi Roysin, wow your writing has greatly improved, and this article hits all the key points regarding the "Mirror Quality" of how the public views a website.

Is it possible that the viewers are just Crappy Writers? I mean it's just mighty difficult to motivate a *dilettante to produce any good feedback, which is what you want, good feedback! *dreamer/sleeper, lazy bugger!

It seems that here at WA, there are plenty non-writers. Which seems some what of an oddity, looking backward on it. Yet there it is.
You worked past it, even though English is your other language.

You didn't let that stop you. You simply strengthened your language muscles, learning to surmount, get over every hurdle.

You justly deserve the successes along the way, and the personal growth as well, Roysin.

It's sad that Language X, English or what ever it is, "Their Native Language," that the critics you point out,as being lousy commentators, ( LOL rotten potatoes at their OWN Language!). SO SAD, but what they send out is of low quality, maybe in the way of things, Karma, the same will come back, when what they really want then, is what you want, provide a high quality and constructive feedback.

Sorry Roy, I took the wild chance of looking at the end of that word, commen tators.
It would usually be "taters" if most southern U. S. people were taLking about potatoes:
like couch taters, folk who grew roots into their couches because they are too lazy to do stuff whole heartedly.
(<? vs <3?) Yup!
Just thought I might help to make that clear to you. And LOL means Laughing Out Loud, IN CASE THAT WASN'T CLEAR EITHER.

I'm with you Brother Roy! Hey and that is a spiffy fine new picture of your good looking self! Thanks for coming out and sharing that with us.
Your friend the Suzayer, Suzay
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Thank you, Suzay for your very kind comment and for providing your insights into the topic :-)

CashYoda7 Premium
Thanks for saying something Roy.

I've found the quality of comments to be kind of hit and miss.

I rejected a few because they were literally cut and pasted from a previous article I wrote.

The best advice I can give anyone is to write your own comments as you would like to receive them.

And if a comment sucks, reject it.

Don't be shy about smashing that button.

If you say nothing, you're essentially rewarding someone else's laziness.

Personally, that's something I'm not willing to do...

Thanks again Roy. Something needed to be said...
roysinOnline Premium Plus
I totally agree with you, Stephan. Well said :-)