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I have done it! I have gone PPlus again at the price of monthly Premium 🤩. The offer this year for PPlus is of insane value. And it came at a perfect time to get it as I managed to get my hand on some extra funding. Time to crush 2022. Planning is ongoing to make the best out of this opportunity.Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best marketing platforms out there... period!Are you pondering on getting one of the offers, don´t overthink it .! If you are here, and you want to do somet
I am on a mission.... a mission to make my email list shine and glow of engaged buyers :-)But how should I do it? There are as many opinions about this and well-meant advice, as there are people in the Internet Marketing business scene. But not every one of them is good for you or your business. The kicker is to find the good tips and advice that works for you.Do you want to know 48 ways to build your email list? Check out my coming tutorials about Email ListbuildingBackground - Getting Started
The Strong Accept Responsibility“If we judge as good and evil only the things in the power of our own choice, then there is no room left for blaming gods or being hostile to others” - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 6.41Are you procrastinating? Doing other stuff every day than your needle movers?I will answer the question for you… Yes, you do! Be honest to yourself and admit it.I know I do and I am not an exception. The important thing is to recognize that you are doing it and
Do you clean your email list? If you are not you are hurting your business.To make it short, when you start building your email list, it is important to make sure that it consists of only "warm leads" i.e. "buyers". If you do not work on your list continuously, your list will consist of a major part of cold leads, keeping you busy without converting into affiliate commissions.Cold leads are people doing nothing. They might open and read your email, but that is it. Remove them from the list. Th
Tough times hit us at different times during our life and in different intensities and severity. It is the way of life. What matters is how you handle the mess you´re in and if you have prepared yourself and/or are preparing yourself to face such times.When the s.... hits the fan, what do you do? Do you run and hide or do you face it head-on?Time To Dig Out True GritI am there at the moment. Everything has converged at the same time trying to suffocate me into submission, trying to scare
Good news from Aweber I have reached another milestone with passing 500 subscribers to my E-mail list, and I am now an official Aweber SpaceWalkerLife HappensIt is really good news after weeks of a seemingly unending series of events that cannot be described other than extremely challenging and exhausting.Nevertheless, business is progressing although at a little bit lower intensity. My Blogging efforts have been suffering a serious blow both on the platforms I normally use and on my websites.M
Did the title picture of this blog post fool you? The topic of this blog post is not about them, but play a big part of becoming successful as well as being a simple but good recipe for producing an article. That is why we are here, isn´t it? Learning how to do affiliate marketing through blogging. So without further ado;What is Your Definition of Success?On a Tuesday early afternoon after a hectic and challenging previous week and weekend, it is good to reflect on where the focus should
September 12, 2021
👉🏻 A couple of quick fun facts about Tik Tok on a Sunday forenoon;Did you know that of the number of users on Tik Tok, 30% of them are at the age of 26 or older? Did you know that of all the time spent on the Tik Tok platform for any user 75% of it is spent on the FYP page (the Tik Tok homepage in the app)?🤔Think about the impact of this on your business in relation to the target audience you have defined for your business.The source of this information is a live traini
"Consider who you are - Above all, A Human Being, As a human being there is no greater power you are carrying than your own reasoned choice which oversees all other things, and is free from any other master" - Epictetus, Discourses, 2.10.1What is Your Hidden Power?Your hidden superpower is the ability to use reason and make choices however how small or limited they might beThe quote above from the stoic philosopher Epictetus is powerful, very powerful. Yesterday it stopped me in my tracks, rea
The month of August has ended and September has started with a loud Bang! it is time to do a review of progress made and lessons learned.The month of August was the month of pragmatism in relation to Stoic Philosophy. I am reading a bit of this type of Philosophy every morning. And the effect it has on my mind and mindset is frankly awesome, but that is a topic for another blog post.The importance of practising pragmatism is a good and essential habit to develop. It will benefit whatever you se