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I like the cover picture very much. It describes a part of my motto and it has changed my life in the most unforeseen ways.Daring to dream big without any limiting belief is crucial to reach your goals. When I was 20 years old, one of my biggest "dreams" in life came through. 34 years ago I was awarded my US Army Aviator Wings and my wings in the Royal Norwegian Air Force. This was a dream that since I was a little kid.Since then I have understood that I have the power to change my life by chan
It is important to think about accessibility for your content when doing affiliate marketing. It should be a part of your checklist, and will be the first to admit that it has not been on my mind at all to make sure that people with issues of hearing or seeing, can access my content.Google has made this easier by adding Live Caption capability in Google Chrome. This feature of Chrome will make it easier to access audio and video in a noisy environment, or if you are hard of hearing.The Live Cap
It has been a long time since the last TikTok 101, but here is the next step after getting acquainted with the platform.The next step is to understand the elements of creating a TikTok video, in order to utilize the platform to the maximum effect.The Look and Format of TikTok VideosAs other platforms, TikTok has its own look, feel and way to show the posts you publish. It is important to follow the framework to get your posts lifted to the front page of TikTok and your target audiences.TikTok v
April 10, 2021
"The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get." - Jim RohnA life by design is the best way to live. Thought-provoking or is it true?I am an avid follower of Jim Rohn. His clarity and fantastic way to pinpoint what matters and how to "attack" life and yourself is in my opinion, unparalleled. This is also true for one of his students, Tony Robbins.The core of this quote is; you are the
I got a notice this morning logging into WA that I have been a paying member with WA for 1 year. That is 365 days of being on a roller-coaster ride, not the scary one, but the fun one.YAY, I am officially 1 Year old :-D !I have tried some other platforms besides WA this year, but no one comes close to what WA offers. During the year that has passed, I have made some very strong connections here via the platform, which I consider close friends.I will name a couple of you that has been a cataly
March 26, 2021
It is time to put the coffee pot on and get the cookies out 😃☕️🍪. Big G decided to come and visit my website and my last three articles.It feels goood, when you get that message in your inbox. It means that you are progressing in the right direction to your goals.Keep on writing and publishing at a constant rate and Google will come and visit quite often 😃.Have Googlish Saturday!Roy the Googler 😂
March 25, 2021
I don´t like to call people stupid or average, but Socartes had a valid point in this quote:"Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers." - SocratesWhat is the takeaway of this quote, we should use our creativity to the max. Shut off all other "noisemakers" like tv, radio, mobile phone the "naysayers", and thereby increase our own self-esteem, integrity and authenticity.Roy
This will be a short one about Tik Tok, no 101 today. But the observations during 1 month of engagement on the platform is the huge number of "Wannapreneurs". Just Do This And You Will Earn $1K Or More In 24 Hours!The number of people promoting and believe in quick cash and easy money is overwhelming. There are a lot of posts that are made by people who clearly don´t understand that it takes some time to build a foundation of predictable income when you start with online marketing/online
March 21, 2021
A hectic week comes to an end. Just completed a 3-day challenge on a micro-sized Facebook group, and at the same time running a couple of campaigns for another great affiliate program I am an affiliate of, and I got commissions!I used an email to warm up the potential leads and then lead them towards the optin-form and the offer, which is a digital course. Of the 211 leads that engaged "with" the email, 27 sign up to the email list and 2 converted into sales, and commissions to me!🤩I wi
The last week as been crazy in every which way you look at it. Entering into the week, with energy as I had met my previous week´s primary target, all was set for another fulfilled week in relating to blog posts.Well, guess what? It didn´t happen. I will only get one blog posts published, eeeh, actually 2 included in this one. And I had one other target for the week and that was having Facebook Groups in my sights and complete the setup of my FB group. So the week was not bad at all