Lost a big post and I Just About Had A Heart Attack.

Last Update: July 26, 2019

I wrote a 1600 word article in Site Content and went to copy and paste it so that I could print it out and check it visually and lost it. I kicked myself and tried to get it back by hitting the back button, refreshing the page and even searching to try and find the answer.

Then I hit the (9 revisions) button on the right hand side at the bottom and low and behold there was the last one before I destroyed it.

Thought that I would pass this on because although it is right in front of us, sometimes until we actually do something critical we do not realize the wonderful features that Kyle and Carson have put in front of us if we just know where to look.

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DMahen1 Premium
Good reminder to all of us how easy it is to wipe out your work on a computer. One wrong move on the keyboards and POOF, something is gone. Glad you found your work!
SaraPoyner Premium
I love that they automatically save the versions of our content. I have had to use this feature many times! So pleased you got back your work : )
MikeAdkins Premium
Ha Ha - It has happened to me and many others. Its a great save feature!

Regards Mike
KathyAnne Premium Plus
oh, how scary!! I can't image how you must have felt! I always write all my posts using textpad. After doing a spell check and reading it through I then copy and paste into my blog.
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Hi KathyAnne,
Yes it was scary.
I used to do this until my computer shut off for an update and I lost the entire word document. At least Site Comments does autosave every minute or so. The trick was to find out where!
accad Premium
That's good news about SiteRubix Feature.