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February 23, 2020
I just watched a Gary Vee YouTube video where he is talking to a bunch of Lawyers. As I watched I thought about how we could apply these thoughts to affiliate marketing and our blogs moving forward. I have heard people being concerned about how voice is stopping people clicking through to websites, with good reason.I thought I would share it as it is thought provoking.I won't share the link, but the post is called how to get your business the most attention possible in 2020 and was posted in D
September 25, 2019
Haven't been on here very much lately as I have been so busy. I have been fixing up my blog which is a gigantic task - but I am off to a great start.I am pulling up stumps for a little while so I will have more time to work on the blog and my social media marketing - which of course means promoting this wonderful website as well as another that I am an affiliate for.I am still living in my motor home - just pulled up on my mining claim and trying to find that elusive huge sapphire. I wish!!!I
August 16, 2019
I know some people promote the idea that you can make money while you sleep. BUTI woke up this morning and checked my emails as I normally do and there was a completely unexpected email saying congratulations someone signed up from your affiliate link and we would like to send you US $1000....three months ago I had removed all links from my blog because this firm wanted to pre-approve every post and I thought, oh too hard... Fortunately I simply took no other action, simply removed them as r
I wrote a 1600 word article in Site Content and went to copy and paste it so that I could print it out and check it visually and lost it. I kicked myself and tried to get it back by hitting the back button, refreshing the page and even searching to try and find the answer.Then I hit the (9 revisions) button on the right hand side at the bottom and low and behold there was the last one before I destroyed it.Thought that I would pass this on because although it is right in front of us, sometimes
What are Keywords?A keyword or keyword phrase is simply the word or words that someone might type or speak into the search bar when searching for information. “How to bake a cake” is a keyword. So is “where to buy a hat” and even “hat”.How does knowing about keywords help my blog?Knowing what information people are looking for, helps us to write content in our blog that answers the question or solves the problem for these people. Demand and supply.The peopl
I did not apply for the SAC as I knew that my time was limited and I could not commit exactly as required. However I had been working through the old challenge and when Kyle posted a blog I bookmarked it and have been working anyway.One task was to write on here weekly. This is the second such blog recently, the first being a motivational one..Jobs completed:a) updated themes to a mobile friendly one that has recently been updated. I had the old Omega.b) worked on banners and improved asthe
Starting online business. What mindset do you have?90-95% of people who start an online business give up within 12 months. I have seen this quoted time and time again. Is it true? How can that be possible? Is an online business just another job?Wealthy Affiliate says?Wealthy Affiliate tells us that one in 8 starter members become premium and start on their online journey. When you look at this it means that 12.5% of people move forward and 87.5% don’t.Many of these people will be peopl
Not sure if it is because of the new editor or if it is part of my theme with the new editor but I have been playing around with the featured image so that I could get a better format on my home page. I added a thumbnail image but found that the wording which came up in the intro did not always look good as it ran headings and words together as it took in the first bit of content on the post.I noticed an excerpts bar underneath the featured image bar, in the document section of Gutenberg, and
I thought that the most incredible thing had just happened.I wrote a blog post on my newer site that Google hasn't really discovered yet, although some posts have been indexed, and posted it. Then I went back to site comment to get some comments on it as it had been indexed!!! Like in about 30 seconds. I didn't even have time to review it and make sure I had not made any glaring mistakes. Unless Site Content itself has made a mistake!So I looked a little further and discovered that I had a bl
March 13, 2019
Why do blogs fail?Whilst I am still learning and am happy to admit it, there are some people who wonder why their blogs never seem to make them any money.I just saw a members blog that was at least 2 years old and had 3 posts in 2017 and 5 posts in 2018. Each post had about 100 words and although the information was good, it was really just a series of sentences.We have a wonderful training program within Wealthy Affiliate that teaches us how to work through our blogs and try and improve them