Anyone used Excerpts in Gutenberg?

Last Update: March 27, 2019

Not sure if it is because of the new editor or if it is part of my theme with the new editor but I have been playing around with the featured image so that I could get a better format on my home page. I added a thumbnail image but found that the wording which came up in the intro did not always look good as it ran headings and words together as it took in the first bit of content on the post.

I noticed an excerpts bar underneath the featured image bar, in the document section of Gutenberg, and dedicided to give it a go. I looked at previous training and it involved changing settings and adding code. However, I have discovered that this is no longer required.

You can add your own words in this excerpts bar and use it to entice people who find your home page to read the blog itself. A bit like the Meta Description in the SERP.

The blog post title when clicked goes to the full post but there is no more.. and the image does not go to the post.

No doubt anyone who knows html could tell me how I can do this and I would be interested to know. In the meantime I have written, "click on the blog post title and find out " or words to that effect telling people what to do. (I'm a bossy boots).

Thought I would pass this on as there is no updated training on this that I could find.

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Pastordna Premium
Hope you find help from our great community! Maybe because I did not encounter such challenge at any of my stages and could not know anything about that your case now.
AllChristie2 Premium
Glad you are moving forward with your findings
Hudson Premium
Thanks, I am not using Gutenberg but it is always useful to keep up to date.
EdwinBernard Premium
When I first saw your question the first thing that came to mind was the Gutenburg Bible lol. What Bible excerpts were you referring to? It then dawned on me it had something to do with WordPress!

I'm just being silly so just ignore me.
MarionBlack Premium
Here's some info from
It includes adding a Read More to the excerpt.
RoseAnn1234 Premium