How to earn GUARANTEED income online? (3 powerful tips!)

Last Update: October 05, 2020

Some of my YouTuber subscribers have asked me, "Roope, can you show me GUARANTEED ways to make money online?"

Below is just one of those messages:

My first response was that all money-making methods and websites that I show are pretty much guaranteed if you are just willing to do the work.

However, some people aren't willing to do any work and more importantly...

I believe that a lot of people have misunderstood how making money online works.

Therefore, I wanted to take time and explain how the process works and why would someone earn money (so that you can do it too).

Some might call this post "too theoretical" but I think it's important you'll understand the fundamentals, especially if you're just starting out. I will also be giving you practical examples.

And if you want to learn the practical steps to make money online, simply follow Kyle's training here.

If you want to get more money, first it's important to understand what money is.

What Is Money?

Money is a medium of exchange.

If you give me something that I want to buy, I will give you money. Or alternatively, I can give something that you want to buy and you will give you money.

In a nutshell, money makes exchanges easy and fast.

I have a friend whose family comes from a small island in the Solomon Islands. I was once talking with him and asked what's the cost of living in his island. Are the products cheap or expensive?

He just replied, "We don't use money." If you want to get something in the island, you'll just need to know the right people who provide it.

This is how all people lived before money existed.

Value Exchange

If you wanted to get something, you needed to know the right people and give them value in return for the thing that you wanted.

For example, they'll give you rice and you'll give them bananas.

However, there comes a challenge if you want something that the other person wants but you don't have anything he wants. What if you want rice but you don't have bananas that he wants...

Or let's say that you'll want chickens from the chicken farmer but he'd want a cow. You don't have a cow so you don't get a chicken from him.

I know... They're silly examples but I think they help you to illustrate why money is a wonderful "invention".

Above-mentioned problems don't exist when we use money as a medium of exchange.

In the past all kinds of weird things have served as money such as squirrel fur. Nowadays we mostly use government's money in a digital form such as euros and US dollars.

Now if you want a chicken you can easily buy it buy giving enough money to a chicken farmer. It's easy.

Money represents value in the marketplace. You get money if you give something valuable.

2 Requirements to Earn Money

If you want to get money, you'll also need to provide something in return to a person who will give you the money. You'll need to provide either a product or a service.

    In Wealthy Affiliate, we mostly talk about affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, your service to a specific company is sending them paying customers and a company pays you for that.

    I think sometimes pepole forget that if you want to make money (online), you'll need to do something good for the other people. We're so focused on funny terms such as SEO, PPC, CTA, traffic, conversion, etc. that we tend to forget that we're working with real people who are behind screen.

    There are essentially 2 requirements for earning money:

    1. Do something that the other people want.
    2. They are willing to pay you for that.

    The more services/products you provide, the more money you will earn.

    If you sell $5 pizzas to 100 people, you'll have $500.
    If you sell $5 pizzas to 1,000,000, you'll have $5,000,000.

    If you sell a $100 course for 1 person, you'll have $100.
    If you sell a $100 course for 1,000 people, you'll have $100,000.

    1) Do You Consume Or Produce?

    If you get more money by providing value to others, how do you LOSE Money?

    You will lose money by taking value from others (=buying products & services) but not providing anything valuable for others in the marketplace.

    If someone is heavily in debt, it simply means that he has taken a lot of value from others in the marketplace but he hasn't provided enough value in return.

    He is just taking, taking and taking... Not producing for the marketplace.

    Of course, every person is valuable as a human being. In this post we're just talking specifically about money and in order to get money, you must provide value in the marketplace.

    If you want to earn more money than you have right now, it simply means that you'll need to start producing more value in the marketplace than you have provided in the past.

    On the other hand, if you want to get in debt, start consuming more than you produce (Tip: Do NOT do this, lol!)

    Who makes money in these 5 quick examples:

    1. Social media influencer OR people who follow him/her?

    2. YouTube video creator OR people who watch his/her videos?

    3. Blogger OR blog readers?

    4. Service provider OR people who uses the service?

    5. Product creator OR people who use that product?

    The first person makes the money.

    Why? Because he is PRODUCING.

    The other person is CONSUMING so he doesn't earn money.

    => Be a producer, not just a consumer!

    2) Do This & You'll Never Need to Worry about Anything

    One of my favorite teachers, Jim Rohn, was asked about most important wisdoms and he replied with the quote from Zig Ziglar, "If you help enough people to get what they want, you can have everything you want."

    Then Jim passed the wisdom to Tony Robbins saying, "Try to add more value to others than anyone else does and you'll never need to have to worry about anything. Be the kind of person who does more for others and your life will be anything you want out of it."

    Think about this with a simple logic:

    If you do something good for another person, he wants to do good for you.

    Giving value in the marketplace starts "a receiving process". In addition, the old wisdom says it's more blessed to give than it is to receive.

    Most people are just looking for ways to receive, receive and receive. If you want to earn more money, you'll need to find more ways to GIVE!

    3) "Focus on Improving Your Skills And..."

    In order to provide something good for other people, usually you'll need to put in some effort. And in many cases, you'll need to learn some skills.

    When Tony Robbins was early in his career and he was frustrated why he wasn't giving any results, Jim Rohn advised him,

    "Tony, if you just focus on improving your skills, your skills will make room for you."

    When I was starting this "make money online journey" in Wealthy Affiliate, I realized that I didn't have sharp skills that would be valuable in the online marketplace.

    Fast forward 5 years later, now I have skills that can make me money for the rest of my life. The wisdom from Jim Rohn, "your skills will make room for you" is true.

    Now I know that even if everything would be taken away from me, I would still have the skills to create for example:

    1. Money generating websites
    2. YouTube channels
    3. Social media accounts
    4. Provide marketing services for companies
    5. Etc.

    I simply share this to inspire YOU to focus on improving your skills.

    Many people want results right now (including myself sometimes) but it just doesn't happen like that in this world.

    Some skills take more time to learn than others. It's also a lifetime process to sharpen our skills to become better all our lives.


    Generally, high income skills take more time to learn but low income skills are faster to learn. I you want to earn well, be prepared to learn for a long period of time.

    Conclusion: Develop Skills + Provide Value = Earn Money

    Sometimes my YouTube subscribers have an expectation that they can make a lot of money simply by clicking ads, watching videos or doing other extremely easy tasks...

    I've created numerous videos busting such myths but there are many YouTube scammers who are promising you lots of money by doing such easy tasks (for example, Big Mark, Ryan Hildreth, Branson Tay telling those lies...)

    In reality, making money requires 2 things:

    1. You provide something for other people that they want.
    2. They pay for that.

    And if you can't provide anything right now, you'll need to learn the skills to do it.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect place to learn those money making skills because training and a community here has taken numerous people including myself from complete beginners to making a life-changing income online.

    If I can do it, YOU can do it.

    1. Produce!
    2. Help others!
    3. Improve your skills!

    It's Your Time!

    - Roope "Understand the fundamentals" Kiuttu

    PS. I'll ask you 2 questions and you can reply in the comments below or simply use them to ponder what you're doing online.

    What kind of value are You providing in the online marketplace?

    How could you provide even more value for the other people?

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    jazzsinger20 Premium
    Wow, Roope! I get so much out of your posts and YouTube Channel. After spending months buying crap software that supposedly let you "hack" money from people to make a fast buck... I realise now that I can take a lot of the blame for failure on my own shoulders for not realising the absolute basics. Strange, as I give my time and help freely to anyone offline - I wonder now why I thought it was okay to just "steal" money (as they advertise it) with these scammer's programs.
    Gosh, this post really made it crystal clear - and I needed to hear it right now.
    Thanks, mate.
    fab21 Premium
    Great post! It is not so easy to make money without put any effort.
    We need to be productive and get into the concept of offering something that can be valuable for others. With poor knowledge skills there is not much room to grew up and the value of our production goes along with our knowledge.
    Kerryo0899 Premium
    I guess the easy answer to your first question is that I provide information that helps people.

    I’ve actually been considering a free e-book to be my next level of value. Since I’m just starting out I have lots of options to add more value.

    Roope, what you describe is a simple concept with a spectrum of applications. Thanks for describing it in a way that gives us all something to think about.

    SamiWilliams Premium
    Often people don't want to know the answer. It would be a shock to live where your money would not buy what you want or need. We do need to be more aware of how to improve peoples lives to really "get it." Thanks for the reminder, I needed a base to work from today!
    RoopeKiuttu Premium
    Yeah you're right Sami!

    By the way, I don't remember if I told you earlier but one of my best friends is also Sami :D
    LatinNomad Premium
    Roope, I really enjoyed this article that is well argued & considered. You introduced me to WA & I can honestly say even though I was skeptical about it possibly being a scam & HATED the ticking clock on the screen, it was one of the best decisions, if not THE best decision of my working life.

    You hit the nail on the head when you say, give before you receive. What you give out, you receive back & on the journey you need to learn.

    Great post. Im going to add this to my motivational list.

    Have a great day & greetings from South America.

    RoopeKiuttu Premium
    Thank you so much Trevor! It's awesome to have you here in the community!

    Greetings from Central America ;) I just arrived in Costa Rica 2 days ago.
    LatinNomad Premium