Anything New Is Always HARD Until It Becomes EASY

Last Update: April 14, 2019

I write this post because I sometimes get this message from beginners:

"I'm completely new at this. This is so hard. I think I'll never learn this."

May I reveal you a secret?

Learning a new skill is ALWAYS HARD at first.

Then it becomes easy.

I was recently in Finland in my hometown for almost 2 months and I had a privilege to spend time with my 6-year-old niece.

She was learning to ride a bike and it was exciting to see how it goes. People often compare learning to ride a bike to learning any skill.

It's always hard at first and you're going to fall but eventually you'll master the skill and it becomes easy. Nowadays riding a bike is automatic for you.

Just let me ask you a simple question:

"How many times / how much time would you give your baby to learn to walk until you give up?"

5 tries?

1 month?

What if he falls down 10 times, will you say him, "It's too hard for you. Just give up and throw in the towel!"

Of course not! :)

You give your baby to practice the skill UNTIL he learns it.

And you should practice the same principle to yourself as well: Practice a skill UNTIL you master it.

The same goes to practicing literally ANY skill:

  • Typing with your computer
  • Driving a car
  • Building a website
  • Writing blog posts
  • Recording videos
  • Building a YouTube channel
  • Building an email list
  • Etc. Etc.

Every single skill that I've learned over my lifetime has been difficult at first.

I'm a chess master and that's one of my strongest skills. However, I can still remember the first times when I was playing it as a kid. It was HARD! But nowadays it's so automatic that I've even been analyzing some chess positions in my dreams, lol.

I highly encourage you to practice new skills because it improves the quality of your life in so many ways. I'm always speaking this to myself :)

Remember what Les Brown says:

"If you do what is EASY, your life will be HARD.

If you do what is HARD, your life will be EASY." -Les Brown

Don't look for the easy roads. Just keep on doing the things that are hard and eventually they'll become easy for you.

"Yeah, Roope But It's Easy For You..."

People sometimes say that it's easy for me or someone else to learn skills just because of x, y and z reason. And they can't learn the skills because some mysterious reasons.

Even though I've learned many skills in my life, I still notice this same thing every time I'm learning something new.

It's is ALWAYS hard until it becomes easy.

Let me give you a skill that I've been trying to learn recently.

I have a YouTube channel but I've never been a video creator or a 'visual guy'. I've always been good at maths and "they" always teach that if you are good at maths, you can't be good at visual things. That's obviously not true but that's what I've probably bought.

I've noticed alraedy a while ago that I should improve the visual elements of my videos. For example, buying a better camera, other equipment and learning to edit videos.

But I've never been good at it so I've been putting it off. I've thought that maybe it would be better to outsource that thing to someone else who is more passionate about it. (and one reason why I didn't buy the equipment was obviously that I've been traveling and I couldn't have carried the equipment with me everywhere.)

However, if I consider outsourcing editing and stuff that does not make much sense at this point. Professional charge up to $1,000's for just a short 10-minute. Just imagine how much 6-8 hour course creation would cost.

So, I've decided to do the following:

  • Learn what are the best video equipment for course creation
  • Learn to put the set-up correctly
  • Learn to edit the videos to make them look professional
  • Etc.

I know it's going to require many hours but here's a good thing:


Investing $500 to learn certain skill can be a small amount compared to the money and other benefits it can provide you over your lifetime.

Investing $49/month in the Wealthy Affiliate membership in order to learn a skill that will make you money for the rest of your life is a no-brainer.


Be merciful For yourself.

Everything is hard at first...

But then it becomes EASY.


Now I'd love to hear from you:

Which skills are you currently practicing?

Are you merciful enough for yourself or are you beating yourself too much for not learning faster?


Roope "Everything is hard until it becomes easy" Kiuttu

PS. If you have any tips for the best video equipment or course creation in general, just let me know.

PPS. If you have any specific questions about email marketing, just let me know in the comments or send me a PM. I'm currently preparing the curriculum for my Email Marketing course and I want to make it as helpful as possible.

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marchanna Premium
HI Roope, I'm chiming in late but this is absolutely spot on!

There is a cycle of learning in any absolutely new thing:

1) we start knowing nothing about it -- unconsciously incompetent,

then, we learn about something and realize we are --

2) consciously incompetent.

3) we practice something, then we become -- consciously competent.

finally we become so good at something we become

4) unconsciously competent.

People quit at step 2 and 3 because they feel uncomfortable.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
I've heard of those 4 levels. Really true!
Marsha5 Premium
Great post, as usual, Roope.
I would add that as we get older (I mean out of childhood when we take learning in stride a little better), we also think we can quit.

We get into a mindset that says "this shouldn't take so long" or "it should be easier". Even though we never actually say it, we expect learning new skills to be easier than when we were kids.

Not so. Human beings of all ages learn by doing over and over again. Enjoy the process, my fellow students!
Owillz Premium
I believe why people say practice makes perfect is cause constant practicing makes it part of you there by making it look easy but in the real sense the task doesn't really change from what you did as a beginner just your memory of things and skills gots better. That's how I see it though.
JeffGnagy Premium
Great Post Roope! spot on!

i think you know my good friend Chris "Benji'sDad" Myles...
He is about to release a training course on growing a YouTube channel. I think its going to be really good. you might want to check that out.

keep up the good work!

ps--> i'll be interested in your email marketing course when it comes along. ;)
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Roope, I often feel like this myself...but realize that it is a part of growth and just roll with it until I am good at it or it is easy. Yes, some things that have to do with building my website are still difficult...but I'm learning...and as you say, they will get easier.

Thanks for this post!

I wish you the best!

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, I feel it also on a daily basis if I'm doing something new. But I think it also brings some juice in life. If everything would be easy, achieving wouldn't feel so great.
BobMargroff Premium
So true...
MiaL Premium
Hi Roope,
Just yesterday I was researching for my next review and lo and behold your YouTube video had first position! I smiled to myself 😊. So yes whilst I’m sure it was hard for you first up, you are reaping the rewards now.
This is a great reminder for anyone who passes off learning a new skill as being too hard.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Wow, great to hear that Melissa. Thank you very much for sharing, that's encouraging!
Anushia-9 Premium
A great point, well made, Roope.

I always try to remember that old adage "quitters never win, and winners never quit!" whenever I'm struggling with something and thinking about giving up.

Good luck with your YouTube endeavours - I'm sure you will excel because you are so obviously not a quitter.

Best regards,
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thank you very much Steve!
lakbar12 Premium
Roope, great post as usual. I am working on many new things. Like my entire site, building traffic, SEO, and knowing my audience all of this is still a work in progress for me.

I am interested in your email marketing course. I do have a question about email marketing when is the right time to start. I know we need traffic but, how much traffic should one have?
TDomena Premium
I think it's a preference. Email software is inexpensive, so I think it could be an investment you don't mind, however, you don't get a return on investment from email marketing until you've built trust with the people on your email list. You don't necessarily need a lot of people on your list to make a return, but you have to be ready to put in the effort to build that trust.

I've read you have kids and I'm guessing maybe a family too, so you know a little about building relationships and trust--it requires consistent value delivery.

As a result, it can be a cost before you get to that point where you've delivered enough value that the people feel like "I want to buy from her".

On the other hand, you could wait until you start seeing consistent conversions because hypothetically speaking, if you can convert people to one thing, then you can probably convert them onto your list. Conversions is also a sign you're building trust of some sort. At some point, you'll start noticing some consistency of conversions (on your affiliate offers or on your email list).

I know Grace said she started email marketing after adding a lead magnet so you may want to start thinking about that. I don't think it's so much about the numbers that matter, but the amount of trust you have with the numbers that will really count.

Your blog is where you talk to strangers, but your email is supposed to be a little more up close, so you're converting them from readers to your tribe. It's kinda up to you. Are you ready to work on building that trust? Do you feel confident about converting cold traffic into advocates by email? If so, get started--that's my opinion.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hi Lakisha,

if I'd start a new niche site, I would start building an email list immediately from the beginning.

However, if you are not getting any traffic, you are just starting out and you don't have an extra $20 for the autoresponder, I recommend that you gain at least around 50 visitors per day and then start collecting emails.

But if you have more money to spend, I'd start collecting emails almost from the beginning.
lakbar12 Premium
Thank you, Tiffany, for your very detailed response. I do see what your saying and I agree with you with.

Yes, I like the kids and family analogy, yes it does take work to build trust. I guess the traffic doesn't really matter, it's more of, can I really focus on an email list right now.

I did see an article where Kyle mentioned that email marketing is a job in itself so, I probably do as you suggest first work on a lead magnet.

That is something to definitely think about. I thank you so much for your response.

I never thought about it like that the people visiting the blog are strangers and the people on my email list are more of my tribe or followers. Kind of

Thank you again, Tiffany, you've been an excellent help.
lakbar12 Premium
Thank you, Roope for your response. I really appreciate it.

I see, the investment isn't the problem. I know with business, I will have to invest. I am just now starting to get some traffic around 69 visitors per day which goes up and down. Anyhow, it is good to have answers. Thank you, Roope I really appreciate it.
TDomena Premium
I think you got it. I know there are so many tasks to consider in the beginning and getting the traffic up is a full-time job. Currently, I have my posts that go out to my email list, but I plan to refocus on really building the relationships on my list very soon. It's an exclusive relationship that you build with your list, or at least that's what I'm planning.
So, I'd say Kyle is right. He usually is when it comes to internet marketing stuff.
CowboyJames Premium
Great post Roope. Also some newbies are looking at others, not knowing that before the others joined they were already proficient in word press or some others computer fields. The newbies weren't falling behind, they were not in the race to begin with.

Thanks for sharing
Have a great weekend, what's left of it.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, everyone needs to start from zero and even the greatest of the great were also newbies one day.
VanceTucker Premium
This how I learned to play chess. When I was in the Army, one of my barracks buddies taught me the basic move of each piece. I played him over and over, learning as we played. Finally, after 50+ games, I won my first game. It was hard at first because I was learning a new skill. Later on, I played a guy who had the nasty habit of moving pieces every time I left the room. I didn't say anything-just beat him.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yes! We had a saying in the chess club that a new player needs to lose at least 200 games before he starts winning. I wrote about it here: I'm not sure if you read it already before
Calh60 Premium
Hi Roope, I've always wanted to write more but just didn't have the time. My writing skills were at best, average. I'm learning slowly by writing posts here and I know with practice it will get easier.

Also, working with images is hard for me when adding to websites. It is now starting to make more sense.

All professional athletes are professionals because they stuck with their craft and practiced, practiced, practiced. Now, look at Tiger Woods again. With the injuries he had, no one thought he would ever win The Masters again. He has proven them wrong.

Great post!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Writer's challenge will surely go away as you move forward as I wrote in another answer below.
Calh60 Premium
Cool, thanks
RoopeKiuttu Premium
SondraM Premium
Another great post!

With regards to your video equipment, you will need to decide if you want to leave your equipment at a home base or if you want to take it with you on your travel adventures.

When I watch people's video's on YouTube, the single biggest problem I notice, over and over again, is lighting.

So, I wonder if you invested in one good light first. See how that improves your video.

Then, if you want to upgrade camera - go for it.

One of the largest TV stations in Colorado, the state where I live, had some reporters recorded a news story segment in my little shop recently. (It had nothing to do with me. My shop space was convenient for them.)

They used a portable LED light on a stand that was could be dimmed or brightened. It had a grid looking thing on the front.

I just saw similar one on Amazon that had options ranging from $139 - $199. Neewer Light was what popped up. (I haven't researched the lights closely but that could give a starting point.)

They also used a Canon 5D. Yet, that may be more camera than you need or want at this point. Cheaper cameras can do just as well if you have proper lighting and good sound.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Sondra! Yes, I'll definitely buy good lighting and a new camera
Bayou1 Premium
Im currently learning and creating 15 item product reviews and past 4000 and heading to 5000 words first go.I have always stressed out about posting at least one thing /week but this is taking me weeks to put this review together as there is so much to learn and put together.Its all good ,I am really enjoying the learning ,but I also know that once i put a good one together the next ones will get easier because I am learning the mistakes now with the first one...your post has rung true with me Roope,great work friend :))
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Billy!
cramervod Premium
A baby is born knowing nothing. One can even say that a child is not alive until it knows how to do something. So, everything you have an opinion on now is something you learned whether it's good or bad is your job to figure out.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
That's a good point Eric!
FKelso Premium
You are so right on. I hope some of my current "hard" things will become easier as time passes.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Surely they will! :)
Eliz65 Premium
I can so relate to your post. I’m working on adding YouTube videos to my articles too!
Lots of hurdles but it is starting to feel a bit less overwhelming.
I think we are our own worst critics!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Great to hear you've also started doing YouTube!
alan47 Premium
Once I complete all my W.A. training here, I would like to know more about your e-mail course. For me, My current priority is getting the training completed and becoming more familiar and confident in improving my website. Thanks for sharing.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, training here is amazing. It's good to focus on that.
Cherry21 Premium
I don't even have to go any further than the title, to know it is so true.Where do I go to get more information on you email marketing course.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
I'll send you a PM.
DaliborT Premium
Bookmarked lol. Excellent post!

I am currently practicing my writing skill. I am accepted in WASC and one of the tasks is to write 12 articles.

Now, I have no problem finding keywords for them already done that). But what I do have a problem is writing a post that I am satisfied with.

I did my research, got quality content, but lacking a "flow of thoughts" how to put it on paper.

Well, we all have our mountain to climb on, right? Once again, great post, many quality advice and I love it!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thank you Dalibor.

I also had a "writer's block" when I first started writing to my site. I struggled to keep up with the schedule of writing one 500-word post per week :D (which is too little anyway).

Later, I was publishing nine (+1,000-word) posts on my site every single week for around 6 months. I outsourced some of the posts but for sure my writing got much faster.

That's the same with everyone that I've talked with. Writing is a skill that becomes better over the time course when you do it a lot.

One thing that usually helps with writing and makes it faster is using templates. So, answer similar questions in your product reviews to make it organized and easier for you. Kyle shows that also in some of his training lessons.

Jay also had a webinar on amplifying writing efficiency if you want to check it out here: Regarding the writing goal... I always advice to post at least two +1,500-word posts every week targeting a low competition keyword (less than 50 QSR and traffic +100 according to Jaaxy).

That will give you a steady progress. Over time you'll see your posts getting ranked on Google and driving you traffic which will eventually turn into income.

Consistency is really the key because it takes time but if you do the right things consistently, you'll get the results.

DaliborT Premium
Thank you so much for your personal advice. I will check the training from Jay.

I tend to write now about 1300 words per post already, so I think I am on the right track. Eventually, with time it will get more I think.

Finding the right low competitive keyword is something I need to work on also. Usually, they are bellow 50 QSR, but not above 100 lol.

But yeah, getting there. I am work in progress definitely :P

Best wishes,
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Okay, sounds good!
JagiR Premium
You have written a really good post here. I would love to learn more about your email marketing course. As that is where I struggle the most.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
I'll send you a message. I'm still creating it and I'm planning to get it out in 1-2 months.