Post With No Narrative But Ranked 1 On Google

Last Update: Jun 12, 2016


How is it possible for a page to be ranked number 1 on Google without any narrative instead there's a title with 2 tables? The table has a list of 40 countries. I came across it on the web and was wondering. My understanding is that a post/article should have content with a keyword focus. Any thoughts?

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It's likely a reference source of some kind. There is an area code phone number listing that I actually use a lot. It has slot 2 on Google for one term and slot 1 for another. The reason being, several, several ----Several websites link to it. (Backlinks) Google knows this and ranks it's high.

That is strange have not seen that find google a mystery more often than not

I'm amazed. How did it rank number 1?

Is a mystery to me, but then Google is!! :)

just never can figure out really how any of it works!

That's what we would expect! Maybe naming 40 countries had something to do with it.

And we thought it would be hard to rank! :)

Lots of considerations with the google algorithm. Maybe Panda hasn't reached it yet.

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