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Last Update: May 31, 2016


Since joining WA in August of last year I have 5 referrals but none have gone on to set up their accounts. I am not sure why this is so as WA is such a great platform to start an online business. I have followed up and connected with them but without any success. Please share your experience. Thanks.

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5 referrals is really not enough to come to any conclusion yet. The official figure is 1 in 8 upgrade to Premium.

If you still don't have any Premium referrals after you've referred 30 referrals, then you might have a problem.

Thanks for the info.

That's too bad. I haven't had any referals

Hoping that you will start getting referrals!

I have had a similar experience. I have had 5 referrals, three of whom set up their accounts bit did nothing more!! I don't understand either!! :)

Let's hope it gets better!

It will!! :)

I got 10 referrals when I bought traffic from Rebrandable. None of them followed through, so my guess is they were bots.

Let's hope we get those who are serious about starting an online business!

I don't promote WA but I've had 2 referrals and neither bothered with finishing their profile page.
One was the AT&T customer service girl I had on the phone ( I'll try to sell something just about anywhere!) and the other was probably a click on a small banner on my niche site ( not income-related) so neither was particularly interested I guess.

BTW rufat is definitely doing something right!

Thanks for your comments. I agree, rufat is doing something right!

The conversion rate here is approx. 10%. So far I got 650 free sign ups and 60 premium sign ups. In the world of internet marketing 10% conversion rate is a pretty good number.

Wow, I dream of the day when I can say that I've got 650 free sign ups and 60 premium members! You must be doing something right! Well done.

Thanks! Wow! 60 premium sign ups. Well done!

I think Compsol99's probably right.

Some people may have trouble committing themselves........

I agree as well!

That's 4 more referrals than I've had. My guess is that they were just kicking the tires, so to speak, and weren't really interested in the first place.

I agree!

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