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Hi, I am English and live in Germany. I've been here for a loong time. I had an online shop from 2003 till 2013, it





Is broken link checker reliable?

Is broken link checker reliable?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi there,
I have noticed on a website of mine that the plugin - Broken link checker puts a line through the middle of the headline which is linked to an Amazon product. When

If link no problem better don’t use that plugin.. it’s will make ur website slow (mobile vision).. enjoy ur day 😎

Many thanks. I thought as much.
Thanks again.
Cheers and enjoy your day too :)

No problem 😉

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How do I not renew my membership this year?

How do I not renew my membership this year?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi There,
Due to financial constrictions, I will not be renewing my membership at WA this year.

I do not wish to cancel my WA membership entirely but will not be able

Hey Robert,

Sorry to learn of your financial constraints. I'm sure you won't be alone over the next year, given that we are now looking at another potential lockdown, due to this pandemic.

Here's my suggestion

Take a full backup of your website as you will need to find hosting for your website elsewhere, as Kyle explains here: Hope you find this helpful.

Hi Trish,
Many thanks for your input. Yes, it is a pity but things are challenging as they are in many locations at the moment, sadly. It might have helped it I had knuckled down a little more than I did but I did get some serious writing done to a domain I have here. I will continue with this once I have moved it.
Thanks for the remineder regarding how essential it is to backup the site, which I will do prior to the move.
Yes, as of yesterday Germany is in lockdown "light" as they are calling it and my home country, the UK, is in lockdown as of this coming Thursday...tough times for many. Our wellness studio ( a tiny one but runs okay) is closed as of yesterday and we expect once again a small- business grant for this soon. The German gov. has been quite generous to date, luckily and have few quibbles regarding help, so that's great. My English training business is okay but slower than pre-covid times.

Sorry, I am rambling!

Thanks again Trish.

Once I've made some money with affiliates I will probably be back. The training here at WA is great but I need to put my nose to the grindstone a little more.

Best wishes


Hey Robert... I'm going to send you a PM.

Is it not just as before?

go to your account settings under your profile, subscriptions and there will be a link to renew or cancel

Many thanks Mike. Best wishes

Hi, payment get automatically collected depending plan.

You can go here https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/account/subscription

And cancel billing. When you are ready, you can come back.

If you have any sites, once premium expires your account ceases.
However site support keep back ups only for 60 days, so you need arrange alternative hosting / registrar before your premium expires. I would also suggest backing up, you can use AIO WP Migration or Updraft plugins.

Hi AbieAJ,
Many thanks for your speedy reply.
I suspected that I would not be able to keep the one paid domain here, sadly. But thank you for the information concerning the 60-day leeway. I'll move the domain over here to Europe.

Thanks again

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How to add an affiliate shop to an existing local website?

How to add an affiliate shop to an existing local website?

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Local Marketing

Hi there, we have a relatively well-visited local business website, its focus is wellness massage, manicure and pedicure and cosmetics. The business despite the current busines

Jay has a great webinar on exactly this topic: However, keep in mind that you still need to drive traffic to the site. In my experience, it's much easier to get traffic through blogging (like Wealthy Affiliate teaches in the main lessons), rather than just setting up a shop. Since you're an affiliate, the main value you provide to an audience is going to be the information you provide, not just a list of items to buy.

I'd focus on blogging about topics related to your business so that your site can get found in Google when people search for related terms, then you can add your affiliate links within the context of the article.

many thanks, Nathaniell for your input to my query yesterday. Yes, I understand that blogging despite a shop-like presence is a must to drive traffic. I thought I might be able to avoid that but that is the essence of what I have been learning here. 1000 word articles on whatever product I think important to review. I can or could add the woocommerce facility later, once I have a few pages on different products up and running. The only hassle is I have to write them in German and that takes much longer but hey ho, it's where I live. And will continue to write the English blog parallel to this one too but this German website gets visitors and it'd be great to get off having to use Groupon and Treatwell to get massage and pedicure clients...we rely on them much less but they are always positioned above our google entry and people often book through them rather than directly through our website.
Thanks again Nathaniell.

Hi Robert

You certainly don't need different affiliate memberships if you have different pages or stores. Personally I would not go down the shopify route.

What I would do is continue writing your blog posts and make the informational about things you would like to sell. You could then either put an amazon link into the story, but better still think of some really useful giveaway that you could offer for free. This way you get an address / email address and so build a list of customers / potential customers who you can then sell other products to later.

The big drawback with Amazon is that you lose the customer data which is why I mentioned the above method.

You could do all this on a separate page if you want where you could go into product detail and what problems it would solve for your customer.

I hope I have answered your question.

My Best Always

Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for your ideas and answer, very much appreciated. Yes, I like the idea of building a list and will give the giveaway some thought. We most certainly need to monetize this website and what better than to use this one than start from scratch. Thanks again Peter.
Best wishes

Greetings Robert,

You can absolutely add affiliate links to your current website. Amazon or others. If you start a new website, then you need to drive traffic to it which will take some time.

You have traffic at your current site already, now it's just a matter of monetizing that traffic. Perhaps you could add a blog to your current site. Review products in your niche with affiliate links to those products.

You can add a recommended products page with affiliate links as well. I'm sure others will have many ideas and recommendations for you. I like to keep it simple and then scale as you find what works best.

No need to reinvent the wheel, let the big cosmetic companies and or amazon store the inventory and do the shipping and billing. Then you can earn extra income and still focus most of your attention on your local customers.

Just some thoughts, hope it helps.

To your success,


Dear Rex,
Thank you very much for your ideas and input. I very much appreciate it.
I will look into the idea of adding affiliate links from cosmetic companies, I will have to "grill" my wife on these as I have little knowledge concerning such things but massage chairs and devices for relaxation is something due to the higher purchase ratio is something that interests me.
Thanks again Rex.
Best wishes

Glad to help Robert. Massage chairs and devices would be excellent choices for affiliate promotions. Remember it's a world wide web. Even though you are currently focused on local, now you can think global.


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A query as to whether yoest is worth it or not?

A query as to whether yoest is worth it or not?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi there, I was wondering whether the general consensus about Yoest being good was correct or are there other SEO tools that are "better"? I'm sure there are many, but wanted t

I us All in One SEO because Yoast is annoying with their SEO metric calculator. However, as you can see, lost of people love Yoast.

I think it's really about personal preference. I used All in One for a while and I liked it as well, but I just find Yoast easier based on my preferences. But I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

Many thanks guys. I'll most certainly get stuck into smartketeer Yoest SEO - Definitive guide.I wrote some stuff some weeks back but Yoest hated it - okay, it was in German and perhaps Yoest wasn't all that happy about this but I don't know whether Yoest works in other languages?? but it gave me A "lovely" dark red face on the relevant pages.I've yet to use it on an English language website but will be very soon - Thanks again :)

I'm a YOAST fan ...

And here's the why

I have used SEO Yoast and all in one SEO both are good and the free versions should be fine.

I use Yoast and love it! Very easy to use and understand. Helps me make sure I get all my on page SEO done correctly. I hope this helps.

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