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Hello site traffic? where have you gone?

Hello site traffic? where have you gone?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hello all,

I am asking the age old question because I am out of answers and additional things to try... how can I generate more traffic to my site?

It was clippi

it may help if you gave us more of a clue as to what type of niche you were in - how many articles you have
what your strategy for marketing is
it maybe that what you are promoting is seasonal, or a fad, or....
have you checked google trends to see if there is a di in their figures.
what about other sites within your niche - similar web plugin
are there any forums for marketers within your niche or facebook pages - what is the word on the ground.
sorry to not be too much help.
but i hope you manage to sort it.

Sorry Phil, my niche is 100% WA promo site. I should have mentioned that.

so have you been hit with the latest your money or your life updates?
what can you do about it - carry on, change direction a bit - are you using a rank tracker and have you lost rank, hence visitors
was most of your traffic on a few pages and have they dropped.
so have a look at your analytics and see if there is anything in there.
good luck

Ok, thanks so much. I definitely think the change of direction is needed. I'll shake it up a bit and see if that re-generates some interest. I appreciate your help!

have a good look at your analytics - you may be able to see what sort of people are visiting and then start to look into that direction.
it is a tough one especially as you cannot talk directly to them.
have a look at the demographics and see if it ties in with who you are targeting. if not then change your jane doe to alison. create a new persona to talk to and see what happens.
it is all about testing, half of the battle is getting people through the door to read the content, the other half is to work out who it is and what they want.
good luck.
i wonder whether a fb pixel would give you any more info about your audience, might be worth looking into.
place a fb pixel on your site and anyone visiting is tagged by fb, you can then use their analysis tools to see who it is visiting, more info cannot be a bad thing.
you might be able to create ads based on this data or lookalike audiences.

Awesome advice! I haven't been doing this or using these tools so far but I will be sure to add this to my toolbox now.

Thanks so much!

I was following LittleMama's (Grace) training videos and she said something about her traffic declining after she stopped doing product reviews.

Maybe if you started doing product reviews, your traffic would pick up!
Just a thought...

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I have been thinking that I need to pick up the pace on my reviews. I'll definitely give it a try to see how that impacts my traffic rates.

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Site comments & feedback disapproved - really?

Site comments & feedback disapproved - really?

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Getting Started

Why did my latest site comments get disapproved?? Seriously??? I spent quite a bit of time reviewing each site and offered my honest, unbiased feedback.

Are you leaving a comment or feedback? Comments should be related to the content of the post (i.e. “I had no idea there were so many accessories available for the DJI Mavic Pro”). Feedback is more related to things like images, layout, navigation, etc.

Usually when you’re rejected, they will put in a comment as to why. Did you get one?

I was doing both. And no, I do not see any comments or reasons why my feedback was rejected.

Odd...I’d reach out to the person who rejected your comments/feedback and ask them why they rejected it. That’s assuming you can track down who it was. Sometimes it’s hard to map site to WA member.

The 2 recent rejections I had were one who didn’t think my comment would further their view/cause and the other was simply someone who had received multiple comments for the one request and they thought they’d have to pay or use credits for each one and they didn’t want to do that so they picked one and rejected the rest.

Good idea. I will do that. I guess either way they still received your (and my) feedback regardless if they decided the burn a credit for it or not.

I really tried to provide as good as comments as I could. It certainly wasn't garbage. Oh well, frustrating.

Hi - I recently had to disapprove a comment because it clearly didn't relate to my site. It was about work from home opportunities and my niche is wedding anniversary gifts. Anyway, I had to give an explanation as to why I rejected it. I assume this is relayed to the commenter so they know what the problem is. Obviously I can't be sure that this is the process but it makes sense to me. Hope you get an answer. All the best, Diane

Thanks for your comments. I have no idea why they would have been disapproved as I actually did see some things that needed fixing and I pointed this out It's just frustrating since I am really trying to help the folks who are requesting it. I guess maybe I'll stop doing that?

I guess in the end, they received my comments & feedback but will not give me credit for it. Doesn't seem fair. Sorry - rant over! :)

Hmm - very unfair. I assume you are not mixing up comments and feedback? Comments relate to a specific article's content and are written to be published on the site for any visitors to see, so are not usually negative, just conversational about the topic. Feedback is all about the design of the site and is private to the owner, so honest opinions should be welcome, even if negative. Sorry if you already know all this, just trying to solve the mystery!

Good point, I actually did both so I'm not sure why I was rejected. I don't see any comments regarding why.

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Elementor not loading templates section?

Elementor not loading templates section?

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Everything Wordpress

I am trying to edit my pages with Elementor, but it will not load the Templates section. I've waited over 30 minutes but it still says, 'Loading...' Anyone else having this iss

Hey Bob,

Had issues with another page builder and had to forego using it due to so many different problems. Page builders are resource hogs... so it MIGHT be the server.

Recommend you contacting SiteSupport to see if they can help you with this: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/support

Hope this helps you.

I will give that a try... thank you!

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Why do my hd images look bad when published to site?

Why do my hd images look bad when published to site?

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Everything Wordpress

Hello all, I am working on my website in WP and starting to get comfortable with designing my site. But when I add my media files and publish my site, the HD images look terrib

So, I've tried what you all have mentioned but I am still not getting clear pictures. I've edited them and have uploaded only high quality HD pics. I've done a ton of web dev on the Wix platform and have never had an issue with any pics that I have uploaded.

Any additional thoughts would be much appreciated.

Just to be sure, you uploaded images to match the size of the placeholder?

I have. I am using a template that is a bit complicated... I will try a different template and see if that solves the problem. Weird...


Ok, thanks, I'll try that.

Make sure the image you upload is the same size as the container which holds it.

For example, if you upload an image that is 1000 x 1600 to an image box that is only 500 x 800 then it forces WP and the browser to resize the image on the fly.. This will always result in a terrible resolution.

Hope this helps

Ok, thanks for your comment. I'll give that a try.

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