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Last Update: Oct 14, 2019


Backlinks For Better Ranking In The Serps

Hi Folks

In this blog I will outline ways to get some top quality backlinks. For those new members who don't know what a backlink is - its a hyper link from one site to another, from a variety of different sources, each source being unique.


When linking to your website you should always try to focus the links using your keywords in the anchor text of the link if it’s possible.

Below are four popular ways to get good backlinks.

1) Google My Business

Google My Business is essential if you want to appear in maps and in the local listings which are returned for local queries. With a large chunk of SERP real estate taken up by these, having a great GMB listing represents a significant opportunity for local businesses.

Setting up Google My Business is free. Its also worth checking that your business isn’t already listed. If you do find a listing, simply go through the process of claiming it.

2) MSN Articles

MSN is updated everyday with news and articles on just about every subject you can think of, to get a backlink you just need to create an account and then comment on an article leaving behind your thoughts, name and website link.

3) Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers takes a little bit of work before you can get your links on their site but once you have done this you're ready to reap the rewards. Just create a yahoo account, help others by answering questions, once you have answered about 10-20 questions you will be able to add a link in your responses.

4) Godaddy

I’m sure you’ve heard of GoDaddy ? Bet you didn't know you can use the website to get backlinks to your website. All you need to do is visit the site and watch at least one of Bob Parsons videos. You will find his videos on YouTube and at the end of the video you can leave a creative comment and include a link to your website.

Take a look at the pie chart below and you can see at a glance that linking externally is quite important for your sites SEO and therefore your ranking in the SERPs.

There you go folks, and I’m sure these four sites will help in your back linking efforts.

Have an awesome weekend, and be successful.

Robert Allan

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Recent Comments


Hey Robert, thanks for this.
Those 4, are they the only 4 that you use?
1) Do you mind PM'ing me your Google My Business profile, I have no idea about this for a website promoting affiliate marketing like mine. I do know bricks and mortar businesses use it
2) If you have Yahoo answers, what about Quora if compared to these 2, what is the best investment of time?
3) GoDaddy videos is a surprise, what about commenting on YouTube video's generally?

Also if you only have 1 hour a week to do this, how would you split the time amongst those 4-6? (ideally percentages e.g. 20% Yahoo answers etc)
Thanks John

Hello John
I actually deleted my GMB account last week.
I haven't got around to creating another one for another business I going to be involved in.

Here are two guides you should read with lots of tips and advice.

I have never used Quora John so can't comment.

You can leave lots of comments on YouTube.
I do it all the time and leave my link as well.
I get a lot of traffic through YouTube.

As for time spent each week.

No set time schedule but about an hour every day commenting on sites such as the ones I mention in the blog.

There are countless sites John, you just have to find them.

Just type this into your browser and you will get lots of methods you can try -

where can I leave comments to generate traffic to my site?

Enjoy your Saturday.

Thanks so much Robert, you are awesome!

No probs John and I may tap into your knowledge on a Bricks and Mortar biz as that's what I'm going to get involved with with an Australian friend.

Great info! Which GoDaddy videos are you referring to? I see they have courses and a forum on the site.

The Forum is your best bet Kayla.

Thank you so much for this valuable information Robert.

Happy to pass them on Tanya.

Very useful information. I will spend some time looking into how I can use these tactics to improve my site.

Happy to help Kevin.

Thanks for the very useful training Robert, I will follow up and use this, best Alan.

I had to change one of the links.
Sorry my mistake.
Thank you for your visit Alan.

Amazing Robert. You are so kind to provide this concise information. I'm going to use each step today to move my business forward.

Thanks so much.

Lily 😊

Thank you for reading Lily.
Had to change one of the links to google my business.
Enjoy your evening.

Now I'm confused. Kyle just mentioned in his recent Diamond Traffic training back linking is not the way to go. Yet I read all these blog posts about back linking.

What is the Google profile? I thought Google + is dead already. Is that a different thing?

Sorry Kirsti it should have been google my business.
I have changed it so you should be ok now.
Thank you for reading.

These are some good tips on backlinks. Thank you for the share!

Happy to share Ryan.
Thank you for taking time out to read.
Enjoy your Friday.

Great post! i do have a question though. I don't see where you can add a comment on MSN articles. Can you specify exactly where this can be done at?

There are lots and lots of article on the Home Page itself you can leave a comment on.
Are you sure you're on the right page?

Thank you Robert. I have looked at 10 or 12 articles on MSN and have not seen anywhere to leave comments either.

Hi Steve, did you create an account?

Hi Robert. Correct backlinking can be more profitable to a site then keywords in today's enviroment. Thank you for highlighting this. Jim

Indeed it can Jim.
I must confess I haven't been as active with backinking off late as I've been busy off line.
Thank you for your input.

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