How do you Implement Giveaways as Bonuses?

Last Update: April 01, 2014

When you offer a bonus, how do you actually implement it?

Is it a pdf file to be downloaded, and if so what are the motions used to get it to the customer? Can it be automated or do you have to physically do it?

Any insights would be useful, thanks!

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nomda ploom Premium
Guy (giludi) has walked the walk, and walks his talk- enough said..Andy
rob3 Premium
Hi Andy, thanks for that. Yes, Guy's suggestions are great, he sure did walk the walk - webbed feet or not! (in joke)
giludi Premium
Here how I do operate.
1. Create an Aweber opt-in form and make a design of it presenting your give away ( in my case an ebook) or create a squeeze page
2. You must have an account at Aweber, create a subscriber list
3. Copy the optin form code into your page or widget
4 create a confim the email address at aweber (send automatically)
5 create a thank you page on your website
6 create a download page for the pdf
7 after the email confimation, the subscriber is linked to the downnload page.
8. Create a serie of newsletters for the subscriber giving him useful informations and integrate some affiliate links or products.
These newsletters will be send automatically by aweber.
9. Consider your subscribers as friends!!
rob3 Premium
Very helpful and organized, thanks so much. I haven't even got an Aweber account yet!
KatieMac Premium
see Bill has given you a link best of luck with it
GrayM Premium
There are youtube channels where I subscribe, that offer product giveaways. This is something that they only do periodically. They state the criteria (i.e. email me here, and name 3 things about the product, etc). They will then announce the winner(s) by username. The winner(s) will then provide their shipping address, and the host will forward the products. I hope that this is helpful.
rob3 Premium
Another thing to look into, thanks for the advice!