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My name is Rick, and I am a disabled senior on Social Security suffering from terminal curiosity. I have been following the internet marketing rodeo





I think my website is ready for a critique

I think my website is ready for a critique

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Getting Started

I would appreciate any constructive criticism. Things I already know and will be trying to fix are:
1. Awkward Domain Name chosen for the value of Keywords from Jaaxy.

Looks really nice!

I think you are doing great with your site.

Thank you Kary for the encouragement!

Thanks everyone for encouraging comments and suggestions. I implemented most of the suggestions, but I feel good about the layout, and now to test its pulling power.
Thanks again.

Hi Looks good to me congratulations. Cheers Carolena

It's a good start, congrats on getting this far!

really really nice and clean and rite to the point. i like it!

Hi! I'm very new here, but your website looks great to me. I'm no help for the technical stuff but the next to the last bulletin on the first page jumped out at me. It says "waist" and it should be "waste". Congratulations on your site!

Thanks Denise, said the embarrassed editor! That should not have happened. I appreciate you pointing that out.

Hi Rick. content in the form of words is fine. Centering text makes it harder to read if you are dealing in bullet points- the start of each line is at a different point on the page- people are lazy and don't want to work too hard.
So: put bullet points in, and unbold text and left align. Try taking out the italics as well neat and simple does the trick.
Other than that, it sits well on the page, and the colors are fine...
You have every reason to be encouraged. Andy

Rick, I really like the theme and imagery you have included with it. The background has texture but is not overwhelming and the Header Image is nice.

I would definitely get a picture of yourself on your about me page as you want your readers to connect with you.

I know you are still early on in the training, but I think you are off to a good start. So far so good!

Keep working it!

Thanks James, I will work on getting my picture on the about page.

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