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How do I add my google analytics?

How do I add my google analytics?

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How do I add my Google analytics to my website? I have read through the comments and even that doesn't work so I am unsure how to connect them.

Have you seen this video for adding GA to AISEO..

Thank you so much. That fixed the problem.

What stage are you at Rachel? Have you set up an analytics account?

BTW... did you see this created a couple of weeks ago: :-)

I am at level 3 step 9 in my training. I do have one set up, but apparently I jumped the gun because I did that myself before getting to that part, which coincidently came next. But I cannot figure out for the life of me how to embed the code. I did what someone in the comments said when I looked it up, but that didn't work. It's not accepting my number. It has to be done through monster insights or something like that, which I also set up, but it won't connect to my site.

OK Rachel.
I don’t use Monster Insights. I use Google Search Console and Microsoft Clarity for analytics.

I can't get to the computer until a little later and I’ll check out what you need to do.

Just checking... I think you have a GA account set up but your site isn’t connected to yet. Is my understanding correct?

I actually already got it fixed. Thank you anyway.

if you have set up your google account then it might be worth watching either of these two trainings.... i hope you manage to sort it

Thank you. I watched both videos but it still isn't working.

what part is not working...you won't get a little tick on the analytics box ...you need to check with gachecker that you have it installed and that will prove it...
you are looknig for the global site tag column ticked only....
the process does work, so worth going back through it slowly...

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