How to Set Up Google Analytics

In order to set up Google Analytics, you first need to have a Google account and be logged into Google, as I explained in my previous training on how to Verify a Wordpress Site on Google Search Console (fast) (

If you have multiple google accounts, make sure you log out of all other accounts and log only into the Google Analytics account that is associated with the website.

Now google "Google Analytics" and you'll be taken to the site:


**If you already have a website associated with this google account, a screen like the one below will open up.

Click on the Admin Wheel icon on the bottom left to open up this screen


Click on Create a New Property (the middle blue button)

You will then be taken to this screen (see below)

And if your google account is brand new, you will instantly be taken to the Property setup screen.

    Add Your Property Details

    • Website Name
    • Time Zone
    • Currency

    The next bit is very important

    Scroll down and clickon Show Advanced options

    Toggle on Create a Universal Analytics Property

    Add your website address (without the https:// because it is already there)

    And Click Next

    Complete your basic Business information

    Choose Industry category from the drop-down menu

    Tick the boxes that apply to your business

    Scroll down and click Create

    Once you're done, you will be taken to the Web Stream Details page but the G-L measurement ID is NOT the tracking ID you will need.

    To connect Google Analytics to your website you will need the UA-Code (this is why you needed to click on show advanced options).

    So, click the cross in the top left-hand corner.

    And then click on the drop-down menu that displays your new property name (top left)

    You should see your new property with UA-tracking code below it.

    Now that you know your UA-Tracking ID is set up, you can move on to the next step, Connecting Google Analytics via the All-in-One SEO plugin on your website, using Monster Insights.

    Proceed to the next page.

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    Stella741 Premium
    Hi Lauren, long time!

    I had both my sites set up already, but when I checked today, there was only one site in Google Analytics! So I followed your instructions and the 2nd site is all up and running in Google Analytics now.

    Thanks a lot!

    Here's to our success....

    Dhind1 Premium Plus
    Yes, I would also like to add my thanks. I have put off setting up GA on my new site because of all the changes.

    laurenjean Premium
    Aah, excellent Alex. All sorted now?
    Aussiemuso Premium Plus
    Thanks for this training, Lauren.
    Very helpful.

    laurenjean Premium
    Absolute pleasure, Lily. So glad you hear you found it helpful.
    mbouteiller Premium Plus
    Excellent tutorial, Lauren. Thank you for taking the time to write this up step by step. Very helpful and I have this bookmarked too.

    Kind regards,
    laurenjean Premium
    Thanks for the compliment, Monica. It's my pleasure, I also thought it would be useful to me when I need it again.
    mbouteiller Premium Plus
    Excellent idea!