How to Add Google Analytics Code to All-In-One SEO via Monster Insights

Login to Your WordPress Site Admin Dashboard

Go to Plugins

If you see the big blue button saying "Connect Monster Insights and Setup Website Analytics"

Click on the button to open up Monster Insights

Or, you can find this via the All-in-One SEO Plugin

On the black dashboard on the left, scroll down to All-in-One SEO

Go to General Settings

Click on Webmaster Tools

Then click on Google Analytics
inWebmaster Tools and Monster Insights opens up.


**I had a problem trying to set up Monster Insights on Google Chrome because of the AdBlocker so I switched to Microsoft Edge (Bing) and it worked perfectly.

How to Set up Monster Insights

Pick the category that describes your website and follow the prompts

Choose a Website Profile

In my case, I have two websites properties linked to the same Gmail address so I picked the new property I just added.

Click Complete Connection

Before Monster Insights was created, you had to manually add your UA-Tracking Code to

All-in-One SEO.

Now it connects automatically via your Gmail Address.

At the next screen, I left the recommended settings as-is.

I scrolled down to the end of the page and toggled on Install Updates Automatically andHelp Us Improve.

And Clicked Save and Continue.

On this screen, I just clicked Save and Continue

On the next screen, you can choose to Install WP Forms or Skip this Step

Click Finish Setup and Exit Wizard

And Voila! Your Google Analytics is All Set Up

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Stella741 Premium
Hi Lauren, long time!

I had both my sites set up already, but when I checked today, there was only one site in Google Analytics! So I followed your instructions and the 2nd site is all up and running in Google Analytics now.

Thanks a lot!

Here's to our success....

Dhind1 Premium Plus
Yes, I would also like to add my thanks. I have put off setting up GA on my new site because of all the changes.

laurenjean Premium
Aah, excellent Alex. All sorted now?
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Thanks for this training, Lauren.
Very helpful.

laurenjean Premium
Absolute pleasure, Lily. So glad you hear you found it helpful.
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Excellent tutorial, Lauren. Thank you for taking the time to write this up step by step. Very helpful and I have this bookmarked too.

Kind regards,
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for the compliment, Monica. It's my pleasure, I also thought it would be useful to me when I need it again.
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Excellent idea!