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How do I get published articles into a bucket?

How do I get published articles into a bucket?

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Authoring & Writing Content

This may sound crazy I am starting work on a second website and I want to use the site content templates. BUT How do I get the articles that I have already written into a bucke

Hi, I usually start a document and then save it in the appropriate bucket. On main page you can create new buckets. Can rename, organize and delete.

Please see below walkthrough

I'm sorry, I didn't experience this yet. I hope someone from our community can do help. Be patient. Or you can ask site support for help.


In SiteContent, click on your content editor.
On the top right, the last button says 'Bucket'.
Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear with the names of your websites.
Or, you can add another bucket if you wish.

See the photo attached.

Hope this helps.


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Aioseo is na, what could I have done wrong?

Aioseo is na, what could I have done wrong?

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Search Engine Optimization

One of my posts on my website is displaying N/A for the AIOSEO instead of the usual number ratings. Any ideas as to what could have happened?

Thank you, Jeff, Abie, Hugh, and Apache1. I did just that and it worked like a charm! The score was 72. Thank you all again.

You're welcome glad to have helped.

Great to hear along with your score.. Keep going forward


I hope these suggestions help you solve your issue, Rhonda!


Hi if you edit this post as to 1 character only and update, then it would display your score.

A very good score is between 60 and 80. For best results, you should aim for 70 and above.. These are just guidelines, however it should not replace quality content however both can be achieved. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/classes/navigating-the-new-all-in-one-seo

Just add a space, click on there as if you are going to type then delete it back to the way it was the score will come up

Thanks for this response Andre

most welcome glad to help Hugh

That's great Hugh.

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How to transfer my siterubrix.com to my own domain.com?

How to transfer my siterubrix.com to my own domain.com?

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Website Development & Programming

Are there any videos/training on transferring a siterubrix.com to myowndomain.com? It is time for me to cut the rope and get out there.

Thanks in advance for all your r


You can use the move feature found within your site manager to move you siterubix subdomain to your dot com, when you are ready. It is a simple process.

You would need wait up to 30 days (Kyle's recommendation) for 301 redirects to be completed and for the search engines. After of which you may delete the subdomain however you could keep it for longer if hosting space is not an issue

You can check Kyles training tutorial below

I'm glad that it worked out for you, Rhonda!


Well, I made the big move. WA made it so simple to make the move. Thank you all for the recommendations. I welcomed the opportunity to interact and read about my fellow WAs. Phil and Eric, it was a pleasure reading both of your profiles. The two of you have a good sense of humor and self. CassiOfTroy as always thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

Very happy that it worked out so well for you, Rhonda.

We really do have great support here at WA.


The first thing you need to understand is the fact that having a Site Rubix domain name doesn't mean that you also own that domain name in the wider universe. In fact, there's every chance that it may not be available.

If that's the case, you'll need to find another (preferable similar or at least related) .com domain name.

Then point it a Wealthy Affiliate's DNS (which will happen automatically) if you register the domain name through WA and follow Carson's post to transfer your website.

Bought the domain thru WA so It is done! Thanks.

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