10,202 Words And 11 Published Articles, I Did It

Last Update: February 17, 2021

WoooHooo! As of today, early this morning, I published my 11th article on my second website for a total thus far of 10, 202 words! I am so happy and it wasn't nearly as hard as I originally thought it would be. What did it take you may ask?

I simply took all the advice and recommendations of WA friends and family, along with some research, some looking back on how I got through typing all those papers, creating all those projects, and presentations for training in PowerPoint for school, for work, for family and friends. It was always for the love of doing, creating, and sharing ideas that become a tangible reality.

I also remember some great advice from Nathaniell who introduced me to WA and told me to get out of my own way, get it done, it won't be perfect and you can and will always make it better. So if there are any newbies feeling stuck, you are not alone, I think we all have to get over the writing hurdle at some point at the beginning of our WA careers.

Words of wisdom from my mom who always told me to STOP analyzing every decision. And I think finally, at this point in my life after I check that I am going in the right direction, I might just go with the flow a little bit more.

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Alphablue Premium
Congratulations! I like the "get out of your own way" advice. Perfectionism is strong in this one, lol!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very well done, Rhonda! Keep going!

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Well done. Keep up the good work.
Newme202 Premium
Congratulations Rhonda
You're doing really well. Well done!
Rhonda40 Premium Plus
Trust and Believe!