This may sound crazy I am starting work on a second website and I want to use the site content templates. BUT How do I get the articles that I have already written into a bucket? Can I name a bucket? I feel like I am missing something that should be very simple to do and understand.

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, I usually start a document and then save it in the appropriate bucket. On main page you can create new buckets. Can rename, organize and delete.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Please see below walkthrough
JEaston Premium Plus
I'm sorry, I didn't experience this yet. I hope someone from our community can do help. Be patient. Or you can ask site support for help.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus

In SiteContent, click on your content editor.
On the top right, the last button says 'Bucket'.
Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear with the names of your websites.
Or, you can add another bucket if you wish.

See the photo attached.

Hope this helps.