Google Found My Website!

Last Update: Mar 4, 2021

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Just a quick announcement that I am pleased to share with the WA community. I am still recuperating from my move of last week and it has been crazy busy at the day gig. It was nice to check my WA email and receive the notification about Google. It is the little steps we take consistently that will bring us success. I want to wish all the newbies and returning members much success in the weeks to come.

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Rhonda, that's awesome news!
That's always a lovely feeling when your website has been indexed by Google.

Congratulations, Rhonda! :)

Hi Rhonda,
Congratulations on getting your site indexed and continued success.


Congrats Rhonda on getting indexed. Keep moving forward and make those dreams a reality for you.

Getting indexed is the start toward your future online and continually writing content for the benefit of your readers and getting them ranked along the way will give you your reality.

Well done


Hi Rhonda. It is brilliant and exciting to see that. It means something is really happening.
And I'm not in google yet, but today I am on Page 1 of Yahoo so I understand exactly how you feel.
Best wishes

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