Scams Are Out There - Everywhere

Last Update: August 11, 2018


I can't believe it. So many scams on the internet. Scams are everywhere. Scammer wanting to sell you stuff and steal our identity. Desperate to steal our money from us that they will do anything and everything to do it. They don't care who they hurt or destroy. We receive scam calls from them, in text messaging, in the emails we receive, when we look for jobs, and when we purchase items. We need to be careful of our personal information. There are scammers that are just waiting to attack. They're disguised but work the same way. It is scary and sad that they are people lurking around to take advantage of innocent people. The scammers are looking for people that are trying to find a way out of their current situation. What is this world coming to? We are at the point that we don't know who to trust anymore. We need to protect ourselves from people like that.


My experiences I have received several kinds of email scams but today's email was unexpected. It seems like the scammer are forever changing and they are getting smarter at fooling people. It all started out this afternoon when I checked my email. I went through all my email. I found an email that said my order was completed and my payment was received. Being concerned I opened the email anyway. Remembering that I didn't purchase anything recently. This made me worry so I spoke to my family if they buy that item. The confirmation receipt was from PayPal. So naturally I checked my PayPal account it looked okay. Next I looked at my checking account and that looked okay. I was a little relieved but I was curious.

I was able to find out who made the purchase and from whom. Made a phone call to the company that the item was purchased and I mentioned to them that I didn't purchase anything from them. They told me to look at the ship to address name and they said if it says a lady by the name of Sharon. Responding with a yes and then they told me not to worry about the email that I could delete it. It wasn't a real purchased. The lady has been phishing people that have PayPal accounts. With the information I received I thanked them and I hung up. At this time I was mad and frustrated how could people get away of doing that to other people.


The term phishing means a hacker can use a method to gather our personal information. They use deceptive emails. These cyber attacks are over the internet through emails that are disguised to be used as weapon to attack us. The hackers mission is to trick us with phony emails and make us believe that the these emails are something we want, need or a debt they say we owe. There are many ways to trick us. So BEWARE and AWARE.


Everyone is looking on the internet for ways to be successful with no scams. People are searching online for ways to save money, buy items cheaper, get out of debt and for business opportunities where they can make extra income. A scam is the last thing they want. When reading an article and it sounds too good to be true then it is probably a scam. Some scams make promises to buy their system and show everything to be successful online but it is not true after signing up we need to figure it out on our own. Especially the ones that say we can make a lot of money with a push of a button. We get pulled into these kinds of scam because we are desperate to be successful. So we spend our hard earning money. Left frustrated, alone and back where we started.


In all my years of reaching the internet I have found a real and legitimate business. Wealthy Affiliate has successful proven record. Wealthy Affiliate offers a platform where an individual can join for free and build a website for a 14-day trial period. A premium member will get the full benefits. Premium member first month will be $19 and then $49/mo after that. Paying yearly is cheaper. They have developed a system that even a newbie could understand. They have designed a way that even a newbie can start learning their in depth step by step detailed training that teaches from start to finish on how to build a niche website or build a website to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You will be following along while watching the video training and creating a website at the same time. Stopping or pausing the videos as many times as needed. This is truly an awesome real and legitimate business opportunity not a scam.


The Wealthy Affiliate Community are real and helpful people. People that have been in business for many years and people that are just starting out. The member a real people like you and me that come from all over the world. Some of them have more technical experience than others but they are all willing to help each other to succeed. There is a live chat room in the premium member area. In the live chat questions are asked and answers are given. Questions can pertain about building a website or about any of the training. The members are real people that are polite and respectful. They are helpful and determined to answer all your questions in a timely matter. At Wealthy Affiliate there is zero tolerance for rude behavior. Every member at Wealthy Affiliate is working hard on being successful and wants to be treated in a professional matter.


Some of my advice, be cautious, beware, and be aware. There is saying that goes “if it’s too good to be true,” it is probably a scam. Be careful who you give your information to. Do what you can to protect your personal information. Do the research on companies and subjects that you’re interested in. Ask a lot of questions about your doubts. Get the facts and make a decisive decision. Just remember some people want to take advantage of others and people that what to help in any way they can. Knowing the difference can save a lot of time and money. There are a lot of good people and great opportunities. Making wise choices is the key to success.

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rubanzema Premium
Thank you for sharing.
Jadatherapy Premium
You are so right.

Scamming is big business. People are being killed over scams, This is really serious.

Thank you for sharing this post.

I am so glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate and I am a grateful everyday for being here.

No more searching the internet looking for somewhere to learning how to build a successful online business.


Renede Premium
you are absolutely right. I am also grateful for Wealthy Affiliate and their members and I look forward to it everyday.
Jadatherapy Premium

I like to think the law of attraction is working in this community.
A lot of like minded people wanting to help each other.
j52powell Premium
You make some good points. Over the years I have had dozens of scammers approach me as representatives of PayPal. Most of them just seem to want to get my account information, login names and passwords and that sort of stuff. Usually it is a pretty transparent scam, but I can imagine that get a fair few that are suckered in. I always forward the emails to PayPal and they thank me and confirm them as pfishers.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Mary- Scammers make excellent review material even though it is horrible, it can also be put to use to write about them in a review :)
Hope this made you smile
Renede Premium
thank you I will keep that in mind.
MKearns Premium
Always be vigilanrt!