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SCAMS ARE OUT THERE- EVERYWHEREI can't believe it. So many scams on the internet. Scams are everywhere. Scammer wanting to sell you stuff and steal our identity. Desperate to steal our money from us that they will do anything and everything to do it. They don't care who they hurt or destroy. We receive scam calls from them, in text messaging, in the emails we receive, when we look for jobs, and when we purchase items. We need to be careful of our personal information. There are scammers that ar
July 01, 2018
I want to talk about family and the people we adopt into our family which include friends that we have known for a very long time. Family to me is people who share common interest and who care about one another.Unexpected - Experience HappenedToday I had an unexpected experience that I was not expecting to happen. I asked a question in a live chat and got a very rude response. This person did not respond in a very professional way. You see we are all here on this earth to learn from one anot
June 24, 2018
Lost and FrustratedBefore I joined Wealthy Affiliates I felt frustrated, lost and depressed. The reasons for my feelings I recently got fired from my job. They fired me. They did not give me any warnings and without any valid reasons. I found out later through a friend that they hired someone else to do my job for less money. I could not t believe that they did that to me after all the hard work I put into my job. Sometimes I stayed late. Fired and DepressedWhen they fired me from m
Today started out a little stressful. I had a hard time figuring out how to add something onto my website. A task I had to complete in order to continue my step by step training Wealthy Affiliate. I couldn't get a few things to work out for me. I was going through my training steps and got stuck. The training step had a video but I didn't understand what I was supposed to do so I read through the instructions. I followed the instructions completely and I was still stuck and you know how that fe
It is very important to have images on your website. Image gives your website a good look but don't put too many images. It could distract the readers from looking at all your content on your site. They feel they have to read too much; there could be a chance they might leave your site. The images that you upload to your website gives your reader a visual of what their reading about. Especially if you put your images in between your paragraphs.TIME WELL SPENT- SEARCHING IMAGES Today I spent som
I am finally getting the hang of writing pages of content on my website. I have posted several pages of content already on my website. It has taken me awhile to put it all together but I can honestly can say that I am very proud of my work in process. It is taking me longer than I expected but it is okay and it will be worth it in the long run. I know in time I will get better at it. I need to practice writing more often.PARAGRAPH WRITING - SENTENCE STRUCTUREIt doesn't take time to come up with
My husband, myself and our three kids took a nice long drive to Ensenada, Baja California Mexico this weekend. It took us around twelve hours to get there. My husband likes to drive cautiously. He also like to make many stops along the way to eat, buy snacks, buy coffee to stay awake and of course to stop to get gas, go to the bathroom and walk around. He likes to drive at night which would usually be around 1:00 am or 2:00 am. and when there are not to many people driving. He says it is safer
My new beginning and in a new journey has changed my life. It all started out one night when I was searching online looking for a way where I could stay home with my kids and making money online. I heard of other stay at home mom making money online. They were doing online paid surveys, selling stuff online and using coupons to buy stuff cheap to resell in their mini story at their home. I was thinking how are they doing it. I wanted to have a way that I could earn money like that. I was eager
After all my years of searching the internet I am so excited that I have finally found a home based with Wealthy Affiliate doing affiliate marketing online business opportunity that I can call My Own Business and I can say that I am in charge. I can work as hard as I want. I can work where I want. I can do it how I want. I can do it with who I want. I can make it as small or as big as I want too. I can put as much time into it as I want. The member area you can get all the help you need 24 hrs