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Apologies to everyone who preferred my last username - I know it caused a bit of mirth but thought it was time to show what I'm all about :-)

Hi, My name is Maria. I'm mother to 5 daughters and 8 beautiful grandchildren and I work full time as a support worker in a specialist centre for brain injuries. As much as I love my work, it would be wonderful to work from home and be able to enjoy quality family time and help my kids financially. I found WA six months ago and really like what I've seen so far! Nice to be part of a really helpful community.

As my name suggests, I believe that no matter what our circumstances we can absolutely turn our lives around and get back on the track we really should have been on!
Reinvention helps people not just find their niche, their real purpose, in business but in their lives as well.

If you need to find your niche in life is or you're wondering what your purpose on this planet is, feel like you're stuck in a rut, on a treadmill you can't get off or you need to change direction and don't know where to start, I can help you and show you step by step, how to reinvent yourself. It's an exciting, absolutely life changing thing to do. We do a twelve week in depth course which is free.

Update 28th April.
As we suspected might happen, due to it's popularity the Reinvention University is now over subscribed. The next openings will be from August 15th. If you would like to be considered for the next courses please send a message and I will pass your details on.

Update 23/09/2014

We now have some places for the next group. Please apply quickly so you aren't disappointed as places are limited due to numbers and fill up very quickly.

It's not for everyone but if you feel the course might help you, please feel free to message me or just follow the link on my website.

I would really like to meet anyone who lives in or near Newcastle upon Tyne/ Durham/Northumberland with a view to building a local friendly network to share information, ideas and generally help each other. xx
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Thanks for connectin Maria, good luck to you and you're future success.
Thanks for following and all the best here at WA.
Tele777 Premium
Thanks for the follow.
JAY-B Premium
Hi Maria,
Thanks for your follow. I wish you all the very best here at WA. Warm regards... Jay
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Hi Maria, thanks for the follow.
Reinvention University sounds exciting. Good luck with it. May you help many people get back on their personal life paths!

Best wishes:-)
ReinventMe Premium
Hi Marc, thanks for that , it is exciting! Sounds like you have everything sorted in your life, you just need the marketing skills! I'm sure you know you're in the right place here at WA! Great to meet you!

Shaquinho Premium
It's true that good marketing can make a big difference in life. And WA is indeed my marketing home base:-)
Thanks for the kind words, Maria!

Keep life exciting:-)