What's the Secret to Success With Internet Marketing?

Last Update: April 14, 2015

Have you ever wondered why there is such a high rate of attrition and “failure” in internet marketing online business? As high as 95% of all people who purchase courses in the business/success market or the “make money online” product courses fail to implement the knowledge in the course. In fact most don’t even complete the course.

If you’ve ever asked , “What’s the magic secret to success?”, let’ me assure you now…there is no magic secret, secret sauce or magic little green pill. But, there is a a proven process that you can implement to succeed with online marketing.

Here are 24 possible reasons why more fail at an internet marketing online business than succeed:

    1.They bought out of a compulsive emotion with the illusion of getting rich quick without having to do the work necessary to achieve success (writing, making videos, posting to social media, etc.) .

    2.They aren’t willing to take responsibility for their actions (or lack of action) and are perpetual victims of their petty “woe is me” stories and lack of discipline.

    3.Their ego keeps them from asking for help in order to create the right support system around them when they hit a rough patch. (No excuse for WA members!)

    4.They think they “know more” or that their way is better even if they have no results to show for it. (Another EGO related excuse)

    5.They have unrealistic goals and expectations that lead to frustration and disillusionment.(Stop chasing money and start loving to help people.)

    6.They don’t know what it is that they really want to do or have a strong enough reason for “why” they want to do it.

    7.They think that because something is touted as easy (online marketing isn’t rocket science) that it doesn’t involve hard work.

    8.They are not focused on their over-riding goal or objective which makes them easy prey for distractions.

    9.They do not apply what they are learning to their own unique circumstance and therefore dismiss what they are being told to do as unimportant or “it doesn’t apply to me”.

    10.They think they do not have what it takes or that the course author is a product of luck or some special circumstance or intelligence that they lack.

    11.They think that they are inferior in some way so they make excuses for their failure.

    12.They secretly resent the success of others.

    13.They do not want to change.

    14.They love complaining and being miserable.

    15.They lack life purpose, vision, motivation and/or discipline.

    16.They have a scarcity mentality and a poor self-image that robs them of success and keeps them in failure mode.

    17.Their religious belief about fate, karma, God, the devil or religion keeps them from believing in their own success.

    18.They have “starving artist” syndrome and rather than using the digital power of leverage they think they have to reinvent the wheel and keep creating.

    19.They have a low expectation of themselves and a high expectation of others to become their rescuers.

    20.They are either fearful of success or fearful of failure and get stuck in analysis paralysis.(Trying to be perfect.)

    21.They lack specific knowledge of automated passive income systems.

    22.They fail to understand the needs and wants of their niche market customer.

    23.They have no business sense; they treat their website like a hobby instead of the money-making machine that it could become.

    24.They get overwhelmed with information and distracted by shiny new objects which keeps them in online poverty.

The Secret to Success With Internet Marketing Online Business

I lost everything I had worked seventeen years to build in an ugly divorce.I mean everything except the debt my ex-husband and I had created.At 52, I had no other options; for me it was either succeed or starve.

The day I stopped moaning about my miserable life and decided to take full responsibility and decisive action was the day my life began to improve.

Here's an Online Marketing Success Formula that has been proven to work:

-1- Establish your NON-NEGOTIABLE objectives. Create a simple strategy for achieving them. You may have to make adjustments along the way but stick with it until you succeed.

-2- Choose an evergreen niche with products that you are interested in learning more about (something people will always have a need for) and stick with it. Your niche could be any thing from helping people with Apple Ipads to Zero-Scape Yards.

The main objective with choosing a website niche is to be able to stand out among all the other competing sites in the niche.

(If you need help with your niche, check out these training resources here:




-3- Develop a simple, clean-looking website. When I say develop, I mean fill it with a ton of high quality, engaging content that keeps visitors to your site coming back. Over time you'll be adding hundreds of posts to your website and as you do your traffic will grow.

-4- Focus your content on low-hanging fruit keywords for better search engine ranking.

-5- Brand yourself and your site through social media. Be sure to link your social media posts back to your website to improve website traffic.

-6- Create an irresistible FREE OFFER for your website visitors. Add an email capture system and implement a consistent email campaign to your list with compelling sales offers along with engaging informational content to build trust and credibility. If you follow this strategy correctly, statistics prove that each name on your list will add $1.00 of consistent monthly revenue.

-7- Always keep learning and improving your skills and your website.(This is why I will always maintain my Premium Membership with Wealthy Affiliate. New training is added every day that helps me learn more and improve my online marketing skills.)

The Bottom Line:

If you allow yourself to get hung up on any of the excuses listed above, then you are your own worst enemy. Get yourself (your ego) out of the way and get to work building your dream.

Whatever it is you dream about doing and act upon with focus and discipline will ultimately become your reality.~Coach Rebecca

If you can dream it and do it, you will achieve it.

For Your Success!

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