There are TWO important things to remember about niches.

(1) ANY niche can be profitable
(2) You can always change your niche down the road

Don't over-think your niche and definitely do not look for a perfect niche. It is you and your efforts that make a niche perfect and I can assure you that you can be successful within any niche that you choose.

As outlined within the video, try to keep your niches more targeted. If you are too broad, the scope of your niche will become too vast and you will easily be overwhelmed. The more specific, the more engaging and interesting your website and content is going to be for your visitors.

If you have any questions regarding niches or this video, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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CillaW Follow Me
Hi I am very passionate about ladies fashion and alternative medicine. Which of the two do you think would be a better niche to start with. Can anyone help please.
EKautz Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Both could be narrowed a bit. For example using ladies fashion you could narrow by ethnicity, geography or maybe even 100% recycled material and so on.

As for which is better, well, I'll answer you with a question - which can you most easily talk and write about all day long?

Both have money making potential.

CillaW Follow Me
Thank you EKautz. I decided to go with Alternative medicine (holistic) hopefully I've narrowed it down enough. Cilla
Kedan Follow Me
i need a profitable niche idea.. any help please
NChaster Premium Follow Me
Any niche can be profitable if it is something you are interested in or passionate about. Think about things you really enjoy or have a great interest in :) and narrow down your niche from there.
lennon18 Follow Me
I have a hard time with niches. I still don't feel that I know what I'm doing. my career was built on real estate. how do I get my message across, and do I have to be specific as to the type of help I can give. is there a way to go on autopilot?
dkral Premium Follow Me
Lol, no there's no autopilot! Ok, so first question is: Do you really love talking about real estate? if so, what type of real estate? Commercial or residential? Rental properties, short sales, luxury homes, etc - what area of real estate do you love the most and are able to help people find the most?
dkral Premium Follow Me
The reason I asked if you love real estate is because you don't necessarily have to center your website around your career. If real estate is not really a passion of yours and there is some other interest you have that you would much rather be spending your time talking about, then make that your niche instead. If money weren't an object, what would you naturally be spending your time doing?
lennon18 Follow Me
I love playing hockey. I've been playing for the last 20 years with various ages. do you think this is the way to go? I'm passionate about the game. Thanks for your input.
dkral Premium Follow Me
Yes definitely. You have to be working on a topic that you can't wait to work on, otherwise you will lose interest because the money won't come pouring in right away. It will be the natural result of creating information that others also can't wait to read. The next step now is narrow that down because hockey is very broad. Remember that a niche is not a topic, it's a group of people that are searching for something and your website will be what they find. So what about hockey do you want to focus on. I would do some keyword research to help you find a more specific audience.
lennon18 Follow Me
thamks for your input you've been very helful
I believe being on AUTOPILOT is another!
kenneth1212 Follow Me
very nice video !!!!! WA ROCKS:)))))))
EKautz Premium Top 50 Follow Me
You haven't seen anything yet Kenneth!

if you have questions don't be afraid to ask me.

ggoodwin Follow Me
Hi, I am involved in another online program as an affiliate, can I choose this as a niche.... I don't really understand how one can generate an
income here apart from the WA affiliation...still going through the training videos. Could someone in a nutshell explain the aim of WA...? Cheers Gary.
Boothe Premium Top 200 Follow Me
You don't have to sell WA... this training is so you can pick whatever niche you want. Selling WA is taught at the "Affiliate Bootcamp."
sschmidt Premium Follow Me
Hi, you can chose any niche and use any affiliate program you like. The WA affiliate is just another option for you that has training associated with it. (Forks on the "Getting started training"). Steve.
ggoodwin Follow Me
Yes but what is the aim of a nutshell?
ggoodwin Follow Me
Yes but where does this all lead a nutshell?
Boothe Premium Top 200 Follow Me
The purpose and general strategy of WA in general is to build an authority site based on a specific category niche... You write a lot of engaging, useful content that readers find value in.

Once you have some useful content you sign up with some affiliate programs and drive sales to those products through your posts and pages, earning a commission.

This is all covered in detail throughout this course.
ggoodwin Follow Me
Hi Boothe, Thanks appreciate that 'nutshell' answer. Cheers Gary.
Boothe Premium Top 200 Follow Me
No problem. The course explains everything in full, and goes in to show you how to do each step individually.
Did you get the answer you were looking for?
ggoodwin Follow Me
Yes Thanks. Cheers Gary.
FelixUnicorn Follow Me
Hi GG,
If you ever get an answer to your question, please share it with me as I have no idea either. :-)
ggoodwin Follow Me
Hi Felix,

This is the answer I got below...I am however involved with other things online.Cheers GG.

The purpose and general strategy of WA in general is to build an authority site based on a specific category niche... You write a lot of engaging, useful content that readers find value in.

Once you have some useful content you sign up with some affiliate programs and drive sales to those products through your posts and pages, earning a commission.
GailS Premium Follow Me
Thank you!
sam2016 Premium Follow Me
what my question really mean is I know not much ,and if I want to explore to another interest how do I go about it
Are you asking about an interest? You can certainly create a website with anything you want.
sam2016 Premium Follow Me
how do I become an expert of what I choose?
By researcing and writing helpful content for your visitors. Make them believe in you. Give me some ideas...let me help!
NChaster Premium Follow Me
Always comes down to research. Even people that know lots in there niche need to research....know one can know everything :)
sam2016 Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle ,
do I have to know a lot about a niche or just anything I can choose to do, like I know nothing about real estate Can I still can do it?
Hello! Just want to say if you can't keep a long enough interest, you will likely give up in search of finding another money-wasted program. Choose a niche in which you can write Blogs every week. You can cover real estate but will you stay interested? This is your new online business. Make a wise choice.
Manchini Premium Top 100 Follow Me
You'd better choose niche you like and enjoy doing, but try to narrow your niche, it should not be general thus you will generate more traffic and attract more people who are interested in the niche you choose :)
Dannaphea Premium Follow Me
after this video . ive choose kids/teens as my niche . I think it is a great choice that I can relate too . because I have 2 kids . and they are a handful !
NChaster Premium Follow Me
You have hands on experience with that niche you will do great :)
DJohansen Premium Follow Me
It is so important to find a niche you understand and can show experience in. What are you going to focus on in the kids/teens area?
ElizaP Follow Me
Hi. Is there someone who could help me narrow down and decide on my niche? I don't really have specific hobbies but I am a vegetarian and am into healthy foods, organic/non-GMO, etc. I just am not sure really how to make that into a niche and also if it's not too broad or competitive, etc. I think I also just need some reassurance if it is a good choice or not...
EKautz Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Hi Eliza - I can give you some pointers

OK you are passionate about healthy food intake. What do YOU eat and how much - don't answer me ... these are questions for yourself.

Search Google to see what comes up - mostly likely your first search will be way too broad so dig down for your niche.

Don't ever worry about competition - too many peeps online and not nearly enough websites in any given niche - get it out of your head now. Not easy but I did it so I know anyone else can.

Think backwards - Eat like a slob all greasy fatty crappy foods and well here's what you'll end up with.

In the US alone there a sh*t load of individuals, baby boomers as they are coined, that are LOOKING for healthier ways to eat. Maybe to reduce heart disease, diabetes and so on.

Rock it out Eliza - it's all you - only you determine your failure or success.


ElizaP Follow Me
Thanks! I'll check it out. :)
Hello! Okay, organic vegetarian has 128 Monthly Searches with a QSR of only 326 (close enough to 300). There is a domain available in a .net.
DJohansen Premium Follow Me
I am a vegetarian also. I would suggest blogging about the different food products. As an example soy. Morningstar only has a few products that are not GMO. So people who think they are eating healthy are actually eating product cut with round-up. You can than become an affiliate to the various products you would recommend people buy. I always believe in starting with what you know and like.
ElizaP Follow Me
Thanks! That helps. :)
Sean62 Follow Me
Hi Kyle
Things are a little clearer after watching the video..I was thinking for my niche Car parts and accessories!! or should i keep it simple just Car parts ....?
Morning! Just narrow it a bit more. For example: import, aftermarket, dealers, etc.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Yeah, I would agree. What kind of cars? What type of parts? Car parts include MILLIONS of products...far too broad to go that direction, just as an example, GPS units is even a broad niche!
AnyaW Follow Me
Hi Kyle that video help me sooooooo much but wanted to know when we create our website is going to be based on selling products or giving advise. Or helping other company's to sell there productsproducts?
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi. Your website is going to be about helping others to solve a problem or answer a question. So, you will be writing articles with that in mind and eventually promoting products that relate to your niche. You need to gain people's trust first before you promote any products. That is why you should work on quality content before getting hooked up with affiliates. As an affiliate marketer, you will be putting affiliate links on your website that are meant to send your visitors to the affiliates site to where they can purchase products.

The purpose of affiliate marketing is to create a website around a topic where you're helping by providing them solutions via your content and the trusted affiliate links you include in the content.
So it's not like you're choosing one thing over or another.

You'll be making money by helping people with the great information you provide and the affiliate links that will help people resolve whatever your website is about. So hopefully that makes sense. And it will make even more sense as you go through the training.

I hope this helps.

Quincyc7 Follow Me
Can you help me out
Sure start with this so you get the proper help:
Kyle Premium Ambassador
You create a website to HELP people, as you are helping people you are going to be able to recommend products and services to them (and earn commissions this way). If you can help people, regardless of the niche you can create a very successful business in the process.
CharlaPecina Follow Me
Is it a good idea to build a website based on certain weight loss or beauty products?
I've been prolonging selling a certain line of product, and would like to center my niche around those wanting to try the product, or start selling it themselves. Is this a good way to go?

Or should I find a new niche?
jvranjes Premium Top 50 Follow Me
I just checked weight loss in WA keyword tool and result is over 5000000 searches 860000 traffic, for beauty products 584000 and 99368. So these are among the most lucrative niches that exist. So narrow a bit and do keyword search. Jovo
CharlaPecina Follow Me
thank you.
blueqadave Premium Follow Me
I am thinking of concentrating on living a full life with disabilities (Handicaps). I feel I need to do a good deal of research in order to make my web site valuable to people who are struggling to see their worth in today's world. Where would good data and other information on various types of disabilities be found?

Research is covered in lesson 7 of the getting started training: I'm not sure if you've completed the other lessons yet. But I would recommend going back and completing the lessons step by step because as you see they do cover things in a sequential order to help you.
AlbertoFunk Premium Follow Me
You can always start with my favorite website, google. Start researching the topic, following blogs that focus on that topic, and blogs that focus on things that revolve around that topic(depending on what disabilities you focus on). Go on amazon, find a book about that topic, then go in and check the chapters for subtopics and start researching those too. Books will do nothing but good as well. You can also try Clickbank to see if anyone has made any other sites/products on that topic. Hope this helps!
Totally-Tina Follow Me
I feel like I missed the point - I would have thought I would be better off using a slightly broader niche such as pet care rather than honing in too narrow to something like non toxic flea treatment, so that I can include more products under this umbrella?
themrj Premium Follow Me
You do have a good argument there. However, I think the purpose of going narrow instead of broad is so that you will have less competition from other big, and well established websites. And remember, just because you're targeting a very specific niche, does not mean that there aren't still LOTS of people in that niche. Sometimes we forget how big the internet it. Just think of it this way... is it better to target 100,000 people only and be able to reach only 2-3% of them (due to the extremely high competition you will face), or target just 10,000 people and reach >50% of them? I completely made those numbers up, but that's the idea. It's just easier to go small.
You don't want to go so narrow that you limit your options. Pet Care is way too broad though.