There are TWO important things to remember about niches.

(1) ANY niche can be profitable
(2) You can always change your niche down the road

Don't over-think your niche and definitely do not look for a perfect niche. It is you and your efforts that make a niche perfect and I can assure you that you can be successful within any niche that you choose.

As outlined within the video, try to keep your niches more targeted. If you are too broad, the scope of your niche will become too vast and you will easily be overwhelmed. The more specific, the more engaging and interesting your website and content is going to be for your visitors.

If you have any questions regarding niches or this video, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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XenoChrist Follow Me
The niches that I'm interested in are popular and too saturated though... so what now? Am I forced to pick something out of the box just for the sake of selling it and making money? Because I think getting ranked on the first page to sell stuff that I'm sure hundreds or thousands of sites are already doing... would be hard.
john1812 Premium Follow Me
What niches are you interested in? Almost always you can drill down further to find a sub-niche that can be profitable
Lorettabrand Premium Follow Me
i went to name cheap . com and came up with boot camp to making money . com is that ok? I did it yesterday before I seen this video.
LouieLuc Premium Follow Me
I think it's ok. I prefer short domain names, but I guess that there aren't many options left. (Don't tell us your domain before you buy it. Someone may grab it from you.)
Yade Follow Me
I'm very passionate about traveling, but I know it's too broad. Do you think "traveling with children" is a good niche? Is it interesting enough? Is it too broad/too narrow? Thank you for your opinions!
lthampton Premium Follow Me
Hello Yade,
I think traveling with children is a good niche. As a parent who has traveled with children, I could have used some tips and tricks prior to traveling. Best wishes!
MoritzS Premium Follow Me
I think it sounds like a very good niche!

Other idea would be just focus on one country or continent.
Or low budget traveling, "green" traveling.
Yade Follow Me
Thank you lthampton and MoritzS! Low budget traveling would be good too, suits our family!
IamnIcan Premium Follow Me
Im already excited to read about this..any ideas in this regard would help as i have a big family !
Wish u the best of luck!
Yade Follow Me
Wow great to hear that somebody is interested already! We have been all around the world with 2 kids, since they were tiny babies! So if you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I help you as I can! And don't forget to visit my website -after I created it ;)
sallylane50 Premium Follow Me
I think that is a great niche and not too broad. My website is womentravellingafter55 and hopefully that isn't too broad. I am now following you so will check you out and see how you're going. Good luck.
SerenaFabbri Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle,
Thanks for the module :)
Really cleared up my mind on how to approach my first Niche!
SKahhale Follow Me
Hello Kyle ,
This module is AWESOME !
Many thanks from the bottom of my heart
Sandie Kahhale
varyam Follow Me
I urgently need an online income opportunity that can earn me $200-$300 per month. Is there any such opportunity?
People earn at different rates. Some people devote a lot of time and start earning during their first 2 weeks. For others, it takes a couple of months. You have to start and good luck!
Daniel01 Premium Follow Me
Hi I hear you!
I would suggest to start the bootcamp phase wich is the best way to start to earn money and it depends on how much time you can spend on working on the bootcamp but if you grasp the basics you can earn money within 2 to 6 weeks but there is no guaranty it depends on your skills and determination...
Good work and think positive !
nomonkeygirl Premium Follow Me
This video is helpful, I am heading over to dmoz to get some ideas to help me narrow down my big broad health niche!!
Arlie Premium Follow Me
I am not sure where to go on the web site to find the niche page.Can anybody help me?
siamjerry Premium Top 200 Follow Me
what do you mean with niche page?
Arlie Premium Follow Me
Hi Siamjerry. I do not know where to go on this website to find a list of niches. I watched course 1, lesson 1 and 2, but it is not clear to me as to where to go to find that list. Appreciate your help.
Arlie Premium Follow Me
Labman, I want to promote my company that asks people to watch videos and then complete a short survey. Total time consumed only about 5 to 7 minutes per day. There is no investment required as the advertisers involved pay the fees. A person can earn a minimum of $ 42 per day and more if they sponsor others into the program. I have searched the niche pages and cannot find that category. Thanks.
jireh0259 Follow Me
Hi Arlie go back to lesson 5
Arlie Premium Follow Me
Thank you very much. I have found it.
cappy3 Premium Follow Me is the place to find niches
topgun121 Follow Me
Hi there, I am having trouble finding a niche that's right for me. I have a few interests in mind such as residential real estate (rental units, open houses), how to save money and security. I don't know which one would be more profitable. Please help. Thanks
Security and in house security? I would expect that one would be good. Do some keyword research, look at the marketplace and see what is available. No reason not to make an informed decision.
topgun121 Follow Me
Yea. Do you think it is good to tie in house security with real estate? Like talking about having security for your home will save you money down the future?
Do the research, I'm not in that niche so can't really provide good information.
LisaMcMahon1 Premium Follow Me
How about this way you could do both hope this helped. God Bless... Truly Lisa
DJohansen Premium Follow Me
Real estate is a huge market and people are always researching how to buy a house, what to look for. If you have a passion and any information I would go for that.
LilianaS Follow Me
Can a niche be "eczema therapy in babies" Thanks
Yes. How are you coming along with the training?
sschmidt Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Yes, niche can be anything you like.
killergames Premium Follow Me
KYLE ques. man how do I get rid of killer games and put my real name down I guess I messed up help. thanks
You need you go to "Account Settings" at the bottom, left sidebar.
Once in Account Settings, you will see the word "change" beside your username.
EKautz Premium Top 100 Follow Me
I heard you can only change the name once - is this true?
Not sure as I heard the same thing.
killergames Premium Follow Me
Great advice thanks Kyle.
Johnpf219 Premium Follow Me
First thank you for the video ... I may have had the wrong approach. I was considering a website in Sports primarily with idea of becoming an affiliate with the pro shops that sell apparel. It seems that AW's approach is geared towards a niche that one can blog or write articles about an intangible product. If that is the direction that is best I am left wondering how one profits from an online business or as I initially viewed an online store promoting a tangible product. Most marketing concepts would say that intangible products a much more difficult to promote and sell.
harryrk Premium Follow Me
very informitive kyle&thanks;
mazuin21 Follow Me
Hi im like organising events. From the boring ones to the exciting ones. Will it be good idea to talk bout events?
That niche needs to be narrowed a bit. I searched Jaaxy and I founf many, charity, business, etc.
mazuin21 Follow Me
Thank you for your help!
You're welcome!