There are TWO important things to remember about niches.

(1) ANY niche can be profitable
(2) You can always change your niche down the road

Don't over-think your niche and definitely do not look for a perfect niche. It is you and your efforts that make a niche perfect and I can assure you that you can be successful within any niche that you choose.

As outlined within the video, try to keep your niches more targeted. If you are too broad, the scope of your niche will become too vast and you will easily be overwhelmed. The more specific, the more engaging and interesting your website and content is going to be for your visitors.

If you have any questions regarding niches or this video, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Hi Kyle, I have a better idea after watching your video. I have a design background, in my mind I would like to do so many things like creating marketplace for designers but that will blow out of proportion. I am still kinda afraid on how to start. Help me out. I managed to did a survey on creative marketplace is not enough online. The demand is there but how do I start?
Thank you Kyle for that video , I now have a better idea whether or not I know itself exactly what to choose, and that's because I'm interested in many things and I like to talk about everything! I have so many things that interest me, and so the choice is dificul but really Im enjoing that video and your advice
Thanks for emailing this video it was very helpful!
Basically i am a creative designer ! I want to earn some extra perks in my free time by designing products in popular websites. What kind of niche would help me to promote my products here, as per your terms and conditions it is not allowed to promote direct business here.Kindly explain.
A 'curly' question -
needing some help as I'm Not sure if my purpose even fits in here.
As I move along it seems my goal is out of place in this program??
I am NOT after building a huge list.

I am after building an email auto responder series educating people on what Network Marketing really IS and IS NOT. And why they should take a serious look.
My whole business strategy will be built on 1 on 1 training - (NOT 1 to many in the Online Marketing sense.)

If I 'get it' it seems the purpose in this program, is to build a blogging site that builds a large list.

Am I 'out of place' or 'off course' here in this program?
Thanks for your help....Cheers, Cheryl
Where should I start?

The goal is not to build a huge list. You will realize building a list will help but if you want to constantly be searching for NEW visitors, that's up to you.
Using an email list allows you to offer new products and services to people signing up to be on your list. You already know they're interested because they gave you their emails.
Not a deal'll see.

You mentioned building an email auto=responder series...that's exactly how you'll use your list (you don't want).

Training is a part of your business. If you aren't aware, you are online marketing. Surprise!

You are incorrect about your perception of this program.
WA teaches you how to build your online businesses. Whatever you want to advertise online, WA teaches you.

Unless you have some type of magic formula for advertising out in the world wide web, please share with the rest of us!

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Start your training!
Very grateful for your feedback.
You helped me to refine my question - very useful to me.
Does this change your answer at all?

I am building a network marketing organization built on 'offline' connections but I want to explain educate train and support using 'Online' auto responders
(My focus is not building a big online list and blogging content as 'bait' to attract online)
Is this still the right training program for me - I'm afraid I'll get distracted and strategically confused....
The question is does it change yours? You're making this too hard.
The bottom line is you need a platform to advertise your product or idea...right?! Do you have something? You can build your business, with WA!

Start your training. There are only 2 options...either come up with your niche (name your idea) or Promote WA/make money money online.

Make sense? You won't get confused, if you follow the training.
Also, we're here, if you get stuck.
You are too kind :)
Thank you Sweetie Pie
and yes,
makes sense!
(I have wasted masses of time going up dark alleys that I simply am inadequate / not skilled enough, to the task of completely - so am 'gunshy')
You're funny!
Just start your training and we will always be here...

You're welcome!
Lbath5 Premium
I chose a niche of silk painting. Not one niche on dmoz. When I did the web search there were a couple, if I understand the search correctly. Fabric painting came up with more. Does that mean my niche would be better as fabric painting? Quilting is quite large and I could incorporate painting on fabrics with quilting.
JamesRoberts Premium
With silk painting you would have a lot of topics to blog about like silk painting for beginners
JRidgeland Premium
OK, so I get it about finding a niche. The thing with me is finding how to convert it into something I can use to make money. Example: a niche with me would be something along the lines of Transformer toys. I'm very knowledgeable about them. But what affiliates or market would I be looking in that respect?

Or am I going in the wrong direction already?

Perfect! I just did your research...this is the perfect niche!
You're on the right track.

To find affiliate programs...type this into your search bar...

"Transformer toys affiliate programs+" and you'll find lots of programs.
JRidgeland Premium
I know there's no such concept as a "stupid question", but as easy as that sounded and turned out to be, I feel bad for asking. Like I missed a step or something. Oh well, live and learn, right?

Thank you for your help though. I guess I can start working on a site now.

YES! You're welcome!
AmandaSt Premium
Great advice! Thank you! I do have a question, and it was something I was told before. Is it better to have a niche that has more competition? I was told that it was because that is an indicator of what people are looking for.
FarhanSidik Premium Top 200
Hello there!

In general, more competition also means that it would be harder for your website's pages and posts to rank in Google. This is especially true if your website if very new.

However, do not get discouraged, as like Kyle has said, any niche can be profitable. Just find a niche that you are passionate about, as that will be a strong source of motivation for you.

Cheers =)
Your QSR should be at 300 OR LESS...anything higher than 300 is too competitive. You'll be fighting for Traffic.

You know what people are looking for because your Monthly Searches' number tells you. You want your Monthly Searches with at least 50.
Must say this niche word has me baffled. Dont know which way to turn..
camandche Premium
Hiya Kyle, thanks for directing me to this link, had just left a message with Carson saying I had a niche in mind, but after helping my cousin out today, I'd discovered a better niche to focus on! LOL, hope everyone else finds a niche they're passionate about too! Enjoy your week!
Hey all- newbie here!! So I'm a paraplegic, love looking dressing , acting, talking..Sexy! I been in the chair 15 yrs now- 2001 had a horrific motorcycle wreck- I'm Also into Bodybuilding! Prior to the chair, I got introduced to the Gym by my older BF- I was Hooked! Addicted! Home! That was when I was 15- I'm now 41- I'm "ok". Or well rather I've accepted it! I'm a happy go lucky- out spoken, rude, crass, Harsh and at the same time- fun helpful inspiring Unique a ball busta good friend and honest!
Here's my " idea" Ninch if u will... Exactly everything I wrote above.. A lady can STILL Be Sexy... Desirable, Enjoy rolling around under the sheets... Heck, of course I (we in general) CAN Have Sex!! Personally speaking," I happen to Enjoy it! Often!
I think I could attract an audienc for my Ninch? Just cuz I'm cripple doesn't mean I can't BE Sexy!! Don't underestimate the Power , Ability, of a paraplegic ! Oh and..." No u can't catch this..."
Hi @AngelOnWheel ! thank you for this note and welcome to WA community. this community is for everyone and -just to tell you-, each and everyone of us has his own specifics, and this is the key for diversity, but at the end of the day, we need this difference to be able to interact, to share and to love each other. I like your courage and bow in respect for your determination. your niche addresses a group that you know very well and it can be very profitable ! I wish you good luck and don"t hesitate to ask for help, the community is here to support you :)
betcha Premium Top 100
Hi Linda, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! You just came to the right place that will enable you to bring out your power in your own niche. Bring it on! Enjoy your new venture here and become successful. Blessings ~Betcha
Omg thank you so much for your kind words and trusted support! Sometimes I think it'd be a real cool and fun thing to do this kinda thing- then I stop loose myself confidence and it'd never happen..? I'd start to think "hu, who's gonna want to watch me? Find my page topic, Ninch actually Intererting ? Besides me? Lol
Your words of encouragement mean so much!'
betcha Premium Top 100
Keep that confidence in you, Linda. I just blogged this morning @ Feel free to browse through my "You Are inspirational series" and know that you are a special someone that somebody needs in your time and in your generation that only you can fill in! Have a blessed time in your WA journey! Take care.
Sounds like you have a well defined audience, and can inspire and help them with your experience. Helping women with disabilities feel sexy is a great website idea. You can discuss things like dating, fashion, and careers. I'm not sure how defined you want to make your audience - women with disabilities, paraplegic women, or otherwise. That's up to you. But I would just have a clear idea in mind WHO you want to help!
Kyle, Did you read what I've wrote?I"m beginning to think someone else is answering or maybe robot.You never responded to the first question,now your asking about a niche....try my passion glassblowing of which I"ve own my own business since 1978 doing just that niche? ???????Renee
Hi I was having difficulty deciding on my niche. Mostly, this is because my passion and lifelong expertise that I really want to promote is not something that I want to risk sending my own existing and hard worked for clients elsewhere by referring other people to do services that I do with unique high value myself. It appeared to be a catch 22. Online, I also see many blogs and quickly put together websites that seem to do their promotion a disservice. In my usual work, sending people promotional emails would be the epitome of non class.

So for for my first blog and website, I will focus on an area that is embedded within my usual work, but is not the primary element - just one important foundation. It is usual for me to refer people to others providing the products in this because I don't focus on the products in this subject area at this time. It will work for me to support what others contribute on this topic of veganism.

My focus would be on learning how to go vegan safely, for personal and family health and for the sake of the planet and the animals - and to increase world harmony.

This does provide a way for me to make my first link to my primary website (when I do it) for my usual work, which is psychic/energy healing, whole human development, psychic development and medical intuitive consultations. I do one on one consultations online and will be developing online seminars and courses rather than doing more locational seminars and courses.

Veganism is a contentious topic -but I heard that can be a good thing for attracting attention too. How does this topic sound to others here?
rufat Premium
I think you can sell vegetarian ebooks and meal from Amazon. You can write on this topic and at the same time sell this type of stuff. You would better focus on the benefits of vegetarian food instead of discussing things that can be arguable. BUT remember one important thing, REALLY important. Promote products from companies such as that are well know and reputable. If you promote Amazon products and bring people to your website it will be very easy to get your visitors to take action, i.e. make a purchase because everyone trusts Amazon.
videos are very helpful. thanks kyle
Thanks Kyle really appreciate, I have finally come up with a niche.
EKautz Premium Top 100
Excellent, time to put it to work for you. :-)

If you need anything let me know.

AllyNepo Premium
When choosing a website or domain name, does it have to be exactly what your niche is? Using Kyle's training website as an example: howtolosebellyfatfast or can you have one that will slightly reference your niche, but with a possibly catchier website/domain name?
nightwatch Premium
Exact match domain names don't have the power they once had but they're still a good choice from a keyword perspective. I think they still rank well in Bing and Yahoo but Google doesn't seem to give a ranking bonus for such domains any more. I would keep domain names strongly tied to a niche (site visitors won't get confused about the topic of the site). The other alternative is to pick a domain and make it a brand so it becomes associated with a niche. An example of this would be using your own name (or a pseudonym) as a domain name.
No, it should be closely related.
AllyNepo Premium
My idea was if I were to choose crochet for my niche, and I could use my domain as CrafyKalmian... it would somewhat refer to crafts/art which would be somewhat related to my niche.