There are TWO important things to remember about niches.

(1) ANY niche can be profitable
(2) You can always change your niche down the road

Don't over-think your niche and definitely do not look for a perfect niche. It is you and your efforts that make a niche perfect and I can assure you that you can be successful within any niche that you choose.

As outlined within the video, try to keep your niches more targeted. If you are too broad, the scope of your niche will become too vast and you will easily be overwhelmed. The more specific, the more engaging and interesting your website and content is going to be for your visitors.

If you have any questions regarding niches or this video, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Donrichard Follow Me
My main interest is learning how to market "affiliate products".

Actually there are many issues that are of interest to me,
for example the issue of "personal couching" is one of my favorites.

But I think to start making money fast can party products,
it also has two major advantages:

- first I have to not be an expert on any subject and . .

- second I do not have to offer support to my clients or
buyers, the owner or creator must offer the help and
support of the product.

Is this correct. ?
donco6 Premium Follow Me
Yes. If you can read and study up on products, you can become enough of an expert to write up reviews. And because all you're doing is directing your visitors to the actual client's website, you aren't responsible for anything beyond that.
nathaniell Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Yes, the product creator is usually responsible for support, although any extra support you do can help your conversions to sales.

Whether to go with party products or affiliate products is up to you, but I would choose whatever interests you more, rather than what you think will earn money faster.
SpheredKhigh Premium Follow Me
Hi iam really having trouble finding a proper niche so should imove to the affiliate boot camp or keep going on my lessons to build a web site Thanks for any help
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi Don. If you don't have a niche chosen of your own, definitely head over to Affiliate Bootcamp.
SpheredKhigh Premium Follow Me
Thank you so much Michelle iwas stuck or out of gas here for a couple of days now we got gas in the tank & speeding over to affiliate boot camp nowhere I don't get a ticket hope you have a nice day today Thanks Don
Bluemoon2 Follow Me
How about dog toys? or exercises? You have a pup for your screen ID....? There is no end to people's love for their dogs, and there is a large amount of money spent on them!
SpheredKhigh Premium Follow Me
Thank you so much that it a great thought greatly appreciated hope you have a nice day today
ssiws Follow Me
the video was very helpfull and directional . i rebuild vintage cars in my spare time also a full time dairy farmer could there be niches in these industeries.
albertculmer Premium Follow Me
I like the 6 Ways to Make Money with your Wordpress blog.

I decided on my first blog to create my own product. Which will be a new book the book will be called. Miracles they still happen today the stories are true these are short stories of miracles that actually happened in my life over 62 years. I will first have to learn how to make a e-book, because I would like to sell it online. And make the book very affordable so that anyone could afford to get it. one of my stories was about when I got healed instantly from cancer not just one time but two times. The purpose of my book is to get people to know they can be healed. Even after your doctor only gives you a certain amount of time. if God has a plan for you nothing can take you out of here. Remember he has the power of life and death.
Boothe Premium Follow Me
That is an honorable niche. I was originally planning to do sort of a preachey, devotional-type blog but I decided to put it off in lieu of personal finance. I thought finance would be easier to start out monetizing and then when I become successful with this first site I can branch out to other things.
Bluemoon2 Follow Me
There are a number of places on the Internet, google 'self publishing' and possibly e-books. I think you can even create a document and save it as an e-pub. I have thought of this, also.Good idea!
albertculmer Premium Follow Me
Thanks Bluemoon2 for that information.
nancyr Premium Follow Me
Very helpful! I agree really does help you narrow it down these video's are great.
Jgearino Follow Me
awesome! Helped me narrow down the niche I wanted to get into!
ArchieB Follow Me
Great help, informative, and to the point.
SHarranyaa Follow Me
the video seems not to play.why?? thank you
Boothe Premium Follow Me
First try closing and re-opening your browser or restarting your computer. Also, make sure your Flash is up-to-date.
Ekefio Follow Me
i need help
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Need help finding a niche? Do you have any interests, hobbies, passion about something that you really enjoy?

When choosing a niche, you want to think about how you can help people. How you can answer their questions or solve a problem they may have.
Ekefio Follow Me
I like to wash cars, work and have fun
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
What types of fun? Sports? Something else? You need to be thinking specific ideas, and yours are very broad at this point.
Ekefio Follow Me
i do like sports, and going to the beach
Bluemoon2 Follow Me
What do you do for fun? Why do you do that? How much did you spend on your fun times? See? Do it for the folks that have to plan to have fun without spending a lot of $$..
Tborlase Follow Me
These video's simply don't work or load properly, how are we supposed to learn? Is it just me having this problem?
loki1105 Premium Follow Me
I had a few issues but a refresh of the page fixed them
Tborlase Follow Me
Tried that, the most i've gotten out of any video (apart from the introduction one coincidently) is the first 34 seconds...
ketatrypt Follow Me
hmm sounds like it might be a computer issue on oyur end. As a freebie member, I have been able to watch almost every video I've been linked (there are a few members only ones, but they are clearly marked as such)

Hope this helps. And good luck getting your issue solved. Sorry I wasn't able to help more.
Theresia Premium Follow Me
Thanks Kyle that helped a lot
KPierson Premium Follow Me
Can you choose multiple niches? Not necessarily as a starter kit, but after the process is farther along...
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi. When you start out, it is best to only have one niche site. When you get that site off the ground and feel like you can take on more, then a lot of people do start up a second site. It gets down to how much time you can spend on making more than one site work out. :)
shahrooz Follow Me
Thank you Michelle.
7914 Follow Me
Videos en otros idiomas no tienen ? No soy nuy bueno para el ingles.
Marith Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Buenas dias 7914, lo siento, pero ahora no tenemos los videos en otros idiomas, pero es posible en el futuro
Angel1Ww Premium Follow Me
I've looked and chosen mind who can I talk to about it ?
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi. Anytime you have a question or want opinions on something, you just post a question, like you just did, and the community can help you out.

The help box at the top is great for asking questions and also for seeing if someone has already asked the same question, in which case, you will likely have an answer sooner.
Angel1Ww Premium Follow Me
Thank you Michelle x
rjsmith77 Follow Me
Excellent short tutorial Kyle. Thanks man. Never heard of DMOZ DOT org before. Looks interesting & definitely helpful. Cheerz....RJ