There are TWO important things to remember about niches.

(1) ANY niche can be profitable
(2) You can always change your niche down the road

Don't over-think your niche and definitely do not look for a perfect niche. It is you and your efforts that make a niche perfect and I can assure you that you can be successful within any niche that you choose.

As outlined within the video, try to keep your niches more targeted. If you are too broad, the scope of your niche will become too vast and you will easily be overwhelmed. The more specific, the more engaging and interesting your website and content is going to be for your visitors.

If you have any questions regarding niches or this video, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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WinsomeB Follow Me
Hi Kyle, I am looking at a niche of employee development. What do you think about that?
rosieM Premium Top 200
I would suggest that, as the training covers, you target the specific area of employee development you wish to focus on. Research which area has the larger potential for monetization, etc.
DSchultz Follow Me
Is home improvement a good niche?
MINDwell Premium Top 100 Follow Me
DreamN Premium Follow Me
I would think that it would be awesome. There should be lots of affiliate opportunities from so many directions. Tile, bathroom fixtures, plumbing, electrical, flooring,....even furniture and wallpaper. The possibilities would be nearly limitless.

DSchultz Follow Me
BBR913 Premium Follow Me
Absolutely! A fantastic niche! From the very start! Especially when you are a woman.... knowing all the "guys" stuff! Best of luck to you!!

ralong15 Follow Me
Learned more than I knew!
CharlesL1 Follow Me
Certainly helpful. Thanks for sharing Kyle.
tselabe Follow Me
great video and very helpfull
CharnetteO Follow Me
Hi,would Sclerotherapy be a good niche?
MINDwell Premium Top 100 Follow Me
yeah its pretty commom
do it
it will work
CharnetteO Follow Me
allianceforwealth Premium Follow Me
mobile back covers with printed graphics how this niche will work ?
Jackie172 Follow Me
I have a question a Niche, I have been Gold Mining as a Hobby for a couple years, if that a good Niche?
Llegault Follow Me
allo Kyle, is it only me but I find that the video are blurred, or foggy, it is hard to read and follow...
mackiejw Premium Follow Me
just watch in fullscreen mode
OrlandoGee Premium Follow Me
Oh yes, it was very helpful. Thank you Kyle!
Jimparaya Premium Follow Me
Third time went to get niche video now I have three niches . The last one much more specified.
AudreyC Follow Me
I like to help people if I had the money to do so.
Nble Follow Me
getting a niche is not a problem, getting a website name is not a problem but building a website is 99% problem
Labman Premium Top 50
One step at a time, this too will come.
livinglife57 Follow Me
What comes next after you talk and show the different niches
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi. After you choose your niche, you can keep on building your website. Stick with the training and it will take you step by step through the process. :)
Nble Follow Me
my dear i'm confused.
Nble Follow Me
I will like fitness as my niche but can i add online marketing sites as adverts like banners etc to draw more traffic to my site?
BigMook Premium Follow Me
Hi Ngolchia. Yes you can do that with any niche you choose. It will all explained in the courses. Keep at it.
AlexMuchiri1 Follow Me
I have a passion for cars. Can I make a niche out of it?
MINDwell Premium Top 100 Follow Me
cann you make a niche out of cars WHAT
it is one of best niches
make yours mustangs
lov em
Hal23 Follow Me
I love to paint(using watercolors), people always ask me how I draw and use watercolors. Could this be a niche for me?
johncruz Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Great niche actually and I know you can be successful with it too!