There are TWO important things to remember about niches.

(1) ANY niche can be profitable
(2) You can always change your niche down the road

Don't over-think your niche and definitely do not look for a perfect niche. It is you and your efforts that make a niche perfect and I can assure you that you can be successful within any niche that you choose.

As outlined within the video, try to keep your niches more targeted. If you are too broad, the scope of your niche will become too vast and you will easily be overwhelmed. The more specific, the more engaging and interesting your website and content is going to be for your visitors.

If you have any questions regarding niches or this video, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Dason15 Follow Me
Thank you
Richman67 Follow Me
Thnx so much, Kyle. I find this very helpful as have been struggling to come up with one for hours.
Now I think I found one: "LEARN TO EARN"! Oooopss!!
Hey, perfect! That will work! Good luck!
JDWilson Premium Follow Me
I like vacationing in most of Southern Africa nations (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, etc.) and I thought my niche would be something along these lines, I just cannot decide how to narrow it down though.
EKautz Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Stick to the continent and go with it - touring Africa or something like that.

Or - break it down by regions in Africa,

JDWilson Premium Follow Me
Thanks much E, I suppose one of the regions I had in mind was Southern Africa. Well, this sounds a bit complicated for me right now, so I will start with sth simple until I get the hang of this. But thanks for the input!

Hello! I found your niche...south africa vacations. There are 420 Monthly Searches and the QSR is only 181.
You want at least 50 Monthly Searches. You're good there.
You want your QSR to be at 300 OR LESS. Good there also.
Quotes Search Results is the number of competing websites per your niche.
JDWilson Premium Follow Me
Thank you mam! South Africa is only one country though, was thinking of southern africa, but I suppose you could be right, southern africa might be a bit broad. Or maybe I can go with southern africa vacations?

Thank you for the input, great! Thanks :)

FAlcorn Follow Me
Wow. Upsgirl, where do you find the information on the 420 monthly searches, etc? I'd like to look through that....
I thought that might be something good to look at when trying to narrow down my target niche.
EKautz Premium Top 100 Follow Me
You can get that info from the Keyword tool or Jaaxy.

I beat you to it...that's how I!
Only 24 Monthly Searches for southers africa vacations. That won't work.
I got you covered! You're welcome!
Yes, that's how you do it! I used Let me know, if you need help!
LinaB Premium Follow Me
You can either use Jaxxy (bottom left side in red), free for the first 30 finds. Or WA has its own built in keyword tool. Simply look to the left of the screen under Websites and Hosting.
I hope this helps,
andreras Follow Me
I love doing challenging things and you find very unique ways of doing things on the internet, like how to find the top dead center of a engine with self made tools. Even in the electronics field you will find how to build a cheap battery charger. I however have to find a way to get people who share my enthusiasm about doing things myself.
EKautz Premium Top 100 Follow Me
That's awesome Andre - and you're found one of those people ... me!

hrfoster Follow Me
I have decided on a niche, "books for boys" based on the work I am doing in support of my 13-year old son. My initial plan is to focus on that teen demographic, but that could well expand as I move into the space. Any thoughts on this niche and/or notion be greatly appreciated.
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi Helen. I just wanted to say that I think you have narrowed down a niche that sounds great. :)
hrfoster Follow Me
Thanks. Now to create content....
That's too broad. Let me give you some ideas to help narrow...
Christian, memory, baby, teenagers, 4-year olds, 8-year olds, 12-year olds, adventure, etc. There are so many options. Be really specific and you'll be fine.
bar3800 Follow Me
Hello everyone
Hello! Welcome! How's your training?
Buymygoodzz Follow Me
very helpful, thanks
SMotsinger Follow Me
Would sewing and crochet be a good niche? They are both something that I have enjoyed since I was little.
Yes, but you probably want to focus on a sub-set of one of those niches. Try to find the audience that you can talk to directly. Crochet is a big niche.
betcha Premium Follow Me
They are but I would think that they are better as separate niches.
joneskeith13 Follow Me
The vid was helpful! I've chosen a niche dealing organic food.
mamadino1234 Premium Follow Me
The video was really helpful.
mamadino1234 Premium Follow Me
The video was really helpful.
mamadino1234 Premium Follow Me
The video was really helpful.
nickalpha7 Premium Follow Me
i have chosen a niche in the health dep the diabetes niche is this a good niche to start in
FTaylor Follow Me
Thanks for the tutorial, it was easy to follow. I was overthinking the whole thing. I've decided on a niche.
EarlGunner Follow Me
I have always grown my own vegetables. Now that I have become disabled I've even started me a greenhouse and gotten into flowers. I've got a few websites of my own that used to make some money until the UIGEA became law in 2007 so do know a few things of what use to work for online poker sites, but am at a loss now. Anyhow, I'm thinking perhaps doing something along the line of gardening/greenhouse gardening for beginners. Just not too sure of a title name for a site.
LinaB Premium Follow Me
Greetings EarlGunner,

Sounds like a great niche!
In fact I'm in need of a tip on natural pesticides for my organic veggie garden. And I'd like to know if there is anything I should be doing in order to make my tomato plants bush out more? Right now, they are just growing taller with few blossoms.

If you do decide to blog on gardening, maybe you can write about these two subjects. I'd surely like some feedback either way.

I'll check back with you later then......
mohammedkhal Premium Follow Me
Hi there I am a new member and looking the ideas of niche. We both in common growing our own vegetables. I used to have my allotment for several years in mid 1990's and I used enjoy growing all my vegetables in the summer. I used sell surplus vegan able to my local shop to cover my expenses. As I am fairly a new member and I lack confidence to come up with a niche which will be success. I look forward to hear from you soon with advice regarding a Niche. M.Khalid
LinaB Premium Follow Me
Peace MKhalid

This is my suggestion:
1. Choose a niche that you really feel passionate about and either have experience in or like to research to find out more. You can probably think of some work-related niche, if you love the work that you do. Or maybe you find it easy to talk about your hobbies (something related to gardening) or leisure time activities, there would be a good starter. Or maybe there is a situation that you or someone you love is dealing with or has dealt with that you helped them through and want to share that experience with others and wish to help someone else.

2. Then continue to follow the well organized lessons provided here at WA. Each lesson will put you closer to achieving your goals.

3.Afterwards develop content galore! Use keyword phrases that match your niche in all your posts. I'm still trying to get the hang of that myself.

4. Write, write, write content ! You want to connect with your readers. Like Kyle says, 'engage your audience' through content.
So don't be afraid to express yourself!

I'm looking forward to learning what you decided for your niche.

****Oh yes, remember, as a premium member, you can choose more than one niche.

Take care, I hope this helps a little
jaykumar Premium Follow Me
Yes this is what I have been wondering about....though I do have one on the back of my mind....but not so sure about going ahead. Well I will decide soon and go ahead even if it is not so specific one. Later I can get gradually more precise.
Thanks Kyle for your encouraging tutorial.