There are TWO important things to remember about niches.

(1) ANY niche can be profitable
(2) You can always change your niche down the road

Don't over-think your niche and definitely do not look for a perfect niche. It is you and your efforts that make a niche perfect and I can assure you that you can be successful within any niche that you choose.

As outlined within the video, try to keep your niches more targeted. If you are too broad, the scope of your niche will become too vast and you will easily be overwhelmed. The more specific, the more engaging and interesting your website and content is going to be for your visitors.

If you have any questions regarding niches or this video, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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LawrenceK Follow Me
am thinking of how to import Japanese used Toyota cars easily..what about that too broad?
Can't import used cars. There is too much money in the auto industry, they don't want competition from the little guys. You will run into all kinds of regulatory issues.
LawrenceK Follow Me
the video was very educative ...thanks
MrsT Premium Follow Me
I'm looking at doing "what to do in London" with a London attractions focus - any advice or thoughts? Is this too broad?
Things to do in London looks best. There are 8762 Monthly Searches with a QSR of 205. Perfect! Best wishes!
adroco3 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
It depends on how much interest you have with your niche. Are you really interested in telling others about London's attractions and other things that people can do in London? If so, then go for it!

The things that Kyle covers in the above discussion go over all the things you need in a niche. Whether it is too broad or narrow is not as important as your overall interest in it.

For example, you can have an excellent niche but if you're not willing to write about it then there is no point in having that niche to begin with.

It's important, though, I need to clarify...
The niche cannot be too broad and does need to be narrowed accordingly...
MrsT Premium Follow Me
Thanks :-)
adroco3 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
You're welcome!
You're welcome...did you see the other Comment?
MrsT Premium Follow Me
Yep! :-)
adroco3 Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Nice upsgirl! That definitely clears things up for me too!
rushmore1954 Premium Follow Me
Lot of good information. Thanks.
Tootz Follow Me
Thanks Kyle, this video was very helpful.
muxik4001 Premium Follow Me
Thank you for DMOZ! So many ideas and decisions :)
dveccia Follow Me
Thinking about cOPD or lung diseases as i have copd. But i dont see profit from this.
Living with copd, many people will want a portable O2 supply. That is one product.

I would think you can find literature for sale that might deal with the issues around copd. You can always write a kindle book about how to deal with it, and of course how to avoid it through lifestyle changes.
JennyMiller Premium Follow Me
Thank you Kyle, this is certainly helping to narrow down my choice.
sydlippett Premium Follow Me
Hi Kyle,many thanks for taking the time to make this video.
Kind regards,Syd
Margem Follow Me
Great video Kyle..still very fresh in the game, trying to figure out what niche to invest on.
wichian Follow Me
ผมไม่สามารถดู VDO ได้เลย
jstimson Follow Me
I feel like my niche is focused in an area that sooooo many others are focused right now... healthy family living. (cooking, planting & growing, life without chemicals, essential oils)

This has been my number one reason for not truly following this because part of me feels like if there was money to be made by simply creating a website and "marketing myself" why wouldn't everybody be doing it?
IamnIcan Premium Follow Me
well once u do get down to creating the website im sure itll amaze u how ppl not educated in internet marketing dont possibly know much abt making money out of it. its us who's getting the advantage. try it n find out.
LWarren Premium Follow Me
question? why isn't everyone a millionaire, most people are afraid to try or fail, missing the mark only gives u a more focused target; example when playing darts do you hit the bulls eye everytime ,just a thought.LTW
1armpoolplay Follow Me
It is not everyone that was born with a plugin to the internet, A lot of us old folds are not internet savoy unless we have a step by step go here do this push this button etc., then we have little chance of learning the internet marketing. Someone once said you can lead me to the gold mine but if you do not show me step by step how to use the tools I will not be harvesting much gold.The video I just watched gave me a little more area to work with, so we will see.
MenaCanDoIT Premium Follow Me
Thanks for the video Kyle, that was very helpful.
SSteve Follow Me
That was a great little video. Try to imagine you are the shopper when going through the different categories. I like to think of a niche as a person and visualize what they would be thinking.
LettieS Follow Me
Thanks for the video Kyle.