Abundant Thinking Day 9| Kick Fear Out the Door

Last Update: December 04, 2014

    On Day 9 of 12 Days of Abundant Thinking, we kick fear out the door. But, be sure it will come knocking on your door again so the best thing to do is pull it up by its ugly roots. The way that can happen is through repetition of a simple five-step process.

    No doubt at some time in your life you have experienced some kind of fear. Maybe it was a fear of speaking in public or a fear of launching a new business. Many people have fears of rejection, failure and even success.Your fear could be something as subtle as not having confidence in yourself because some unthinking person made you feel like a failure.

    Fear is like a sucking octopus that spreads its ugly tentacles into the activating part of your brain. Fear robs you of motivation.Fear keeps you from taking the decisive action steps you need in order to execute your vision for abundance.

    One of my mentors, John Maxwell said, “The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.” That’s something to think about.

    Fear is the single most destructive force to financial abundance. It constantly diminishes of our self-esteem and may manifest in laziness, disorganization, reclusiveness, under-earning or over-spending. Much like a virus, fear can cripple us emotionally in many unforeseen ways. The most crippling effect of fear is the destruction of self-esteem and internal worthiness which robs us of energy, vision and hope.

    Make no mistake; abundance will elude you if you do not feel worthy to receive a substantial reward for the value you contribute to others. This is true because like the roots of a tree influence the fruit it yields, the invisible sub-conscious in your life controls the visible results you experience in life.

    The self-destructive root of all fear is condemnation. If you suffer from condemnation there will be voices inside your head that nag you with non-abundant thoughts like “you are a failure”, “you will never succeed”, “you are not enough”, “you are guilty”, “you are shameful”, “compared to ____you are inadequate”.

    Unfortunately, for most people getting rid of fear is not a one-time event. But by being aware of what triggers feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, you can recognize and progressively eliminate your fears. Although you might need to go through the process several times, rest assured you can kick fear out the door every time it rears its ugly head.

    In my newest website, I have a five step process to follow to release the fear from your life.It begins with recognizing that fear is irrational and ends with cultivating greater faith in God to give you courage and boldness.

    The five steps are:

    1.Identify irrational fears and limiting beliefs that are derailing your efforts toward abundance.

    2. Think deeply about the consequences of allowing fear to rule your decisions.

    3. Re-frame your fear into an opportunity for personal growth.

    4. Face your fear with immediate action.

    5. Faith is the opposite of fear; cultivate faith in God.


      (Say each one out loud.)

      God is the unfailing Source of Supply in my life.

      I am abundantly supplied with the courage I need to conquer every situation I face this day.

      I am showered this day in the love and blessings of God.

      My faith in God moves the mountain of fear from my life.

      I easily receive an unsurpassing supply of abundant grace in my life today.

      I am worthy to receive financial abundance in my life.

      The greater contribution of value to others I make, the greater expectation of reward I will receive.

      My abundant thoughts and actions lead me toward the perfect vision of life success that is within me.

      No one and no thing can cheat me out of the abundance I deserve.

      I am grateful for the abundance that flows to me and through me daily.

      Read Day 10:


    I pray you enjoy the abundance of peace, joy and prosperity that this day brings to you!

    Copyright 2014 Rivers in the Desert/Rebecca Stone, LLC

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Sergs Premium
Thanks Rebecca, I've been praying to God for strength in my goings and been asking my friends for intercessions. I want to say that I've got the answer through your posts. BIG BIG Thanks for inspiring me each day! :) Cheers, Jhen
rebeccas Premium
How the Spirit of God works to bless us is so awesome. His grace is unending in our lives. Thanks for sharing your answer to prayer with me. I am abundantly blessed to help you in your path toward abundance.
MarcieM Premium
Thank you Rebecca for sharing this article about kicking fear out. I know i have had much fear in the past, but reading articles like this one, has helped find courage within myself. So, you are definitely a big part in supporting me to stay motivated to grow my online business. Its still kind of hard for me to Imagine that i can earn money online, i have not been honest with myself about this, but now i'm recognizing it, so my next step is to work on allowing courage to work my online business.
rebeccas Premium
My purpose for this series Marcie is to help as many as I can to liberate the abundance that is within themselves. Some take a path toward self and the law of attraction and fall short.

Courage is a strength that only Father God can give. Courage comes as we release ourselves to His grace and abundance by knowing that he is not mad at us. He is the loving father we have all wanted that that not only puts dreams inside us but supports us when we take steps to fulfill it.

Yes, dear one...take courageous action...bold steps and I promise you Father God will be there to hold you hand at each step.
rebeccas Premium
Marcie...I have another abundant thought to share with you. You have already taken a major leap forward by building your website and from what I have seen, it is beautiful and well-organized.

It took courage to launch your site. Now it takes patience and perseverance to stick with it. Don't doubt yourself...stick with your plan and be patient. Abundant Blessings to you dear one...Rebecca
MarcieM Premium
Thank you so much. Your support matters so much to me!
KatieMac Premium
So enjoying these abundant posts and I agree having faith in God helps us face fear and deal with it, well that is what works for me
rebeccas Premium
It works for me too Katie. I learned long ago that when I focus on fear I am focusing on myself. When I focus on God, I am focusing on the abundance of his grace in me to flow outward to others.

The more I focus on the goodness and grace of God toward me, the more I am able to contribute value to others which in turn brings greater abundance into my life. Pretty simple once we adjust our thinking. >(:o)
KatieMac Premium
So very true, I am grateful to have God in my life he has been constant and seen me through many storms
wealthwoman Premium
I like the poster...I did re-phrase the quote..."Fear...get outta my way. I've got things to do!"
rebeccas Premium
Thanks for sharing in the journey toward abundance!
CarlaIves Premium
I definitely like this day, Rebecca! I have made a lot of progress in conquering fear but inadequacy is another story. Still, if I can whip one, I can whip the other! I love that graphic and am going to snag it. Thanks so much!
rebeccas Premium
The world will have a tiger by the tail once you see yourself for the strong, confident more than capable woman you are. I'm so glad you are enjoying this series.