Month 5 recap - Keep traffic growing, outside the box and into SUCCESS

Last Update: December 01, 2013

At the end of October I really thought there was no way I could quadruple the traffic growth 5 months in a row but guess what I was wrong. I learned a lot this month so I'm going to share my results and what I have been up to.

October's results

November's results

Looks a little shy of quadruple but I lost my plugins for a day and missing about 6,000 visits from the Sunday before last. My goal was 172,000 and I reached it with almost the same results as far as average time on page and bounce rate.

Tip 1 - Stay Busy if you want to Suceed

So I stayed steady with my normal workflow even though I'm really exhausted. I've basically been working 80 to 100 hours a week for 5 months straight but at what price are you willing to pay to make this work. I've shifted my efforts from just blog posts to creating a YouTube channel. I'm up to 120 pages and posts and created over 30 videos within the last month so I'm still on par with adding something to my website daily.

Tip 2 - Experiment with new sources of traffic - YouTube for me this month

My YouTube results

I have 101 videos but I broke my video reviews into smaller pieces so I don't have to memorize large portions and just use the video editor and combine them. I built them just like a post, Keyword in the title and in the summary below. I also took advantage to link my website in every video to help increase traffic flow. I also did 3 to 7 tags per video and I have several page one search results for many search terms within YouTube.

A couple bonuses of YouTube is my accounts are linked and helps my pages on the website get ranked through carrying popular videos made by yours truly on a website created by me.

My goal is to constantly improve results by staying busy with developing key items with a website, original pictures and videos, original content, and constant activity on your site.

Tip 3 - How important is moderating comments?

First way it benefits you is it builds loyalty - They will revisit when they make more purchases for your advice. Also other visitors will see your constant involvement and comment.

Second Way it benefits you - Comments show activity and help rankings. I have easily gone from rank 10 to one within a week because of good activity in comments.

Third way it benefits you - You can gain social shares with something as simple as ending a comment with "If this was helpful would you share it with other mothers on FB"

Fourth way it benefits you - You can build more internal links. For instance someone said this is my budget what do you think the best product is. " I would go with product A because it fits your needs and your budget." Product A is an internal link you can use to another one of your pages.

Fifth Way it benefits you - You can actually gain sales and conversions with them. Example Question "I'm looking for a good accessory for this product." Answer "I found this to be a very durable accessory for your product and it's on sale here" External link that leads to a sale and possibly many more while they carry that cookie. I sell the same kind of Ink cartridge, I'm assuming, to the same customer weekly. I see the same refill cartridge come through at least once a week.

Sixth way it benefits you - You get indexed for more terms. I have used words or phrases in comments and now I'm indexed for them because I answered a comment using that phrase. Here is a good example. I have 120 pages and 30 videos but look how many I rank for.

My Comments I have capitalized on

My Webmaster Tools

Almost 4,600 KW's and comments do play a role in that

Always be polite and put your visitors first. This has slowed how much content I have created but I'm still getting indexed for more KW's. I spend at least 2 hours a day moderating comments but I built a site to help and I can never forget without the visitor I have no website and it serves no purpose. What purpose would WA serve if Kyle and Carson weren't involved and around to help when we struggled.

Conclusion - Anything is possible if your willing to work for it. I am realistic and know there is no way to continue this rate of success but there are ways to keep from plateauing. Do what you always do and add something to your repertoire. Although I do not talk about exact dollars and cents you can build a successful income in 6 months. You might consider reinvesting some of what you make into your site like I did. If it will benefit you long term it is always best to think about spending what you can afford to grow your business even more. I bought products I reviewed so I could better understand them, answer questions and do videos on them so that I'm an even more credible reviewer.

I still do email and now comments every morning.

I still plan for something to add to my website daily.

I still get involved with social media daily.

I keep asking questions and learning from those that came before me.

Stay Humble and realize you are there to serve and encourage your visitors if you want to succeed. My social circles and business pages are growing daily because I try to help with the best of my ability and I'm not shy about suggesting a like or a G+ if they found my info to be helpful.

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donhood Premium
Good job, Ryan, all good advice. It is good to see people make it here on WA.
ramccracken Premium
Thanks. I always try to share what is working and what kind of results you can get from WA
Labman Premium Plus
Great Job Ryan, and I knew you way back when....
ramccracken Premium
When I couldn't use a widget, lol. You were there from the beginning
JoeFlow267 Premium
May I follow please?
ramccracken Premium
all it takes is a little hard work and following the training
skyhigh4 Premium
Wow! Excellent Post and thank you. I feel really encouraged by your progress. Awesome!
ramccracken Premium
I'm glad it has encouraged you. It's been a lot of work but so worth it.
Josh From Oz Premium
Wow way to go Ryan!. Even with a busy schedule for me, adding 1 post per week at the moment has showed me increasing traffic and sales since a few months ago. Goes to show if you stick with it, it can work. In your case, you've put a tonne of work into it, and I'm glad your seeing ever increasing results. Awesome work
ramccracken Premium
Thanks so much and I'm glad you are seeing results too