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I'm Don Hood and I've been working with IM for a few years. Nothing has proven effective after spending way too much money. I'm discouraged but I have hope. I'm looking forward to learning and working with everyone here. I feel that this is the path I need to make work to reach financial freedom. incidentally, I just got burned again but in a round about way it brought me here. It is interesting how the Universe works!
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Hi Donhood, thanks for following. May the force be with you
Labman Premium Plus
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back
ahen205 Premium
Hi Donald! Welcome to the WA family! Thank you for adding me. All the best to you!
Kyle Premium Plus
Hey there Donald and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. It is great to have you here and I definitely look forward to working with you. My suggestion to you is to take action on what you learn as a good deal of the actual learning will take place during the action? phase.

Getting started is easy here at WA, we have a step-by-step course dedicated to walking you through getting up and running here:


If you have any questions, give me a shout. :)
donhood Premium
Kyle, thanks for the welcome! I would like you to check out two of my sites that I already have. www.openfaithministry.com, a pretty static site right now and www.donhood.org which is a site that I've been trying to monetize. I have spent thousands on various programs and such. I really need to start making something out of this. I would be encouraged with even a little return on my investment to start. Sorry I'm going on but I wanted to let you know where I am to have a better perspective to make this really work. In spite of what I've been through, I'm still hopeful. I believe this is a good path, I just need real help, not empty promises. Thanks, again!
Kyle Premium Plus
I think it comes down to defining your niche or your audience of people you are going to help and to be much more targeted in that approach. Within both of your sites, they audiences you are trying to target is massive and they are not really specific to any one group.

Because of that I think you should narrow things down. To be completely honest, I would start fresh with the training here and as you learn from what we teach, you can apply the principles to your existing sites but as of now, it is going to be tough to monetize and attract a specific audience to your website because of the broad nature of the topic breadth.
Jay Gumbs Premium
Hey there, I just want to take some time to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate. Glad you made it.

If you do need my assistance with getting started just click on my picture and leave a comment or reply to this comment.

All the best.