So close to another goal.

Last Update: April 19, 2016

So Close! I am one point away from Ambassador. I watch the ticker and the closer to my goal I get, the slower it goes. That is so frustrating! So, I will keep on doing what I am doing which is answering questions that I know the answer to from other WA members, participating in the questions so I learn and can answer more questions, keeping up on my email and blogging. I have not been with WA long enough to blog more than once a day or enter in trainings, so I rely on the other aspects.

I have been told that the ranking in Wealthy Affiliate is not what makes my website pay me back for my efforts so I should not focus on that number. Everyone is correct; however it is so exciting to see my number go down and down. It is getting closer to ticking off another goal. That sense of accomplishment when I achieve a goal is incredible!

People have been blogging about affirmations. Some people answer and say they don’t work if you do not apply yourself to the affirmations you have set for yourself. This is true; I believe it with all my heart. Affirmations are only as good as your actions to stick to them.

Affirmations may not work for some people, while they do for others. It is important to set goals for yourself – it is best to write them down and post them in a place you see them every day. This is powerful medicine to achieve these goals. Otherwise you are likely to flip flop around like a fish out of water and not get anything accomplished.

So write down your goals, post them where you see them every day and remember that posting content in your website is king if you want to be compensated for your actions. It takes time so don’t give up!

Never stop reaching and never stop dreaming! Have a fantastic day!

Rae Anne

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WebBasedUser Premium
Almost there Rae, just keep doing what you do and you will gain a new badge to go with your profile....(Ambassador)
dianegailit Premium
I am cheering you on!!! Tomorrow morning when you wake up, you will be an Ambassador, I am sure of it :-) So....congratulations in advance!!
JudeP Premium
You'll be there before you know it Rae, and well-deserved too :)
RaeAnnePond Premium
Thank you Jude. I really appreciate it and thanks for commenting.
joyweb Premium
You are doing great RaeAnne. congratulations
RaeAnnePond Premium
Thanks Joy, I'm trying. Lol...
LizPB Premium
You can do it!!!!
RaeAnnePond Premium
Thank you Liz! Thanks for commenting!