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So folks, today is the last day of my activity on Wealthy Affiliate. As you know, I am leaving to pursue a calling in my life to women's ministries. I will not have time for WA and God's calling on my life for right now, so this is the final decision. It has been brought to my attention that perhaps it is God's calling also that I be with WA in order to help others along my path. It is possible and I have thought long and prayed hard about this. At times I feel very unsettled about my decisi
April 27, 2016
I know we are not supposed to talk about God here, but with my calling and all of the beautiful messages I've received, how could I not? God is answering prayers and providing miracles everyday. Not just in my life either. Whether your higher power is God or someone else, we all have a calling. WA brings us together and gives us direction and focus. The training here is fantastic and the support is incredible. Everyone just needs to follow it and participate. Success is inevitable that way
Wealthy Affiliate is letting me stay active until my renewal date which is May 1st, so I am taking this time to leave everyone who wants to stay in contact with me my contact information. My email address is, my Facebook is under Rae Pond and my Skype is Rae Anne Pond. I would love to stay in contact with many of you, I have already established contact with many of you. Thank you for all of the support you have given me since I have been here, it has been a pleasure to h
I I know, how could I make a decision like this when WA is clearly working for me? Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is working for me, but I have decided to turn my life a 180 degree turn and go a different direction. After going to a women's retreat this past weekend, I have decided to turn my life over to Jesus Christ and go into women's ministries. I am a survivor of 18 years of sexual abuse and torture as well as physical and emotional abuse. I have survived that, forgiven myself for feeling full
I went to a women's retreat this weekend which was awesome by the way! When I got back and logged on to the Wealthy Affiliate site, I saw I am FINALLY an Ambassador!!! On April 28th, I will have been here 3 months. I'll be able to create trainings and blog more than once a day. Terrific advantages of reaching the three month mark, regardless of your rank inside Wealthy Affiliate. Defeat your hesitation and doubt people, you can do this! The steps are printed out right in front of your ey
Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we all have endless opportunities and availability of incredible success. We all have the opportunities to walk into success in our lives, success in our financial futures and success with our families. Success is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as: 1.Success with getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame2.Gaining the correct or desired result of an attempt3.Someone or something that is successful: a person or thing that succeeds.We all
April 19, 2016
So Close! I am one point away from Ambassador. I watch the ticker and the closer to my goal I get, the slower it goes. That is so frustrating! So, I will keep on doing what I am doing which is answering questions that I know the answer to from other WA members, participating in the questions so I learn and can answer more questions, keeping up on my email and blogging. I have not been with WA long enough to blog more than once a day or enter in trainings, so I rely on the other aspects. I have
Let me pose a question to you: You have an emergency and need extra funds to take care of this crisis. Do you have the money to take care of this situation or do you flounder around like a fish out of water until an answer comes to mind? This is a situation all of us have been in at one time or another and we vow to ourselves that we will do what we have to in order that we will not be in this situation again. But do we? Do we even know how to go about getting ourselves out of that penniless ch
April 15, 2016
Today, my handsome mascot will be passing into k9 heaven. For nearly 13 years he has been a part of my family, my protector, my friend. I love you Jack. May you have a peaceful afterlife in k9 heaven full of pain free play and ample dreams of chasing down bad guys and eating them up. Be at peace now, my friend. You have earned this rest.
So I’m sitting here at my desk at 2:45 in the morning doing my devotions when I decide to do an incognito search for some of my articles to see how they are ranking. Here’s the second one I looked up:Page one, Position one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!! Here is another:Page One, Position one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I did a private search for both of these using different arrangements of the words and still came up with page one rankings on both articles. So if you have any doubt that the training