Imaginary Friends and Other Writing Tricks

Last Update: September 09, 2015

I've been slowly going back through the LIve Video Classes, and the class I reviewed today was fresh out of the box on August 8, 2014.

There were a number of interesting points in the class, but one that really caught my attention was one in which Jay (magistudios) suggested writing to a single person - even an imaginary person!

Keepin' it real

Give them a name, an age, a sex, and even a bit of a profile; someone who might be interested in what you were writing about - then write to them. You'll be more likely to toss in a bit of humor or a little folklore to keep your reader engaged, and less likely to be the stilted professor lecturing their class into a coma. (My apologies to any stilted professors who may be reading this ;)

Imaginary audience, real business

Jay also outlined a 5 day planner that made a great deal of sense. You can speed up the timeframe for planning or slow it down based on your schedule, but here's the gist of it:

Day 1... research what people want to know in your niche .
Day 2... 'create' the person you want to write to - your ideal reader
Day 3... write down 10 blog post topics based on your research and your ideal reader
Day 4... schedule days for writing or publishing your 10 posts, and start writing!
- ask a few questions within your content, and provide a few tips. Engage!
Day 5... schedule some fun shares with your Google+ circles / communities
- sync these messages with your posts' publication dates

If you'd like to check out the whole WAbinar, you can find it at

Now go have some fun with your imaginary playmate. Just be sure to be home before the street lights come on!


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SupportWorx Premium
Cool little trick! -Alexx
Prestones Premium
Greetings Alexx!

Apparently Jay, the member who does all the Live Video Classes, has been trained as a radio personality - and this is one of his "tricks of the trade".

I keep attending the new classes and reviewing the old recordings to pick up bits of information.

So far, it's been great - but I'm keeping an eye out for Murphy here too!

Darwyn Premium
Hey Dennis, I think I can remember catching this training, Jay always encourages you to be that little bit more structured in your method? Thanks for the reminder. Great post.
Prestones Premium
Greetings Darwyn!

This video class, along with about 150 other classes, was before my time. I figure that about this time next year, I will have slowly wormed my way through all of them.

Stay tuned!

carcol Premium
This is how I have always tried to create my writing.

I wrote a book about learning to fly a radio controlled model aeroplane back in 2007 and it was reviewed on Amazon by a guy who said having read it he felt like we had sat down together and we had discussed the content over a cup of tea.

You don't get more personal than that.
Prestones Premium
You have a leg up on many of the rest of us, Carol & Colin (Eureka, I got it!!)

You are to be congratulated on having a personable & engaging writing style. I, on the other hand, am still workin' on it ;)

I can be taught though!

anthrovol Premium
My imaginary friend has always been that lovely young lady, you know, the one who laughs at your jokes even though they are not funny. But maybe I should find an imaginary friend who is a bit more real, and lets me know when I'm being stupid . :)
Prestones Premium
Nothing wrong with having several imaginary friends Gary - even an imaginary clique!

Then you need other cliques to keep your clique from becoming too stuck on themselves, and before you know it you've built an entire Sim City of personalities - unless the men in white come and take you away first.

So let's keep this on the down low ;)

krazykat Premium
Good stuff. Thanks :-)
Prestones Premium
Hi Val -

I find bits of knowledge here and there, and recirculate them in the hopes they'll find good homes ;)