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March 07, 2014
I have noticed that my ranking has gone UP from where it was before Christmas. Not that it bothers me, just a curious note of fact. However, it made me think about what the difference was to cause the change and I observed the following: Involvement: Before Christmas I was here all the time. Posting answers, checking in at least 3-4 times a day. I was involved and it showed. That lead to the note that Membership: Before Christmas had been monthly, and afterwards I had signed up for a yearly pac
March 02, 2014
I wanted to give the WA family a Heads Up. I had signed up with a binary company to experiment with binary trading. Said company is OptioNow. Initial deposit required? $250. Okay, so when I opened the account, I had that to spare. I did not make anymore than 3 trades-of which maybe 1 was successful? However closer to home the money was tightening fast, so I asked them for a withdrawal ( about $200) and they wanted all kinds of verification (fair enough) of who I was. Fine, got all that/scanned
February 09, 2014
I'm about to crawl back in bed-new snow and late night will do that to the mind...but I had to share this. You all know my cat, Pandora. I kept hearing a cat meowing. They are all (4) quite chatty, and I thought it one of the others who had already come out of the laundry room when I opened the door. It did not click that Pandora (unusual) did not race out in front. Well! The meows changed tone and volume. I started to look around and it was NOT the other cats but her! Somehow-not sure how-she
December 06, 2013
I am be-bopping all over the place here. I had submitted an article I wrote about 3 days ago, and was told their standard We'll get back to you in 7-10 days. Okay, no problem. I made myself busy doing other things. This morning, I found an email from them saying my article has been published!! Yes, it has! I'm beyond thrilled and I have so many more articles on this topic that haven't even flowed out yet-but I wanted to share with you this HUGE success. The link to it is here: http://ezineartic
November 29, 2013
I took that leap of Faith and am now a yearly member! It was a tiny bit spooky-jumping from smaller monthly to one big swoop-but I reminded myself that this bigger chunk was only once now, and I wouldn't have to worry about it for another 12. That was a great feeling! So there went some stress and I'm always one to decrease the stressors in my life. I'll be spending the next 3 days letting folks know about this opportunity while it lasts, its's a time and offer that if any way you can make it,
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November 12, 2013
I have to dash out for some lab tests and to the CU but had to let you know I figured out the posting troubles, fixed them up and it was all good! So now it's up, looks awesome and while there are still a few things that could be added I am happy and proud of the creation at this point. Head on over to: and tell me what you think!
November 11, 2013
Yup! You read it hear first! Today, 11/11/2013 we have our first snow in Ann Arbor, Mi! I thought the light was shining and reflecting of wet leaves, but no. It is honest-to-goodness, cold and white, beautiful snow. For me, this translates into whenever the sidewalks are clear, I wear socks with my sandals. And when ti covers the sidewalks, I get out my boots and snow coat. I'm not a clothes horse. Two pairs of shoe attire (boots, sandals) last all year. Same with shirts. I've made 6-7 differen
November 08, 2013
I had an evening like yours-pretty much nothing to put down, but feeling I should and so here I am. That being said, when I look back (at 12:12 am Saturday) it wasn't totally awash. I discovered that my CU did the money game of saying I did NOT have funds to cover the electric bill, so hit me with a $30 NSF fee when-in actuality-the funds *were* there. And now it's the weekend and they aren't open till Monday and, and and...yeah. I worked some on my amazincash site (looks FAB) but am stuck-all
November 04, 2013
I was doing our laundry yesterday and as the water started to swish the clothes around, the water changed from clear and bubbly to dark grey and bubbly (I poured in more soap at that point). It amazed me though, that even with wearing the same shirt say-just twice-that so much dirt could stick to it. And then hand towels, dish towels... It came to me that writing is a way that we get the dirt out of our system. We pour all our clutter, junk and mental dust onto the screen or into a composition