Just another manic Monday...

Last Update: November 04, 2013

I was doing our laundry yesterday and as the water started to swish the clothes around, the water changed from clear and bubbly to dark grey and bubbly (I poured in more soap at that point). It amazed me though, that even with wearing the same shirt say-just twice-that so much dirt could stick to it. And then hand towels, dish towels...

It came to me that writing is a way that we get the dirt out of our system. We pour all our clutter, junk and mental dust onto the screen or into a composition book. Sometimes it is more, others just a tiny spoonful but after it gets done there is always a feeling you got something heavy off your shoulders. Sometimes if a stain is older (like oil) it takes a bit more mental effort to lift it out but it can be done..However, rest assured that the dirt on top-while seemingly hard to move-gives way to treasures buried just beneath :)

So put your mental gunk out to hang in the sunshine this day, the one day we all dread the arrival of. It's a grand start to living a mostly clean week :)

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Animate Premium
I would agree with you that we may release mental clutter, even mental dust, by releasing it in writing, but dirt and junk - No. I think that our aim in writing, at least here at WA, where we want to create a blog that attracts readers, we release the 'pearls of wisdom' that clutter our mind and which we want to release to help others. The mental dust can perhaps be likened to unformulated ideas which we have not solidified yet. Whisps of ideas fly around until we can grab them, think about them and then either build on or discard them. How does that sit with you?
Poetman Premium
That sits better. It's just easier to land in the super dirty category when things are taking a discouraging or disappointing turn..
Animate Premium
Aaah, it's all in the mind. The first step to clearing/cleaning that, is realizing that that is where you are at, and then changing your thinking.
BIS Premium
LOL - Interesting analogy. Never thought of it in that way before but I like it!