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Last Update: August 06, 2011

Many great ideas come to us in the night, I read once that many writers keep a voice recorder or pencil and paper next to their beds so should they get an idea in the night they can record it instantly. As we all know by the next morning we often completely forget about our dreams and thoughts during the night.

Last night at about 5am I woke up... and had an idea about a good share for WA training section... did I note it down? Nope. Can I remember it now? Nope. Not even the topic! (well it was probably Internet marketing related).

So another million $ idea is lost to the ether.

If I ever remember I will let you all know! Tonight pencil and paper will be in place!

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Kyle Premium
This is very true! I do get ideas at night as well...pen and paper should always be around or at least a google doc that you can add ideas too. I get a lot of my "ideas" while on vacation as well when I am completely removed from the day to day tasks. The mind works in very strange ways and everyones works differently. If you can tap into your own creative genius, you will do very well in life! ;)
Pobman Premium
I did actually remember... it was not a million $ idea though :( I have written is down now... so I will put it on here soon.
jatdebeaune Premium
It's true Pobman (got your name right this time hah!), some of the best ideas happen in the middle of the night. Messages pop up in your dreams too. You know how we forget dreams if we don't make note of them. Waiting to hear that $million idea. Thank you for sharing it.
Pobman Premium
@Labman: More likely that will end in sleep :)
Labman Premium
Meditation may retrieve that for you.