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August 21, 2011
Many years ago I read this story, it is as true today as it was then. Everytime I see a new 'Guru launch' I think back to this story: Mr. Amazing’s Wealth Attracting Rocks - $20 Money Back Guarantee Onlookers gather around the mysterious salesman and soon one approaches him. “How do I know these rocks really attract wealth?” “They work based on universal laws and are proven effective by quantum physics. You don’t have to do anything except think about wealth. The rock does the rest.
August 10, 2011
Only a few days ago I was cutting a slice of bread and got a little close to my left index finger and , cue large bandage on my finger and a sudden loss of typing skills! Then today I was the pots when one broke and sliced my right index finger, roll out another bandage. It is times like this that I am very glad I have, and use, Dragon Naturally Speaking! If you have not used text to speech software for a number of years it might be worth giving it a try. For those people who can’t type quickl
August 06, 2011
Many great ideas come to us in the night, I read once that many writers keep a voice recorder or pencil and paper next to their beds so should they get an idea in the night they can record it instantly. As we all know by the next morning we often completely forget about our dreams and thoughts during the night. Last night at about 5am I woke up... and had an idea about a good share for WA training section... did I note it down? Nope. Can I remember it now? Nope. Not even
Note: Before you read this post I am not in anyway saying you should do this. This is purely an example, with proof, to show what backlinks can do. Do you know how powerful backlinks are? Sure they can help you rank well in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), but did you know that with backlinks alone you can maniuplate the SERPs? I have in the past shown examples of ranking a website for a keyword phrase that is not included on that site, and that alone goes against the very nature of what