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Last Update: Dec 18, 2022

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Hello WA Community.

I admit that I am a Dinasaur when it comes to "Block Gutteberg" or Classic.

I have always been in the favour of Classics and have used the Classic editor that came with Word Press from the beginning.

The Block Editor (Guttenberg) came as a surprise and was new to me. I was having many challenges.

I can see how it is very beneficial on certain themes, but I am using something very basic that requires very basic involvement for results.

But wheteher I liked it or not, the "Block Editor" had taken over all of my websites.

Most importantly, the control of my side widgets.

I reached out to the community in search but could not find much on how to revert back from "Block" to "Classic."

I finally googled and found out.

It is a plugin called "WPCODE"

I now have control over my simple theme so I can do as I please as it is the way it should be.

I am old school.

When I need the "Block" editor for themes like "Bloocksy and Kadence" I can simply turn it back on.

Until then, I remain a Dinasaur.

Kindest regards from Canada,

Paul Mindra.

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I just create from scratch. Haven't learned block stuff. But doing ok so far.

Hi, Paul

WordPress is in the process of sunsetting the classic editor.

Eventually, the classic editor plugins will no longer be supported.

Frank 🎸

Hi Frank.

Thanks for the update.
I am trying to make the transition and hopefully will make it in time before.

I'm practicing on a test site.

Thanks again for your input.



except if you go onto the wordpress website and look up the classic editor it is now extended out to 2024...
i thought it was up for the end of the year...
but i think there has been a lot of pressure to keep it ...
so it may be here for a while yet...and supported...

There are far too many still using the classic editor that I can't really see them doing away with it.

I don't like the block editor myself and that's not because I am a dinosaur since I have been developing software for many years, it is just that I like to keep it simple and more in control.

But, come the day that they may do away with it then I will change.

That’s a great idea, Paul! 👍

Once you get used to the block editor you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. 😎

Frank 🎸

Haha, that doesn’t surprise me, Phil! 😎

Happy Holidays,
Frank 🎸

Happy holidays back.
You guys and Gal's at the top sometimes make my head spin (LOL).
Thanks for doing so.

Paul Mindra from Canada.

All I ever intended, Frank is that a person should have a choice. If the developers of WP close "Classic" then I no longer have a choice.

I must use their new "Block."

Am I correct?

Paul Mindra from Canada.

Hey, Wozzy.
Thank you for your reply.

I too, like simplicity and control.
The choice is an important factor.

Once the choice is taken away, then there is control from another.

This should not be.

Kindest regards and again thank you.


but prior to them developing the block editor you didn't have a choice...
so if all you have known is hte block editor what would you have said then...
It is not that difficult to get to know - you may not like it, but it does have a lot of extra features - most of which are useful...
when you do have a go with it - install twentig plugin along with kadence blocks and ultimate blocks plugins...then you have a vast range of blocks available....
with twentig always have a look under advanced in the right sidebar to see what you can do with hte block....

My dearest feigner...
It is very hard to replace a "Classic.."

We know that through our history as we know.

I simply offered a "Choice" through WPCODE.

What we want to do moving forward is again a "Choice,."

I cannot see the foundation of "Classic" being "Mowed down" by something like "Wix."

Word Press (with a founder 'Word' - Microsoft) will look at this very closely.

I really value your response and support in this matter.

Thank you.

Paul Mindra from Canada.

Have a great Holiday Season, Paul! 😎 🎄 🎅

Frank 🎸

I totally agree with you, Paul, "Choice" is a great thing!

Technology inevitably evolves, and I try to adapt the best I can. 😎

Frank 🎸

Thank you.
I am actually practicing with Blocksy and Kadence while utilizing Guttenberg.

Looks great for generating income through the show.

I was simply looking for a small blog environment without the ...

Peace, love, and light, man/woman.

Paul Mindra from Canada.


Why do I keep using my name here in WA from Canada?

"Google Rankings."

Try it.

Kindest regards. I make every moment count including my response to you.

Peace, love, and light always.

Paul from Canada.

You are correct.
I try to do that also.

But I believe that "Choice" should always be an option.

Would you agree?

Paul Mindra from Canada.

Thank you.
You are very kind and considerate.

My holiday season basically consists of being alone.

Family is far away.
The other half will go to NY to be with Grand Children.

Christmas is a good time to reflect especially when one is alone.

I like "World Issues."

Thank you for your continued support.

You are a nice person as are all on this platform.

We have a very special community.

Kindest regards again.

Paul from Canada.

Hi Paul from Canada, you are not alone. Give me a choice between Classic and Block Editor any day, and I will jump into the Classic wagon.
I will have to admit that I have not taken time to study and use it. The familiarity comes from regular practice as my good friend, Jeff has just said

Hi, Dada.

Thanks for the feedback.
Eventually, we have to accept "Change" for "Dollars."

Bit of a shame but practice will catch as we have been guided.

Kindest regards.


Paul, I was worried about it too, at first, but it is really quite simple to use! Take a chance and jump right on in. You'll be glad that you did, my friend!


Hi Jeffrey.
I use a theme called "Hiero" by Athemes as a part of my progression.

The "Block Editor" is not well suited for that theme.
It is great for others. I agree that I should "Jump In" and I have with other themes.

With "Hiero" by Athemes, the "Block Editor" sucks in my opinion.

I am developing another site with the theme of "Blocksy and Kadence."
There I see that it has a purpose.

Forgive me, Jeffrey...I am slow to start.

Who do you like tomorrow or earlier? Argentina or France?
Do you know what I am talking about?

Croatia took home 43 M and Morocco 41M.

What a wonderful world.

You are a very nice and considerate man with all of your responses.

Thanking you in advance.

Paul from Canada.

No worries, Paul! I was slow to start too, my friend! You'll get to it when you are ready! I hope all is well!


All is well, Jeffrey.
I've started practicing with a practice site that is built around a "Block" theme.

Thanks for your continued input and support.


Croatia takes 3rd.

Looking forward to 1 and 2 later today.

Peace, love, and light.

That's an excellent start, Paul! Well done!

The WC final ought to be a great one! ⚽


It was great and historical.
Won on a "shoot out."

Go figure.

You are a very nice and considerate person.
A pleasure to know you here on the platform.

Kindest regards,


It sure sounds like it, Paul!

I'm glad Messi finally got his WC win though!


He takes another 74 M.

How do Economics for us?


Well, I supposed he has earned it over the years, my friend!

Money isn't everything. Keep succeeding!


I was just saying some things about it.

You are correct about money. It is just a game unlike "Monopoly."

You are a guiding light here on our platform and I am proud to be an acquaintance of yours.

Perhaps our paths will cross in person one day. Probably not.

Jeffrey Brown is a pillar here.

Sent with peace, love, and respect always.

Merry, Merry.

Paul Mindra from Canada.

I misunderstood, Paul. No worries! I hope you have some excellent upcoming Holiday celebrations, my friend!


Cheers all around.


Yes, indeed, Paul!


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