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Is anyone having issues submitting site comments requests?

Is anyone having issues submitting site comments requests?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hello all,

When I try to request site comments it's pulling through the incorrect URL.

It looks as if it's replacing the category with the tag %category% instead

Hi, i suggest that you contact site support. That would probably be the best solution. You will find it when you click on "help center" menu item at the bottom of the left-hand menu. I have attached a screen capture for you.

- Roy -

Thanks - yeah I've tried that but that doesn't seem to be working either. It keeps saying "oops something unexpected happened", so not sure what else I can do to get through to the, :(

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Google console url inspection - googlebot blocked by robots?

Google console url inspection - googlebot blocked by robots?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi all,

I have been looking at the URL inspection tool on google console. I requested my URLs to be indexed nearly a week ago. I just did a live test and it came back wit

I've also been trying to pay more attention to what's happening with my websites on google console. I've found several helpful videos on YouTube explaining these types of issues...you may find the best help there...Debra

Thanks Debra. I'll take a look.

Hi there,

That entry is blocking bots from everything on your site.

Your robots.txt entry should be:

User-agent: *

That means that all bots can access the entire site (it translates as 'Disallow nothing').



Hi Martin,

Thanks very much. That explains alot!

Thanks again.

Kind regards


You're welcome :)

Sorry - next question I can't seem to edit the robots.txt

I'm using Yoast SEO plugin but when looking under the tools I can't see it to edit it.

Will I need to edit the file via FTP or is there another way to do it please?

Thanks again :)

If there's no way to edit it via the Yoast plugin then FTP is the best alternative.

Just one point: WordPress creates a virtual robots.txt file, so if you access your FTP files and can't find it in your root directory, then you will need to create a 'real' one and upload it.

You can obviously read the robots.txt file via Yoast, so I'm surprised it's not possible to edit it. It may be worth asking the Yoast support people how to edit it.



Thanks. It says there's no robots.txt file but i found one when I tapped in my url/robots.txt. can't create one there either as I have no option so I'll have a look with ftp later.

Thanks for your help. Really hoping it works and my content starts getting indexed.


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Is this niche idea a good idea?

Is this niche idea a good idea?

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Getting Started

Hey all,

I'm thinking about building my second site here at WA. I've sort of exhausted the first one and I want one that I can really think about making some money from.

I taught Ancient Rome to grade 5ers for a while - here are a few more ideas you could try "sell": Documentary Series or "Daily Life" DVDs, classroom aids (for history teachers), including classroom/bulletin board décor, unit plans, costumes for Ancient Rome dress up days... etc..
I think it'd be at the very least a fun topic to write on for a while! Go for it! :)

Thanks. All great ideas. I'm going to be very busy :)

Awesome niche in my opinion Paul.
Will need a bit of research and posting reviews on what's out there but I would be delighted if I had selected that niche.
You may find more info on EU or UK websites than US as we are all mad for history here!
Go for it!

Thanks Terry. I'm half way through Caesars Gallic wars which is interesting so some good material there. Maybe I'll just see how much traffic I can get and then think about affiliate links

Sounds like a plan!

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is possibly becoming an affiliate with Amazon and selling books on the subject?

That was my initial thought. I'll need to do some more research. Thanks

If you can talk about it and enjoy it... you can earn money from it.

Do what you love and just go all out!

There is always a product for it and always people searching for it and wanting to know more or buy more. :)

Be confident and make what you want happen.

Best of luck, but you won't need luck! =]


Thanks. I thought that might be the case. I'll start looking into products to market along side my content

Yeh I would always search " niche + affiliate program" and see what you get and make a nice list to go back to when you're ready.

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