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Website visitor comments I am calling them - am I hacked?

Website visitor comments I am calling them - am I hacked?

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WA Affiliate Program

I recieved a comment on my website 3/26 from Tammy Rand Ericksonerit aap 253@ail.com, who says she has been getting calls from my website and is considering a lawsuit if I don'

Complete scam, websites don't make phone calls ignore it. Just delete the comment.

Will do. Thanks

Hey Pat,

Whenever I get comments like this, first thing I do is check the IP address to see where it is from. If it is from one of the "questionable" countries you can delete it.

My favourite site for checking IP address is:
You will need to copy and past the URL into your browser's address bar, as I have purposely made sure it is not an active URL (for courtesy reasons).

You can also try Google searching the email address. Chances are, it doesn't even exist... then of course you can also Google search the person's name.

Personally, I'm betting this is a spammer... so you can always add their IP address to your website's Comment Blacklist textbox and Save Changes. (see screen print below...)

This will deter any chance of their returning using that IP address and pestering you any further.

Hope you find this helpful.

The IP address is Neenah Wisconsin and I found a Tammy Rand Erickson there.???

And the email address... is it hers?

I'n not sure about the email address

Hmmm... then it STILL might be a hacker. If that comment was made by a real person, their name, IP address, and email address would all line up.

If no name appeared, and you cannot verify the email address belonging to the name IF a name was used... and your "gut" feeling is that the comment is spam, then most likely it is spam and I would tag it as such.

Then be sure to go to your spam folder (spam link available from the top of your comments page) and delete it. That way, WordPress will remember that IP address as a spammer.

Also... be sure to add the IP address to your Blacklist, as shown in my earlier comment.

I am marking it as spam. Thanks for your help

Lol that’s a good one. Nothing to worry about since websites don’t make phone calls. Shrug it off :) Next one is gonna be “Your website has been having parties that are WAY too loud at night...” lol

That's good to know


I really think this is just spam. I've gotten some weird ones in the past. You can always contact site support to see what they say if you're still worried.

That's what I was thinking, I think I will run it by support to be sure.

Thanks, Pat

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Where are the new questions on the activity dashboard?

Where are the new questions on the activity dashboard?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Just an observation. I don't seem to have any "Unanswered" on my dashboard that "need help" with problems. No new entries on my Activity Dashboard that show the "needs h

You need to scroll down until you come to New Qestions, Pat.
I can see several unanswered questions there.

Aloha, Jenna

It's working for me (see below)

When you are in the Activity Dashboard have you got Unanswered selected across the top?

Yes unanswered is open. I guess as soon as someone answers them they go away

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Can I delete a keyword from my site rank list in jaaxy?

Can I delete a keyword from my site rank list in jaaxy?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I have keywords and phrases in my site rank list in Jaaxy that I no longer want to rank. Is it possible to remove them from the list? My list is getting quite long.

I would like to know the same thing too. There is no way to take them off the list as far as I can tell.

Is there a problem with a google analytics seo setup?

Is there a problem with a google analytics seo setup?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

In Bootcamp Course 3 Lesson 7, Kyle has a video showing how to set up Google analytics manually, that was made in 2013. The actual lesson was updated in 2015.

I also foun

There are several tutorials on youtube and Google itself on their Analytics. The SEO plugin will help, but don't consider it the end-all to everything. You shouldn't have any problems, but there are other tools to use to help you verify your progress, pageviews, hits, etc. Take Analytics for what it is, but I would urge you to use other tools as well to help validate and give you a full synopsis of your traffic. Moz has a great free tool, SEMRush has a cool two week trial and even the free one is nice. There are others also. Each has different features and can give you a full picture of what's going on.


Thanks for the information. I will definitely check into these. There are so many options it is hard to decide what to do. I don't have a lot of traffic yet but when I do these will help.

Thanks again, Pat

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Can I close a blog back to an exerpt after it is read?

Can I close a blog back to an exerpt after it is read?

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Everything Wordpress

Is it possible to have a close button, to condense a blog post back down to an excerpt after someone reads it? I would like them to be able to see the rest of the posts. My them

Normally, you will only have excerpts like this on the blogroll or main page of your site, but I see you already have that handled.

While I don't know of any way to actually make the post collapse after reading, one thing that you can do is to include related posts at the bottom of your post.

Typically your theme will have an option to "include related posts" and as you build more posts in the same category, you will start to see them popping up with the titles and featured images below your original one.

Hope this helps you find the solution you're looking for.

Thank you, that will help. There is so much to learn here and I really appreciate the help

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