Is it possible to have a close button, to condense a blog post back down to an excerpt after someone reads it? I would like them to be able to see the rest of the posts. My theme has an arrow button at the top but it just goes to the next post or back to the one that is open. Right now the only option is to use the back button by the web address.

PS I have to put my "read more" tags in manually and I thought they were not working; because I couldn't see an excerpt in the edit preview. But I found out the excerpts only shows on the actual website online. I had to bring up my website online to see that they were working.



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TonyRidgeway Premium
Normally, you will only have excerpts like this on the blogroll or main page of your site, but I see you already have that handled.

While I don't know of any way to actually make the post collapse after reading, one thing that you can do is to include related posts at the bottom of your post.

Typically your theme will have an option to "include related posts" and as you build more posts in the same category, you will start to see them popping up with the titles and featured images below your original one.

Hope this helps you find the solution you're looking for.
PLH Premium
Thank you, that will help. There is so much to learn here and I really appreciate the help