Finding The Ultimate Niche

Last Update: February 27, 2015

I asked myself this very question;when I had the desire to start my own online business. And that was "how do I get a good online business training program that will not turn our to be a scam, but will provide me with a value-for-money service.

Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate after years of research to find the best online business training program.

So far the experience has been great, and I have no regrets going premium. Thus, investing some money into the training sessions.

I thought that was just it and that I was going to start making money over night....

Then reality struck me when I started out with the training. i realized that finding a good online business training program is just one part of the entire successful online business package.

I noticed that it forms only 40% of your online success.

And that, what really forms the 60% of your online success is the NICHE you choose to promote.

Just like any ordinary business set up, if you delve into a business venture that produces goods or products that are not of necessity to the society or community you find yourself in, you will run at a huge loss.

Since no one will buy your products or produce.

That is the same with the online world from what I have noticed so far.

You need to delve into a niche that is of high demand.

So that when you write out quality content and you are able to generate hundreds and thousands of visitors to your site(traffic), you can get them to buy products you suggest to them because they are of necessity to them and not of luxury.

My advice is this, in as much as you do choose a niche of your passion, ask yourself this very fundamental question:

Is the products i am going to market to my potential site visitors of necessity to them or just of luxury?

If your answer is that, it is of luxury to them, then create two websites. One for your passion related niche.

And the other for a necessity related niche.

So I built three websites in my case.

One based on my passion

The other based on helping others

The final one based on necessity

Note that your passion related niche might not generate you a lot of sales compared to the necessity related niche you will be creating.

Remember to treat your online business like it is a real business. Apply the same marketing rules you would have applied assuming you had a physical location business.

Majority of people purchase items because they are of necessity to them;and not because of the luxury associated with it.

So choose the right niche in order to generate consistent recurring sales and make unlimited income.

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AngelaSmith1 Premium
great post Phydel!
phydel Premium
thanks @angelasmith1
bsmith1222 Premium
Good Job Phydel
phydel Premium
Thanks for appreciating
Milla757 Premium
This helps me alot because I have been feeling like maybe I started in the wrong direction and I am trying to figure out a better route to take. Thank you
phydel Premium
@Milla757 You are welcome
ROiiiY Premium
Really useful Phydel. I love the "nessessity" vs "luxury" concept. Will for sure keep that in mind when i think about niches.
phydel Premium
good to know @roii
floridajf Premium
Wow! You had some really valuable information here. This definitely made me think a ton about my niche, and I think that it definitely is still a necessity and not a luxury. You really did give some great advice here. I took a look at your profile and it looks like you have been here for a bit, so I can see why you are such a fantastic writer :) I think you are doing a pretty fantastic job so far. Keep up the awesome work :D
phydel Premium
Thanks for appreciating @floridajf